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Quote: Originally Posted by Tooch4321 I prefer it's bigger brother Bourbon County 1,000,000x more! Did you make it to Local Option on Wednesday? those are the 2 stouts I enjoy. ya I hit up Local Option, thanks for the tip on that... awesome place. The woman was at a show at the Apollo so it worked out well being a few blocks away. I was nervous blindly checking out a new place on st pattys day but it wasn't incredibly busy nor was there...
Quote: Originally Posted by PandArts This is my favorite stout for now :smile: nightstalker is freakin amazing!
hmmm, need to find me a quality bar tonight thats not going to be stupidly packed.
ya we do piece and small bar often enough. But I like the other suggestions, thanks! Otherwise we have a tendency to keep hitting up the same spots.
ya I see local option has it on tap tonight. speaking of being in an awesome city with easy access to awesome beer... I see half acre has a new release today. tooch, you have any good bar recommendations for this weekend... we have guys weekend going on and were looking to check out a few new places around the city, more so for afternoon drinking (they are like me, heavy in the pale and ipa category)
and you dont want to expand too much and lose quality control... or worse yet, have the craft beer market bottom out on you. and tooch is right, 2/3 years ago this beer wasn't a big deal. I have it up on my wall and I didn't necessarily think I was drinking anything all that great (sorry I'm not a stout guy)
Quote: Originally Posted by Tooch4321 They actually ran out at the brewery too! All should be good in the GBH World at least at the brewpub... oh speaking of which, I think my favorite beer is back on the shelf Ofallen's Wheach its my favorite morning beer.
added these hood latches last night. (necessary as the stock assembly had to be cut out to accommodate a larger radiator and I wanted something that locks). plenty of other work done to the car especially suspension wise but this is really the only thing externally visible that has any bling factor to it. http://img228.imageshack.us/img228/8...0314184638.jpg
little bit of humility in this post, I need to get a freaking TV. I use to have a pretty decent set that I gave away when my GF moved in because she had a very sweet tv. Well she moved out a year ago. I helped a buddy out by giving him a place for a while while he transitioned careers and enjoyed the benefits of his 60" set. Well, I've finally had my condo entirely to myself for 2 months but the only TV I have was the one I had hooked up in the garage which was a...
Quote: Originally Posted by Tooch4321 Good luck finding 6-pks of those lying around! super frustrating, they had a big supply go out 2 weeks ago and it was real easy to find, then 3 days later... everywhere is empty.... WHY YOU TEASE ME 3FLOYDS!!! I should have rationed better.
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