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30 would probably be conservative (mainly high content craft beers). been at least at that for the past decade (I'm 30) I finally decided to dry out, and the past month I've been at about 1. found this entertaining. I'm still pondering my answer.
needs more Slap Chop
seeing is it is my tax dollars at work at UofI (my ex use to live in that hall), I dont like seeing anything that draws negative news and the organizer is an idiot who should have known better. end of story.
rambo, I'd jump in on that
I started january at 185 (@ 5'10") and a month later was at 165... all I did was cut out fast food and beer. (I do not do any form of exercise). I'm with chilipalmer, its more about the little things you do and keeping yourself occupied and eating sensibly.
He does have quite the car collection, and that article only covers a very small portion of it. I know he has quite the collection of concept cars as well. Heres one I can confirm, the last mercury cougar concept car which he picked up at auction a decade ago for 775k.... I cant find good photos of it but the interior is really killer in it. Its note worthy because it was J.C. Mayes (guy who did the beatle and audi tt) first car for ford and the debut of the new edge...
computer engineer for a shipping software company. I'm sure most of you here have had shipments that I am responsible for fulfilling... and handle shipping operations for several sf approved brands and distributors. Its cool stuff. I like my job.
I've never cheated on anyone. I've definitely fucked around with girls that I later found out were in committed relationships that dropped everything to be with me. I don't like it when that happens and I've never continued seeing those girls (I have no interest in being better-dealed later). I'm definitely guilty of some really nasty cock-blocks only to show no interest in that woman once I've had her hooked... I'm certainly not proud of that, nor have I done that in...
well I just picked up a 100mils of the tuscan leather. I just can't get enough of it. I'm very interested in checking out their tobacco vanille next (hoping someone does a split on that soon).... just wanted to add that every day I have worn the tuscan leather, I've had very attractive women sit next to me on the train... thats been proof positive for me. I also picked up a bottle of creeds virgin island waters last week. for some reason I thought I would like it and...
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