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Lolita was part of the 3 sisters series which was brewed in december '10 in collaboration with my favorite chicago restaraunt: the bristol. As far as I am concerned, that series is by far the best thing that has ever left that brewery. Its been a year since I've had one but it was awesome if you like mildly sour. I can't comment what it might taste like with some age, but if you have access, its definitely worth trying (although I preferred madam rose).Just finished a...
oh on a side note, its real easy to convert a bucket seat for use as an office chair. and by far the most awesome feature is having a map pocket in back.... just an idea.
I do have a backseat couch, but its more of a display piece than active use for my office. (its a spare black leather set I had from my sports car) Well there are several ways about going about it. You MIGHT find something you like at a junkyard, but please note very few junkyards actually let you wander around them, but you can find a "U-pull-it" place and you might be able to find something suitable for 200 bucks (although condition will be a crap shoot). You might...
+1 to that list.I've been using grado lab sr80 for many years now and couldn't be happier with them and big bang for your buck. (you could go higher range but for me thats the limit of my ears)
wheh! I'm definitely getting some relieving feedback. ya dope is not a necessary part of my social or personal life (although quite enjoyable on occasion). my longest hairs are definitely my head.... I am a firm believer in male grooming; so no worries there.
are hair tests really that common for pre-employment screenings?? specifically this is the aerospace industry in engineering/programming. (if it makes a difference, my hair is a pompadour with butchered sides... I'd likely be taking off the top come interview. at a half inch growth a month, that would at worst case scenerio take me to half tainted up top)
yes.... yes I have stopped. The concern is the effect of light use almost 2 months ago might have on a urine test, and if 2 (singular) inhales between that time will fall under the radar (the whoops factor). I'm being flat out honest about my usage, not trying to slant it good or bad. It happened and I don't want to miss out on a great opportunity as a result.
I've never had to take one but between careers at the moment and highly concerned its going to come up with an upcoming interview. I've smoked on occassion, but only small amounts once every other week or so. Apart from 2 one-ies in the past month and a half, I have been clean. Should I still be concerned? Are there things I can or should do?
I reassembled the interior of my project car after 4 years of being disassembled.
Picked up 100mL of Le Labo Rose 31 which is about 50mL more than I need. Anyone want 10mL decants for $30 shipped CONUS? http://store.lelabofragrances.com/en/C56/rose31.html edit: :-( sorry rambo, not trying to undercut anyone, just trying to spread the love at near cost.
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