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i looked into mitchum unscented but according to some reviews it'll leave bleach spots on your clothes (see the top two reviews on the amazon page)! to be fair though i've found baller, sf-approved shirts to be in genearl more resistant to bleach spots than plebe ones
Quote: Originally Posted by CharlieAngel I'd actually wear those faux-lanvin at the bottom... And I always thought it would be an interesting exercise to try and build a complete wardrobe consisting of nothing but fakes until I realized the Jershey Shore crowd beat me to it decades ago... yeah, those don't look too bad. here are few more detail shots. [[SPOILER]]
Quote: Originally Posted by dtmt These seem legit or fake? can't see too clearly but look legit to me (seems identical to the ones i had from lvr), but $450 seems a bit steep
came across these fake baller sneaks on a Chinese ebay of sorts so cheap (and in some cases so poorly imitating the originals) i'm almost tempted to buy a few pairs just for lulz [[SPOILER]]
harrods up to 60% off, some mmm, ps stuff start london's sale also started, mostly 30%-50% off it seems ALSO, is LN-CC no longer deducting VAT for non-eu customers? I understand almost everything is already 40% off now but I put some non-discounted new season item in my cart and noticed that VAT is no longer being deducted... Hope this is only a glitch
Quote: Originally Posted by BrizaBirch liking that fit on the jeans, tonio irvwi can you post brands of your stuff? even if you just say it's bespoke so we know you "know your shit" [quotes added for retards] today i love primarily monotone looks and i would totally steal this one (insta-saved to my folder) except i'd personally switch out the cps for shoes that are either black/grey (so as to make the fit entirely monotone) or some richer, less washed out...
Quote: Originally Posted by linkinwayne Yep, they run a size small or so thanks man, i bought one from store (dry touch vneck in white) and they shrink to a perfect fit after first wash. i hope the factory seconds i got for $1.5 each behave similarly
uniqlo quick dry S smallv-neck white tees x 10 ... they do a good job of hiding nipples, unlike the 'premium cotton' tees which are better quality but almost transparent renewed subscriptions to femjoy & joymii
the yoox sneaks are from fw10 and described as 'off-white' by oki-ni . the ss11 ones however seem to be a lighter shade and are described as 'white' by tresbien. see a difference? i'd like to own both (if they indeet are different) but yoox is sold out of my size fw10 ss11
lanvin black suede/patent 'justin bieber' sneakers (staples, produced multiple seasons) [[SPOILER]] a very helpful video can be found here. a lot of fit pics by...
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