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1k for a watch hardly qualifies as poor man. both are great choices at that level though.
dont lie about what your drinking and don't go out of your way to draw attention to yourself. and positively DONT preach about not drinking, its a subject you want to turn off as soon as it comes up I recently gave up drinking, so I know where your coming from.
few bad dice rolls in life, not where I wanted to be but far from rock bottom.
I too am interested in this.
bought 129. bought from him before and was very very pleased.
Quote: Originally Posted by ChiliPalmer So how soon before going to bed do you take it? Are you using pills or sublinguals (dissolve under the tongue without swallowing)? What brand/amount (3mg)? I try for 2 hours. after the first hour I'm already eased to the point sleep is easy, at hour 2 its overcoming that I NEED to goto bed. its just a basic pill, straight melatonin from walgreens... not sure the dose.
this is the only photo I have on hand of my old reef tank. man do I miss it. 46gal bowfront custom oceanic tank with 20gal oceanic sump. I'm thinking of bringing it back to life.
Quote: Originally Posted by ChiliPalmer The only side effect I have is really, REALLY weird dreams. agreed and I count that as a plus. I've always struggled with insomnia and regular sleep patters (as well as being a restless sleeper). I've been taking one pill a night for a week now, I can now fall asleep like clockwork. My sleep is now much deeper and it feels like 5 pound weights have been attached to all my limbs (so I'm much less...
is there any danger in taking it? the woman turned me on to taking one 2 hours before bed and I have to say it absolutely knocks me on my ass.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tooch4321 It's DFH Bitches Brew Batch 1, DFH & Three Floyds Poppaskull, Three Floyds Moloko Milk Stout, Sweetwater Dank Tank BSP Quad, Bear Republic Racer 5, Founders Double Trouble, Three Floyds Alpha King, Three Floyds Pride & Joy, Metropolis Flywheel, Metropolis Dynamo and Half Acre Daisy Cutter x 3 (I needed one of the 4pk for another trade...) that poppaskull was intense... but the moloko is by far my favorite...
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