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i read on SZ that someone (mbd?) got a warning from ebay for selling margiela 'replica' shoes
^those are from mmm boutique (link here, mmm e-boutqiue is yoox-powered so images all have yoox.com urls) but they're the ones with textured leather (hence not permanent collection, and not the ones kinggimp picked up) they look pretty good in person though i ended up returning mine (sz 41) to ln-cc (just restocked)
they can certainly look good (they look pretty good in that pic) but imo not as versatile as the painted whites (which after all are white sneakers)
these? [[SPOILER]] i wouldn't... there are many awesome fits with painted white gats, but i can't imagine any of them looking good in those greys, maybe silvers but not greys ... [[SPOILER]]
agreed with kunk that they would look better if more cropped, ideally they should hit 1/3 calf imo also why do they seem tapered in your pics?..
^ that's helpful to know, thanks. uniqlos have some nice inexpensive tees (premium cotton) that are just the right length for me at 5'8", though i wear a XS rather than M... James perse is the worst, smallest size is like 30 inches long I will have a lot of measurements to contribute soon.
Quote: Originally Posted by computurd I know its not sneakers but how do you guys usually size for MMM dress boots in comparison to MMM sneakers i went down 1 from my gats size though i don't think it's unhearded of to go down 2 sizes on some models
^it's not locked behind bars, you don't need to show student ID to get in and can pay with cc/cash. unless you mean the dining hall that houses it is closed now because of summer which may well be the case haha
is there any other website that has the ivory/white? i couldn't find anything on google. also the ivory/white color isn't included in the ss11 lookbook it seems.
^ the laces, tongue, and the back leather patch all look different though. it looks like a really rare colorway to me ivory [[SPOILER]] jslade's [[SPOILER]]
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