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Quote: Originally Posted by Dane Doesn't mean GTI turns girls on...it just means that particular girl is a whore. don't be jealous.
Quote: Originally Posted by Master-Classter try spray a bit on your clothes. consider olifactory fatigue - try spray only on your wrists, not chest and see if you still smell it after a while. consider that it may come and go. otherwise, yes, it happens. I bought a bottle and find i get no more then 2-3 hours out of it. Just depends on the person. thanks for the advice, I'll certainly be giving that a try. It just struck me off guard...
thought I would chime in here as I've been jumping in on a number of the splits. so I picked up some green irish tweed because the woman says every time she smells that on someone she just wants to go home and masterbate.... figured that was good enough reason as any to pick some up. I have to be honest that for one reason or another, the scent just doesn't stick to my skin. spray it on and 15 minutes later, its non existant. now the tuscan leather, holy hell. that...
count me in for the knize
well my attempts to go dry have been foiled by my lying cheating (ex) ho bag gf. all things considered, I am doing really well. I'm drinking a little but have not dove over that 2 beer mark on any occasion. I've been drying out long enough that the constant urge to open a beer is finally dying, but now it brings up a new scenario that I really hadn't anticipated... first dates and not drinking. Advice???!
well I can say the complete opposite. if I get more than 6.5 hrs of sleep a night, I am lethargic and a general pile of shit when it comes to motivation.
my water is from lake michigan, so I have no qualms about what comes out of the tap. if I was else where I would probably stick to bottled water or at least run it through a few stages of my water purifier (water can be too purified to drink, I have a fancy system for my fish tank)
Quote: Originally Posted by MartinHansen Maybe it is just me, but i do not understand why it has to be all or nothing. An occsasionally going out, a glass wine with your food etc. does not hurt you. you sir are not an addict.
Quote: Originally Posted by jlluch I am going to be in chicago next week and i will be needing a cut. where is a good place to get one? right now i get a 1A with a brook (a taper, for those not from NYC/NJ). suggestions? thanks, -J heres where I go, highly recommend josh (their walk-in guy also gives some stellar cuts in case you cant make an appointment) better link: http://www.yelp.com/biz/the-belmont-barbershop-chicago
Quote: Originally Posted by bob_gnarly For those of you that have placed special orders from a liquor store, do you get charged any less? I was just wondering because I placed an order for a case of beer that my local store does not carry usually, but it wasn't a problem for them to get it for me. I know stores have different policies. But has anyone gotten charged less since it doesn't sit out on the shelf? I have a few places that will...
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