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Quote: Originally Posted by indesertum bristol good choice! especially if you are working on a "budget" recommend walking around the corner and grabbing a few beers at the maproom. http://www.maproom.com/
thanks guys, that is incredibly helpful. I would have never guessed AE did sharkskin! and no, the condition is actually really good, nothing brittle about them. They were one of several dozen pairs of AE's left behind by my grandfather, most new in box.
Anyone know anything about the Nassau's like when they were produced or what the hide is? (sorry photos aren't the greatest)
Quote: Originally Posted by epb This is true, but it's a very expensive way to learn, and the OP seems concerned about costs - it's been a couple grand each time I've done it (coincidentally, I'm wearing my BMW Perfomance Driving School shirt as I write this) and although that included meals and hotel rooms it's a lot more than a club track day/car control clinic. true, I guess hitting up an scca autocross event would be an even better start...
also did some sampling of these guy's crooked line... their double IPA. Which wasn't as hoppy as alot of the double IPAs you find nor as fruity as some of the others you find on the other end of the spectrum. I had never heard of them before but the beer was fantastic and I will be picking up more from them. http://blog.uintabrewing.com/?tag=crooked-line
tooch, the new (as in I was unaware of it) three floyds I mentioned the other week was Jinx Proof... maproom had it marked as a pilsner which I don't know if thats entirely accurate but it was delicious and what I loved most about it was it was the easiest drinking beer I have ever had from them... meaning I wouldn't hesitate recommending it to any one to try (you pretty much need to be a hop head to find any thing else they brew to be palatable). I went through a 6...
200 seems to be about the starting point for what I've experienced, it entirely depends on the place and the type of club. club days are awesome in the respect that your on a course with similar cars. I've mistakenly gone out for events where I was on the track with zondas and koenigseggs and its a positively frightening experience when you only have 200hp and are 1/20th the cost. EPB stated it correctly that ITS NOT A RACE, its enjoying a track day and its like driving...
I've been straight up harassed on the street over the paul smith triumph boots I picked up from another member.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dakota rube I have stopped ordering specific beers. Instead, I ask the server to bring me "your choice" of anything on tap. I do the same, and if that flusters the server... I don't come back.
so I picked up some of Half Acre's Over Ale the other day because a friend was raving about it. I now have less respect for said friend as he was either overtly lying about trying the beer or has no sense of taste. horrible beer. Had some Arcadia Ale's IPA. Now I swore off this company many years ago as garbage (if your going to call a beer hop rocket, I better be able to taste more than the water). Once again, the hops are quite subdued, but I sorta enjoyed it... I...
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