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had Evil Twin's Ron and the Beast Ryan. meh, kinda forgettable as far as a saison goes. Stone/Port/Green Flash's Highway 78. For a scotch ale, it is infinitely drinkable. Loved it.
after 3 years of spending 3+ hours a day on the train, I've certainly seen some interesting things. most annoying experience: a woman spent over an hour selecting her ring tone. oddest: A middle aged man I would see several days a week. Rather obese and very grimy/sweaty with a penchance for sitting next to the cutest/youngest girl in the car. about 10 minutes after sitting down, he would pull out his Where's Waldo book and proceed to intently read it and...
well actually some of the early stage stuff is significantly better quality.... sometimes! I have a very early CFL thats been kicking for 15 years now IIRC and the color is quite good. I also have an incandescent bulb from the 50's thats almost always on and has been for the past 20 years. Give manufactures long enough and they will work planned failure into their products.... they risk to lose far too much if a lightbulb truely is to last a lifetime.I'm glad to hear...
OK so I have a pair of boots I want to build a few outfits around jean wise.... and I feel like I'm failing. Currently I am matching them with a pair of edwin 505s and I feel like I got the cut entirely wrong. I'm a 31x31 and I got bit of an ass on me so rise-wise I seem to suffer from male camel toe on most jeans... I am hoping there are some good suggestions around the 300 level (not opposed to higher) [[SPOILER]]
think self contained beta aquarium.... that's a much deeper project sitting at bat.
the making of, if anyone is curious [[SPOILER]]
It was a gift, not a subject of my personal interests.
Almost embarrassed to post here as this falls so far under the bar. I was at the AE shoe vault to get a pair of strawfut, ended up going home with a pair of Elgin's with the burnished toe. I have all intention on using these for casual/beat-on duty. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
been around woodshops my whole life but was never very hands on. made myself a totoro. for reference made some butcherblock out of antique sugar pine. wiskers and claws are bocote eyes and nose are madagascar ebony the base is a banksia nut no fancy tools used to make this (excluding the butcher block), just a dremel and a dozen sander drums. in retrospect, this was not easy to make
I was in the vegas store last week with cash to burn and while your right its all far more conservative, none of it spoke to me. The shoes while always great weren't justified... and the glasses ugh, did not like... I will gladly stick with 2 years back.
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