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Quote: Originally Posted by Tooch4321 If that is 100% Barrel Aged Coton then you are in for an incredible beer! Most of that stuff in one of the pictures you have to be a Reserve Society member to even purchase the beers, you then have to either live in California or have a trustee pick it up and ship it to you. Their best stuff comes from the Reserve Society, their regular release stuff is just meh... yes hence why I thought it was worthy of...
hmmm, I see the Publican is having a bruery tasting on the 17th. http://www.facebook.com/album.php?ai...8&l=0e819b6d90 very tempting!
I think fermi is grasping at straws. I do live really close to it and do occasionally talk to a few people from the facility and I was aware that they felt they had been close to something the past two years, but I think they would've made this announcement regardless if they had something or not as a gambit for funding but its too late for that.... they are being mothballed. sad really.
ok so I'm probably not the only person who loves denim but can't live in denim (silly work thing). Is there a right and wrong way of storing them between wears or does it play any factor into breaking in? I typically loosely clip them to a hanger so they keep their shape without breaking the natural wear wrinkles. Is this best practice?
Quote: Originally Posted by El Argentino Sadly, the OP's insistance on a mid-tier option is precisely the reason I love my PBJs and Momos... because people looking for "a deal" won't splurge on the good stuff. I was arguing with a style-victim friend the other day about clothing prices: why would I spend 100-200 for that hoodie, this one was 60 (overpriced) and I've gotten 10 years out of it. Distributed cost. If your going to wear it...
Quote: Originally Posted by aj_del ^^ As I said before, it is not mandatory, more of an appeal which is being made again and again. Anyhow, tell me what is the difference between a man and woman when it comes to standing in a public transport. Why would not give up your seat for a man but would give it up for a woman. Assume both are 35 yrs old in good health ... the difference is usually heels. I'd imagine its a tad harder for them...
making a trip to wisconsin tomorrow. anyone ever hear of these guys? http://www.osobrewing.com/ourbeer.php I found them in some po-dunk store in the middle of no where, and their hopdinger is fantastic. I plan on clearing out a store of two of it. (I dont even think they service milwaukee or madison)
had victory's Headwaters pale the other day. I love all of victory's beer and this was no exception. came off the tongue a bit dryer than I would have expected. definitely worth checking out. also had Two Brothers Monarch (their anniversary ale) which was a beer I really liked in the past and maybe I'm just remembering this poorly but its not the same, nor did I really enjoy it.
My woman is a lawyer so I have a stack for "Terrence's Attorney". They have the american flag waving in the background. they are pretty epic. I also have "world's strongest millionaire" and "amateur dentist", and several other more serious ones for side projects of mine.
awww man, I was planning on going up to the shoe bank after the 15th... I might have to bump that trip up!
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