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btw looks like a lot of achilles lows just poped up on Tres Bien
Anyone can comment on the quality of their JCrew collaborations?
Quote: Originally Posted by Kvc06 Always a better selection instore. and yea, Barneys will gladly do a phone order. edit: I believe the store is going on instores as of today as well. My SA just emailed me to come pick up my presale today if I wanted. yeah i can confirm that. went today and they said all items are already marked down. got a pair of CP red suede toe cap which was NOT on the website.
Quote: Originally Posted by ranker Awwww man. I wanted the cp achilles low 40's! Now they're all out =/ I will put them up for sale if they turn out too small for me. You can still get this, which was *not* formerly eligible for 30% Tried them on at Barneys a couple days ago. Hated the toe shape but they should look great on some.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kvc06 choosy beggar Thanks! Quote: Originally Posted by DCU I would like a proxy for the Simon Spurr sample sale. PM me. I'd proxy for you but I'll be out of town BTW, ssense has 30% now for cyber monday just scored a pair of cp achilles low for $260, size 40. I already have the vintage green achilles in size 41 which fits quite snugly. Probably should've bought ...
Simon Spurr's sample sale in NY starts in a couple of days... LINK Btw does anyone know a good place that aggregates info about sample sales (besides nymag)?
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