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Quote: Originally Posted by AndrewRyanWallace CdG store is actually in Chelsea, pretty much everything else mentioned is Noho/Soho, not the same area though walking distance, the walk is like 20+ minutes. Seven New York, APC, Philip Lim and the Donald Judd Foundation (I think it's still closed and you can only get in by appointment, it is pretty cool though) are all on Mercer between spring and prince st. Uniqlo, Zara, Muji, H&M, Topshop/Topman, J...
Quote: Originally Posted by Alexlude how do raf size.. i usually wear 9.5 in chucks/vans.. and got 42 in CP desert boot but its a bit loose.. you think 41 in raf would fit or too small? i'm cp40, mmm41, raf 40 for reference Quote: Originally Posted by slack tide I liked these at first glance (on sale..), and really like the non-stock photo. Seem to be put together well. What are people's thoughts on YSL's quality? Looklng...
Quote: Originally Posted by drmmr White Sz 40 GATs i just got those a week ago, they fit tts like all gats. dunno why the poster said it fits large. anyways, great deal for $200 (i got those for $250-ish)
somebody should really take those BNIB blue velvets, a fucking steal for $260!!!!!!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by AndrewRyanWallace fw11 was shown months ago dude and stores made their buys months ago as well. the "question" is will there be spring12 and the answer looks like yes. I am also curious though who stepped up to keep the company going. ah my bad ARW, i meant to ask 'is the fw11 collection going to be produced after all'. when i google 'raf simons fall 2011' all i could find is this
i went googling 'deal with it' gifts but every single one i found is terrible :
Quote: Originally Posted by slack tide I'd be mad. Even though they'll look like that the second you stepped outside, yourself, it still kind of screws you if you didn't like them and wanted to sell as BNIB in the aftermarket. So hopefully you like them.. edit; damn, $180 -- not bad. Yeah....keep! haha yeah, that was a really good deal (thanks again, Roygbivuxg). i kopped them last year from oki-ni at retail but ended up sizing them wrong ...
my vintage lows from yoox have evidently been worn ... though judging from the condition i'd say probably only once outside. guess i'll keep them though since they should be easy to clean and not a bad deal at $180
^brilliant haha my recently kopped hanes all have gigantic arm openings even after repeated wash.. gotta have them tailored!
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one Who is paying for Raf Simons inc. now? so is there going to be a fw11 collection after all? can't find anything on the innernets just saw this, looks like tween's puffer vest haha
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