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wore knize 10 today because the girlfriend wasn't around as the "burning rubber" is not an approved scent. debating between fat electrician and leather oud for tomorrow (now today)
had oso brewing's Lupulin Maximus last night for the first time. tiny operation in the middle of nowhere wisconsin, but I've had others from their lineup and they are a real hidden gem and have been following them closely the past 2 years. Most noticably, you pour the bottle and there is a hop cone in it. I've never seen anyone else do that but it was a fantastic touch. Very sweet for an IPA but I absolutely loved everything about it. On a much lesser note, I was...
Kwik, I think we have some mutual friends... He definitely surrounded himself with the right people and knew how to exploit others. (ok I have to add, I know Merges has said many times he is the most famous hands in cooking, I always get a laugh out of that)Concerning the NYTs article, he was still relevant but admittingly in a much more crowded space. I think his legacy is really in the cooks/staff that came out of his institution, they populate the bulk of the...
currently gutting the bathroom. had to use an angle grinder to level out the prior thinset on the concrete subfloor.
+12 163 did a dozen dead hang finger tip pullups. Been at least a dozen years since I've tried... great to find out I can still crank them out and haven't packed on too much weight.
I've moved from an all engineering company to lead programmer for a marketing firm.... I've quickly noticed everyone is the 1% fit and for the men only take a liquid lunch. I may be an engineer but I am (only) 15 pounds from my ideal fighting weight. I lead a very active lifestyle but I've never done anything you would consider structured exercise. I've also never given the slightest consideration to my diet. I am completely indifferent to how I fulfill nutritional...
I will have to hunt that down.drinking a lakefront fixed gear right now, not that that is special in anyways , but for this awesome weather, it is a perfect match. I'm excited for the weekend as I'll be doing a bit of a NW Indiana brewery crawl: three floyds, backroads, greenbush, and journey man distillery.
I'm thinking ormonde man and then transitioning into something for the cocktail party.
random thought. I've been on the rockabilly end of the spectrum for a few years. Last couple cuts, I've been seeing how far I can push the length up front. Ya definitely time to chop that volume.
Rose 31 today... first day at new job. Felt it gave a nice warm impression for the walk around meet and greet. plotting day 2....
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