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I've never owned a turtleneck and I don't think I've ever worn saddle shoes.
Two solid navy and one pinstripe. I used to have two navy pinstripe suits, but I got rid of the one of them.
I already own several three piece suits and the next suit I purchase will definitely be a three piece. Its hard to believe that this discussion has gone on for eight pages long.
I don't like your tweed sir.....
In-store tailors at retail shops can be pretty good. Brooks Brothers has a name for quality, but I've never used their tailors so I wouldn't know. I will say that the worst in-house tailor job I experienced was back in the mid-90's at Nordstorms. Unfortunately, the sales guy talked me into a a suit that was way too big and then the tailor did a horrible job on the jacket and the pant leg hems were so poorly sewn, they started to become unstitched after a couple weeks of...
Charcoal grey in wool flannel with cargo pockets on the sides?....eh...wear em with a pair of white athletic socks and birkenstock sandals.
I disagree slightly. With multiple remakes you may get a fair or acceptable fit, but I have yet to see a great or outstanding fit from Indochino even with the tailoring done after the suit is finished and delivered. Lorenz has suits made by Indochino that turn out quite well, but that's about it. However, aside from splitting a few hairs, I get the gist of what you mean and I agree whole heartedly that these are some of the worst fitted suits I've seen as...
The pants look great. The suit looks fine, especially for RTW. Don't widen the pants. They're wide enough. Your tailor did a fine job. Don't make him screw up his own work.
Black suit, blue suit, grey, charcoal, brown, dark tweed.....blah, blah, blah....just another option as far as I'm concerned. The SF yes men also like to poo poo on the brown suit as it is "too casual" for the workplace or makes you look like a member of the SA. The white suit is sneered at as representing the Mr. Roarke from Fantasy Island look. God forbid anyone put on anything other than a blue, grey or charcoal suit. This forum actually has threads that are dedicated...
New Posts  All Forums: