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Quote: Originally Posted by jslade ... probably white, IME white nubuck sometimes looks a tad greyish in photos than white smooth leather e.g. take a look at this gravitypope photo of the navy vintage lows the OG-style non-perforated summer achiles (and w/ the brown leather detail) looks really good on chicks
Quote: Originally Posted by lmaozedong who the fuck has 5 pairs of grey jeans and nothing else it won't fit many people's lifestyle/aesthetics, as i admitted by design a $5000 wardrobe is going to be limited in choices, the goal is not to design the most 'baller' or comprehensive wardrobe. grey jeans were chosen because they go great with a variety of colors even more so than indigo (ime) and are pretty much all-weather (in particular, very...
Quote: Originally Posted by macuser3of5 shorten the sleeves a bit and it will be fine. and wear with boots/etc. thanks - i'm frustrated that a lot of my fits seem to give off the immediate impression of elementary sizing mistakes i gather with the sleeves shortened it will look more like an intentionally long coat than as if it was sized wrong? luckily it fits pretty well in shoulders and the chest. and yes - will try boots next time
^ video is helpful, thanks rfx. i tried the belted look but the bottom of the trench flares out quite a bit breaking the vertical line, which i thought didn't look very good on a small guy like me (a little too costum-y), but it also depends on how tight i fasten the belt ... guess i should at least tie it in the back haha
^ thanks arw, it's the vb trench i kopped from mumma a while ago, it's intended to fit long and it's my size (eu44) but still probably a little too long on me at 5'8" (it seems to hit the runway model at the knees but mid-calf on me, really wish i can find a way to make it work though
like fits by aelgus (suit fit), slack, vashin, cosmic (those gats are fine i think?) and nicelynice on the last few pages from last week, i seriously need to lose that hat
i like whatever123's list. i think it's always helpful to see what a long-time poster has in his list of ideal $5000 wardrobe items. Those items survive years of being on SF for a reason. And this is true regardless of whether or not you share the poster's lifestyle/aesthetics. my $5000 wardrobe (works for my current lifestyle but probably few others and definitely not me in 5 years) consists of: one nice trench coat on sale (mine from VB) $200 two knits (on sale...
(ht: ymfy)
Quote: Originally Posted by slack tide Thanks for pointing out that photo. It is a helpful representation. The sole does photograph better, close, than far away it appears -- in which it does seem to be rather prominent. Also, a darker, more eye-grabbing (not so much in a good way) shade than what you might find on mmm's or cp's. More brown than gum and it's distracting. Though in fairness to the shoe I don't think it's a good overall fit and I've never...
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