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sz 10.5 (43.5?) is available @ conveyor if your feet can take them
Quote: Originally Posted by BrizaBirch lol kwoyeu that is terrible advice, man - why would he want to be less fit so he could wear clothes... note that i did not say 'GN would benefit from lower body weight loss'. read my post. i said that particular fit - GN + tanks + shorts + mmm mids - would be improved if he had a skinner lower body. saying this is perfectly compatible with holding that GN only needs to change his clothes and not his...
Quote: Originally Posted by Wally_123 im afraid this is not good *shaking head* you have to learn how to use clothing to best show off your proportions, instead you wear clothes that just makes you look stumpy...your problem is your hip area, you have to learn to play with what you got tank is too tight, and shorts are too short try a loose fitting tank and you are going to have to experiment with different length shorts, preferably ones that...
[[SPOILER]] nice fit melon. are you really 5'10? you look like fucking 6'5 in that fit pic
that's true, though the laces are also quite thin on some men's models so they might not be a distinctively feminine detail. the mids seem to have consistently thick laces for some reason. [[SPOILER]] < [[SPOILER]] < [[SPOILER]]
Quote: Originally Posted by lamergod Girls here are generally skinny, i had crushes on mavis hee and stefanie sun as a child, in retrospect they re both singporean and probably the skinnest asian girls ive seen on tv ever surrender seems like a fun store
there are two mmm white high-tops (40,41) on sale @ ln-cc, but they're women's. i had the 40s but ended up returning due to not liking how the perforated leather looks in person, but maybe it's just me [[SPOILER]]
most ss11 stuff on sale @ PARK (apparently 30% off), mmm, raf, dd (+silent), ann d
Quote: Originally Posted by shahanshah is still discounted but -20% for vat and -20% discount, it's combined into 40 off for now according to lucy Quote: Originally Posted by g transistor The 40% off currently, like Shah says, includes -20% from VAT. In the past however, Lucy has told me the system doesn't deduct vat if it's on sale anyways, and ln-cc deducted vat for me through refund during the last sale. This sale is...
^^^ strange, i had a ill-fitting jacket with that 'pagoda' effect but it was due to shoulders too small not too large i have a us8 foot but i have to resort to ankle socks designed for asian girls (giggity) for the genuine 'no show' effect (in part because i wear superfeet in all of my shoes). glad i finally found these though, will buy in bulk
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