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what did they do to you? slightly tangential but i got this email from paypal a few days ago. they're probably cracking down on SF-style transactions recently... Quote: We’re not sure if you are aware of this, but we noticed that some of your customers are sending you personal payments for purchases. Unfortunately, this violates our rules, and we need your help correcting this. Please don’t ask or allow your customers to use personal payments to pay...
my uniqlo quick dry vneck in S shrunk to a perfect fit after wash (placed on top of a brand new unwashed identical tee bought from the same store) comparision of pre- vs. post- wash measurements p2p 19 > 18 s2s 17 > 16.5 back length 26.5 > 25 sleeve opening 5 6/8 = 5 6/8 v-depth 6 > 5 note that the depth of the v literally went from 6 to 5!! i have no complaint though, i like it a little shallower. but definitely something to bear in mind...
Quote: Originally Posted by linkinwayne Pretty damn cheap. Who hooked you up? I want some! BTW have you moved houses already? sorry, totally forgot to check this thread. the seconds are available on taobao which is some kind of chinese rekuten (e.g. here) but the payment system is all whack (no international cc accepted) so i've yet to figure out a way to actually pay for the tees i bought haven't moved apt yet, i should've sublet...
^ yeah, some kind of technical glitch seems most likely i put some stuff in my oki-ni cart a few days ago and they did deduct vat on top of 30% off studiohomme 50% off + vat (usual caveats: shipping is 30 euros, likely to be hit by fees, accounts of poor customer experience etc etc) they have the summer achilles in sz 42 which after vat deduction + shipping should be around $200 assuming no ups fees
Quote: Originally Posted by Nosu3 Not sure as I no longer use any other cleansers for the face. I now use just castor oil with no other oil mix. It's used at night because some oil remains still being absorbed and the skin is refreshed and is no longer oily by the morning. A cleanser might offset the castor oil, so I'd just rinse with cold water. awesome, thanks for sharing.
^ haven't checked but i *think* they're still on his website under the 'archive' section? if not they can be found in my old posts, fw05-10, ss05-10 these are all directly linked from his website and are decently sized photos so hopefully he didn't remove them from his website (posts no longer editable)
^ glad they're helpful guyz for those who might be interested in his women's collection... [[SPOILER]]
all 56 pics de-flashed for ya.. [[SPOILER]]
Quote: Originally Posted by Bam!ChairDance I don't remember what any of GN's older fits look like [[SPOILER]] which explains the rest of your post. do a search and you'll see that a lot of GN's old fits elicited comments about his physique or (as someone puts it, don't remember whom) 'weird proportions', which you don't typically read in response to other people's fits. maybe then you will reconsider your pocket-flare explanation and the question of whether...
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