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the black patent captoes @ LVR were 20% off in good sizes during presale but were taken down as soon as sale went public
Quote: Originally Posted by jet The tan cps look like that, they were on tbs blog awhile back and the color looked the same. yeah, that may well be right, i checked a few other e-store stock pics which seem to agree with ssense, so i hesitated to say the official pics are accurate. though I still find tbs's color on the product description page to be a bit darker than ssense's (though probably lighter than cp website's). all the stock photos found on the 1st...
i haven't seen those cps irl but i think it's not unlikely they are darker irl than in those photos , here's the official pic from CP IME ssense stock photos tend to lighten things i almost thought this junya cardi: [[SPOILER]] was white based on ssense's stock photos: [[SPOILER]] also i saw this bag irl and it's a lot darker than ssense's pics make it seem
^^^LOL my bookmark bar is hopelessly outdated and disorganized though (hence two 'koplists').. my browser doesn't make sorting/editing bookmark items very convenient so I had to use excel to organize stockists / wtb items. which can be inefficient at times (due to some weird software glitch which makes opening links from excel extremely slow) [[SPOILER]]
Quote: Originally Posted by Dbear The estimated ship time and then shipping time has me cringing as well... But HEY, your "order total is 100% guaranteed"... and i forgot to indicate that that was (pic fixed) why would they bother with this 'international checkout' nonsense. or do these ridiculous fees only apply to shipping to China / Asia?
this is almost hilarious! [[SPOILER]]
oki-ni has officially marked down a lot of stuff (40% off max), but VAT is no longer being deducted plus the 30% off code just expired so prices are actually shittier than a couple days ago!! actually a LOT shittier in many cases; note that it's 40% off max, a few stuff I had in my cart is now marked 20% off but was approximately 45% off (after code + vat deduction) just yesterday
those are very expensive, each is probably worth 20 pairs of gats (msrp) someone should RP them!
that's retarded. inaccurate measurements aside, how can a buyer after receiving the goods complain that the seller didn't provide measurements - even if the seller in fact didn't? could he not have asked beforehand paypal has been known to always side with buyers even if you have a tracking number (unless i guess you use paypal's "print shipping label" function) though. this looks to me to be more a case of being screwed over by the buyer...
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