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Quote: Originally Posted by MartinHansen Maybe it is just me, but i do not understand why it has to be all or nothing. An occsasionally going out, a glass wine with your food etc. does not hurt you. you sir are not an addict.
Quote: Originally Posted by jlluch I am going to be in chicago next week and i will be needing a cut. where is a good place to get one? right now i get a 1A with a brook (a taper, for those not from NYC/NJ). suggestions? thanks, -J heres where I go, highly recommend josh (their walk-in guy also gives some stellar cuts in case you cant make an appointment) better link:
Quote: Originally Posted by bob_gnarly For those of you that have placed special orders from a liquor store, do you get charged any less? I was just wondering because I placed an order for a case of beer that my local store does not carry usually, but it wasn't a problem for them to get it for me. I know stores have different policies. But has anyone gotten charged less since it doesn't sit out on the shelf? I have a few places that will...
Quote: Originally Posted by samblackbones Regarding the daily urges, at this point after a couple years of sobriety I am comfortable going out, but at first it is definitely hard to be in an environment with the old vices without caving. actually my problem is the exact opposite. I don't necessarily have a problem going out and not drinking (although it is hard to over come the reputation as a heavy drinker). my problem is the drinking...
just started on the sobriety track a few weeks ago. I must say the daily urges have been far harder to deal with than I would have guessed.
school in general: How to sit attentively in a chair for 8 hours a day.
1k for a watch hardly qualifies as poor man. both are great choices at that level though.
dont lie about what your drinking and don't go out of your way to draw attention to yourself. and positively DONT preach about not drinking, its a subject you want to turn off as soon as it comes up I recently gave up drinking, so I know where your coming from.
few bad dice rolls in life, not where I wanted to be but far from rock bottom.
I too am interested in this.
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