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Breakfast = A cup of coffee, a bong hit, and a cigarette to provide me with that badly needed morning, pick-me-up. Brunch = A cup of coffee and one line of pure Columbian cocaine to help start the day on the right foot. Lunch = A cup of coffee plus amphetamine sulfate in pil form to help speed up the day and help me get through a rough afternoon. Snack Break = A cup of coffee and a hit of acid to prepare me for my personal therapy session with Jesus, Satan, Buda, and...
Another vote for friend chicken....but KFC sucks. I miss Pioneer chicken. That shit was crunchy. KFC chicken is soft and the skin slides off the meat! Gross! Fried chicken has to be crunchy. Not all soft and slinky like the foreskin of a freshly circumcised penis. Lousiana Fried Chicken > Popey's > KFC
You don't want to look like a terrorist or the CIA might wisk you away to guantanamo bay. You don't want to look all girly cuz that ain't no fun. I suppose you have no choice but to sport a handlebar mustache and some lamb chop side burns. That way people will mistake you for a white trash drug fiend with a farmer's tan and no one will mess with you. As an added bonus, you'll attract plenty of meth addicted biker broads who'll turn you on to some quality crank.
This diet was once commonly referred to as sex, drugs, and rock n' roll. It was the routine that kept people consistently thin up until the early 90's. But then it became popular to just say no to drugs and nicotine, rock n' roll died, and people got too fat to have sex.
Ronald McDonald would kill for those.
It really does suck having to go to work during the weekends. At all the old firms I used to slave for, I was expected to put in 60+ hours per week. That meant I had to spend my weekends at work, being around people whom I couldn't stand and it was miserable. Thank god those days are over. As four the db jacket, it unfortunately looks a bit too long and big on the shoulders for you. How do the shoulders feel? Is there a bit of space between your shoulder and the end of...
Wifebeater = manbra
That shade of blue suit with the soft blue tie and matchy ps and white shirt.....very nice! I especially admire the peak lapels on the two button jacket.
Don't eat so much.
No breast pocket is a deal breaker....return and demand refund.
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