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Selling a pair of off white/ cream color RRL selvedge jeans tagged 30/32 fit more like 31.5/31 Currently at $10! 20 hours left
YES! Thanks so much. I was driving myself crazy trying to remember. Anyone have experience with their jeans?
Trying to remember the name of a small American jeans company I first heard about on here. Can't remember the name for the life of me.. I remember on their site it looked like they make small runs (like 10-12 pairs) with each new model. Out on the East Coast somewhere. Anyone?
The battery I bought on ebay is doing the job well at the moment, though the color of the battery is much more of a glossy black than the Apple matte black battery for the black Macbook. I don't really care, though, so long as it functions well and was still only $40. Here's the seller I bought from:
Cool, thanks for the tip. I ended up ordering a new generic one off ebay from a place that offers a three year warranty. Will see what happens.. Mine is too old to take back to Apple and get any sort of battery love I'm sure.
AA$35 shipped in the US or best offer. Just picked up this lightly used pair of Unbranded Denim size 31 and they are too small on me. Measured the waist across the top and it's just over 15" across the top laid flat and to me feels more like something tagged 29 (like a Nudie 29 perhaps). Some minor fade and a few creases are visible from some wear, but this could be a nice 'beat the crap out of these and watch them fade cause I only spent $xx' pair of jeans. I was...
My black Macbook battery is toast. I think it's an a1185 if I remember correctly. Seems like generic ones get horrible reviews, but then so do the Apple ones. Anyone have good luck with a particular brand? Thanks!!
Purchased some Redwing GTs off werdswerf back in November 2010 and was very happy with the prompt shipment, price, and quality of the boots.
Is that the Skinny Guy model? Quote: Originally Posted by alee5529 Hey guys, i have a BNWT Naked & famous Nep seldvedge in size 32 today, bought it at barneys new york and unfortunately it was too big on me. Since it is Brand new with tag i decided to use stock pictures instead, asking for $100 Shipped within U.S, or trades with any naked & famous, APCS, Nudies! Thanks for looking! I do have a perfect record on Ebay with the username...
I've got a pair of Nudie Average Joe dark indigo selvageĀ  (edit 7/21) worn 20-25 times, never washed size 30/32 and a pair of Naked and Famous slim guys dark indigo selvage brand new without tags size 30/32 Nudie slim jims 30/34 in grey coated that have been worn quite a bit and much of the waxy coat has faded away. Very comfortable, light pair of jeans for summer that I'd like to trade or sell. I'm looking for anything that has more of a 501 cut in a 31-32...
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