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A collar gap could appear for a number of reasons, the most common is too much material being removed from the back, just under the collar. This sometimes happens when standing too straight and at attention while being measured by a tailor during a fitting. However, your collar/lapel gap seems to have occurred due to the jacket, neck opening being designed too wide. Basically, the jacket doesn't fit you. Also, the length of the arms are off balance, possibly due to your...
Ideally, once every 2 to 2 1/2 months. Sometimes I go three months before I get a haircut. The longest I've gone in the last several years is four months.
For those of you who cut your own hair, maybe you should post a up a pic so we can witness some of the succcesses, as well as the disasters. Personally, unless your giving yourself a rather close crew cut, cutting one's own hair doesn't seem like the best idea.
Its acceptable. I'd wear it any day of the week.
The terms "point" collar and "spread" collar are commonly used beyond the nucleus of this thread, but the point I'm trying to make is that op's issue with the gap between the V-neck and the collar isn't necessarily with the spread measurement. If the spread were wider, but the length from the points to the collar band remain the same, then a gap would still exist in the V-neck opening. Basically, the shirt op is wearing is a shorter modern collar intended to be worn with a...
Many members here, including myself, do actually wear "point" collars, since most every type of collar has points (there are exceptions...priest collars) . The term "spread" collar is used rather loosely on this forum. Technically, all collars have points and spreads. The point defines the shape of the tip of the collar and how long the collar is from the band (length) and the spread measures the differential between the two points.There are very extra wide spread collars,...
Many Italian shoe brands are known for their elongated yet rounded toe and they look quite nice. I kind of like these, but I'm unfamiliar with the quality.... http://www.forzieri.com/usa/product_view.asp?l=usa&c=usa&dept_id=75&sku=sb431110%2D005%2D00&nc=1
No.....are they any good?
I'm wearing Johnny b xtra hold....and of course, lots of water.
I regret the shirt since the sleeves aren't the proper length. [[SPOILER]]
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