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I've got to tell you that the funeral I attended was very formal. All but a few of the men wore black suits. Those who didn't had flown in from out of state, but they still wore dark navy blue or charcoal suits, along with dark ties, and were forgiven since they traveled far to attend. The women didn't all necessarily wear black or dark colors, but they all dressed very well; jackets, pencil skirts, hats...etc...However, the people attending were extremely old....more like...
I attended a relative's funeral over the weekend. Nothing fancy here.... black suit, black tie, black shoes, and white shirt. I normally don't like doing two-tone, but family member and relatives, as well as close friends of the deceased, were expected to wear formal, straight forward funeral attire. [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]]
Since the first day it was bottled and sold to consumers.
Eh....the young, asian kids seem to be able to get away with wearing the skinny suits. I think it looks off-the-rack-ok on him. I hate the tie and the shirt needs work, but he drinks corona so I give him a jackie chan hall pass.
Why don't you just enjoy being scrawny. Nothing wrong with it. You're only 28 and at 5'10" bulking up too much will make you look like a little brick house. Work on toning the muscles and take it easy on the protein milkshakes. Eat whatever you want now because you're only gonna fatten up as you get older anyway. You're super metabolism isn't going to last forever and once you hit 30 you'll be posting here about how you're quickly turning into a chunky monkey and begging...
Pleats, ventless three button jacket, high button stance.....that suit reflects a style that was quite common from 1994 until about 2007, which I considert to be the nightmare years for men's clothing (the mid-to-late 70's were even worse......disco era....argh!) . Suits like the one you are wearing were designed to look quite long and boxy. Regardless, the suit is just too big on you and looks quite dated. Donate that thing to the Salvation Army or to the Goodwill if you...
Trying to view this picture has given me a case of whiplash.
I agree with this statement the most. Its a totally different vibe. I'd say that it would be easier to compare LA with San Francisco or Seattle than NYC.However, unlike most cities, Los Angeles doesn't really have a true center, so people dress differently depending on where you are. In the downtown area, someitmes referred to as civic center, the attorneys wear alot of black and dark charcoal two piece suits with white or light blue dress shirts when going to court. When...
I chose NYC too. But you can't base your judgments on movies set in NYC, which are filmed by Hollywood directors, cast by Hollywood agents, starring Hollywood actors, dressed by Hollywood wardrobe designers and stylists.
Yes we do.....its just happens to suck.
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