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looking forward to this weekend. Guys weekend out to my buddy's cottage. We're hitting up the 3floyds brewpub as well as another small brewery (backroads).
rach, at your top10 recommendation list, I picked up some moustache. Instant I put it on, I know thats what my dad use to wear. absolutely love it!
Quote: Originally Posted by RegisDB9 When I wore A&F in HS I always found them to be heavy and hard for my body to breath in you know, as much as A&F is not my style, everything I bought from them in HS is still kicking. 15 years of yard work, mechanical labor, just using those clothes to beat on... and they still are holding up. I gotta give them credit.
Quote: Originally Posted by indesertum gosh. can't wait for the bristol my favorite dish from there was their charred octopus although that chicken and spatzel dish you see in the background is also a must try. drool, I'll be making another trip there in the next week or 2.
Quote: Originally Posted by indesertum bristol good choice! especially if you are working on a "budget" recommend walking around the corner and grabbing a few beers at the maproom. http://www.maproom.com/
thanks guys, that is incredibly helpful. I would have never guessed AE did sharkskin! and no, the condition is actually really good, nothing brittle about them. They were one of several dozen pairs of AE's left behind by my grandfather, most new in box.
Anyone know anything about the Nassau's like when they were produced or what the hide is? (sorry photos aren't the greatest)
Quote: Originally Posted by epb This is true, but it's a very expensive way to learn, and the OP seems concerned about costs - it's been a couple grand each time I've done it (coincidentally, I'm wearing my BMW Perfomance Driving School shirt as I write this) and although that included meals and hotel rooms it's a lot more than a club track day/car control clinic. true, I guess hitting up an scca autocross event would be an even better start...
also did some sampling of these guy's crooked line... their double IPA. Which wasn't as hoppy as alot of the double IPAs you find nor as fruity as some of the others you find on the other end of the spectrum. I had never heard of them before but the beer was fantastic and I will be picking up more from them. http://blog.uintabrewing.com/?tag=crooked-line
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