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does anyone know if Uniqlo tees sold in Asia run small compared to those sold in the west? I was surprised to find out that no Uniqlo stores in China carries XSs and that Ss are marked as appropriate for height range 155-165cm. In other news, I'm going to buy some factory seconds from Uniqlo's Shandong factory and will post back regarding quality etc.
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol so post the ones you want? don't complain because the major contributors to this thread have been posting stuff that they like. post them yourself. why you would represent me as complaining about lack of brand diversity is beyond me. read my post. not only did i explicitly say i 'really like this thread' i also never suggested that it would benefit from including the brands I listed. i in fact think it...
I really like this thread, but ... Why not just title it the official sz-approved boots/shoes thread which is what it really seems to be about There are streetwear boots/shoes from mmm, dries, junta x trickers, Mr.hare, nonnative etc that are 700+ but don't aesthetically gel with those posted so far at all. Of course one could say that none of those brands produces 'baller' footwear but a claim like that even if true needs to be argued rather than simply assumed. Plus...
They are classified as moccs on mmm e-boutique
Quote: Originally Posted by nicelynice I got this band of o poplin baseball jacket I haven't worn in two years, felt too 80s and weird, thinkin of having my mom send it to me and wearing again i quite like that jacket, also you look a *lot* younger in that photo for some reason even though it's only 2 yrs ago?! the pic below was from tres bien sometime during 2009
one last one mmm mocassins [[SPOILER]] MOAR
Quote: Originally Posted by shahanshah are you just merging the baller sneaker and streetwear shoes/boots threads ? i'm also still not convinced of the difference between grey and beige based painted gats. carry on. nah, thread is not intended for discussing merits of shoes, just for fit pics / requests for fit pics / discussion about fit pics.. i figured this might help cutting down clutter a wiki or some kind of collaborative album will probably better...
CP OFFICIER BOOTS [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] moar1moar2 more fit pics by synthese [[SPOILER]]
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