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Quote: Originally Posted by Synthese I literally have no memory of what I wrote having to do with speedcats wonder which season were these rafs, kinda like them
Quote: Originally Posted by Synthese all i see are speed cats i wish i saved that epic post yesterday before it turned into lorem ipsums from tbs, new variation of the painted [[SPOILER]]
Quote: Originally Posted by RFX45 They are releasing them again for mens? Any pics of which ones are coming out in the FW11 season? i doubt they're releasing them again this fall. actually didn't see any classic-style hightop (i.e not boxing trainers etc) at all being carried by lncc, oki-ni or mmm e-shop (all three of which have uploaded fw11 footwear), so i was thinking maybe we'll have to wait till ss12 for those. come to think of it...
Quote: Originally Posted by RFX45 Which blk/wht hi-tops? Also, I don't recall MMM making half sizes at all. Maybe way back then but not in the past 2 years. sorry, i meant to say fw07 not fw11, just fixed my post. i found the ones i posted above in the fw07 lookbook also sorry i meant the classic-style white hightops & classic-style black hightops respectively (ignoring seasonal variations etc)
^thanks for posting those new season mmm sneaks. many e-stores have uploaded fw11 sneaks but i've yet to see the classic black/white hightops stocked anywhere. might have to wait till ss12? BTW does anyone know if mmm sneaks were ever produced in half sizes? in particular, these fw07 lo-tops: ran across them in sz "40.5" though pics seem legit to me. [[SPOILER]]
Quote: Originally Posted by Hkstyles [[SPOILER]] definitely not 'versatile' but i think they can look amazing paired with the right outfits, i'd wear them like how mmm lookbook styled the same season yellow hightops - keep the rest monochromatic and let the color stand out (btw if anyone's selling either the blue or yellow in 41 pm me)
Quote: Originally Posted by jet bunch of uniqlo tees thanks to k-dawg now i can retire my hanes really like the fit of my uniqlo quick dry tees, the premium cotton ones are nicer but a little too sheer. for some reason (mostly probably the dryer) all of my hanes went to shit after initial wash, the uniqlos have held up well so far kopped a sunspel tee
that was the invite to mmm's beijing exhibition two years ago, it was placed in random bookstores galleries etc at the time and a lot of people who came had it but i dunno where you can find them now.
got a bunch of white muji u-necks for girls (factory seconds, 2.5$ each), XL should fit me just right if measurements are accurate also mr.hare oxfords + mmm tee [[SPOILER]]
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