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well my attempts to go dry have been foiled by my lying cheating (ex) ho bag gf. all things considered, I am doing really well. I'm drinking a little but have not dove over that 2 beer mark on any occasion. I've been drying out long enough that the constant urge to open a beer is finally dying, but now it brings up a new scenario that I really hadn't anticipated... first dates and not drinking. Advice???!
well I can say the complete opposite. if I get more than 6.5 hrs of sleep a night, I am lethargic and a general pile of shit when it comes to motivation.
my water is from lake michigan, so I have no qualms about what comes out of the tap. if I was else where I would probably stick to bottled water or at least run it through a few stages of my water purifier (water can be too purified to drink, I have a fancy system for my fish tank)
Quote: Originally Posted by MartinHansen Maybe it is just me, but i do not understand why it has to be all or nothing. An occsasionally going out, a glass wine with your food etc. does not hurt you. you sir are not an addict.
Quote: Originally Posted by jlluch I am going to be in chicago next week and i will be needing a cut. where is a good place to get one? right now i get a 1A with a brook (a taper, for those not from NYC/NJ). suggestions? thanks, -J heres where I go, highly recommend josh (their walk-in guy also gives some stellar cuts in case you cant make an appointment) better link: http://www.yelp.com/biz/the-belmont-barbershop-chicago
Quote: Originally Posted by bob_gnarly For those of you that have placed special orders from a liquor store, do you get charged any less? I was just wondering because I placed an order for a case of beer that my local store does not carry usually, but it wasn't a problem for them to get it for me. I know stores have different policies. But has anyone gotten charged less since it doesn't sit out on the shelf? I have a few places that will...
Quote: Originally Posted by samblackbones Regarding the daily urges, at this point after a couple years of sobriety I am comfortable going out, but at first it is definitely hard to be in an environment with the old vices without caving. actually my problem is the exact opposite. I don't necessarily have a problem going out and not drinking (although it is hard to over come the reputation as a heavy drinker). my problem is the drinking...
just started on the sobriety track a few weeks ago. I must say the daily urges have been far harder to deal with than I would have guessed.
school in general: How to sit attentively in a chair for 8 hours a day.
1k for a watch hardly qualifies as poor man. both are great choices at that level though.
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