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oh cool, I didnt know Tivoli had an alarm clock. I have a model one and their model satellite with the stereo speaker.... definitely interested in that.
so I did some searching and I dont see much discussion on the topic, especially for leather... I got a pair from AE a few years ago (all leather, right before they switched to the fur lined), but just haven't seen anything else nice out there since then but I'd love to pick up another pair if anyone has good suggestions.
Quote: Originally Posted by artoftime yes, but on a Volkswagen? lol, no... but what does it matter what car its for? at a certain point a car is just a car and it doesn't matter what your base platform is... I have less than a dozen parts/bolts left on the car that came from the factory. so I'm going to leave the car itself out of the discussion. but I feel I do need to give an overview of what the "interior" currently is for the...
yes I am very concerned about having too many textures and colors. don't worry I have a very solid game plan, just remember these are just some feasibility parts and have nothing to do with the actual build... and they are accents, it'll be simple elegance past that. I'll be popping in now and then to update this thread with some of the luxury parts and raw material. oh found an old photo of the complete set of accessory bits (none of this stock equipment exists in...
saab (pre gm, especially the sonnet) audi porsche (especially anything pre80) lotus (pre this year) nash
ugh, I gave up a week ago. I had this going: Uploaded with ImageShack.us but I had _this_ earlier this year (cant find a later picture but I grew it quite a bit longer than this pic shows).... feel I kinda owe it to the woman to keep silly facial hair to a minimum for a while. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
this might be a bit different but I'm the eccentric type and am a firm believer that there is a certain level of luxury that you can only create yourself. anyways, I've had a very long term car build going on and 6 years ago when I started it one of my biggest concerns was how some of my wood accents would hold up to time. So I made a few feasibility pieces of the components I was most concerned with holding up to chicago's temperature swings. Well I just pulled...
when I am wearing anything that involves a collar (which is 12 hours out of ever day), I am certainly wearing an undershirt. I only wear sleeveless and I think just about every pair I have is from 2xist. I'm not a hairy guy, I dont sweat profusely, heat/cold arent a factor.... its just proper attire, and when done right helps smooth out your figure.
I was up at the shoe bank last week, and did see a couple of the bel airs on the shelf. I think there were at least 2 pairs in black for 10D/E. I think there was a pair in brown as well but it looked trashed.... definitely didnt see any in suede or I would've picked them up for sure. definitely a great price, but outside of the suede, they just don't work with much of my wardrobe.
wow after reading through I was expecting much higher average totals. your making me feel like a hoarder especially since I've hardly bought any shoes in the past few years. I have at least 50. My preference are AE's and have over 15 pairs at the moment. 20 other not-worth listing dress shoes. Alot of casuals, preference of Simple's... and one pair of Adidas gym shoes that are at least a decade old.
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