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Quote: Originally Posted by KitAkira Homie no can afford shirt? Way better than the above boots though (the side of the boots kills them for me) Why no synthpics? yeah, those boots suck imo. i probably shouldn't even have posted them but what the hell! post the synthpics if you could find them! i just realized that there's no need for all fit pics of a particualr pair of sneakers to be crammed into a single post. I can edit the OP to...
also finally found more fit pics of white painted mids (original post moved here). to my eyes at least they dont look as bad as i thought. note that while white painted lows are pretty much sold out in e-stores white painted mids are widely available online in good sizes and on discount. [[SPOILER]] 6/20 addition [[SPOILER]]
mmm fw11 boots w/ detachable socks [[SPOILER]] 6/22 additions for the black version fit pics @ bergdorf, mrporter
^i was able to find some but not as high quailty/helpful as i'd like, i'll keep an eye out mmm fw11 vag sneakers in gray (kinda like these, at least how ar is styling them) [[SPOILER]]
least favoriate is '' there's something very awkward abotu it
Quote: Originally Posted by willpower I read in an old Letters to Playboy article that when you're done pissing, press the underside of your scrotum where it attaches to your taint and yank in a gentle upward motion. This will release any of the remaining urine that was hiding in wait to stain your white pants. the pee thing only happens to me when i'm wearing a tight belt and don't loosen up before peeing. a different though related problem...
disappointed @ zero mention of olive garden
Very interested in giving the oil cleansing method (OCM) a shot, but I'm curious: for those of you who have tried it, how do you wash your face in the morning (most people seem to be doing the OCM at night)? If you use a normal cleanser would its harsh oil-stripping properties not offset the results of the OCM?
why isn't there an official oily skin thread for us greasers. but seriously, give this facial wash a try http://www.amazon.com/Mandom-Corp-Cl.../dp/B000FQON48 also try to blot your entire face once or twice a day with TOILET SEAT COVER. They are free (you can steal them in bulk from any bathroom), fast (they cover your entire face whereas botting sheets usually are too small and require 3-4 sheets to remove oil from your face) and have no texture (hence they do...
bottled benzoyle peroxide from acne.org has worked wonders for me. also i'd recommending trying out some BB creams from Korea (brtc blemish recover balm is the one i'm currently using). they are like a very light foundation but they are extremely good at covering up blemishes / hyperpigmentations - thereby helping you *forget* about them, which ime is a large part of fighting acne. the less you obsess over them the less frequently they appear / more quickly they...
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