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MMM Studded Black Lace-ups fit pics for these can be found here and here [[SPOILER]]
MMM Studded Boots in Tan Fit pics: here [[SPOILER]]
PAINTED GATS (grey based) look hedious? not bad when worn! [[SPOILER]]
footwear fit pic database post fit pics of shoes/sneakers you find on the web (e-stores, waywt, or your own) that (i) you think are helpful for potential buyers (esp. if the pic reveals something about the shoes (clunkiness, horrible profile, non-versatbility etc) that one might not expect just on the basis of e-store stock pics) and (ii) that are NOT SUPER-EASY TO LOCATE (most e-stores do not have fit pics for shoes. however they often pop up in fit pics for...
I see, the fw09 ones. they look really nice, i'm curious to see how a fit pic or two ... it's funny how difficult it is to find discussions of sneakers that existed before this thread was created (apart from CPs)
Quote: Originally Posted by CharlieAngel Anyone still have any MMM motorcycle boots around? Size 43.5-44 (us 10.5-11) desired, in Red, Gray, Black, or White... Just curious... bnwt for $245, price is vat-inclusive but in sz 43 [[SPOILER]]
what's the story with metrostyles? did he post a lot in sw&d at one point? he did introduce me to this blog, which was eye-opening
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