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Quote: Originally Posted by BlueHorseShoe Also- AE MacNeils at like 190 or something...over at LAC. Er what's "LAC"? Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton There is nothing to "fix." Not according to the following guy. From a sartorial perspective who cares, but after reading this article in Runners' World a couple years ago I stopped unwittingly tying grannies and started tying reef knots, and my shoes stopped becoming untied through the course of the day. Woohoo!,00.html Quote: Knot Perfect By...
Field won't alter your shirts; you'll have to go elsewhere for that.
Sorry don't have any substantive comments. Been away from the boards for a few months and meant to post my first shirt long ago -- do CEGO/Carl and/or a tailor still typically comment in these threads? Also, I don't see any waist measurement. Presumably you sent one in? Didn't quite figure out how this differed from "hip".
Quote: Originally Posted by rdawson808 Brooks Brothers: Summer suits for 179 (reg 229, I think). I got a tan one that looks amazing. I think it was a great buy. Thanks for detailed report! On the tan suit, was it cotton or a lightweight wool? I'm assuming it was a 346 label. Notice any 42 Ls?
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart This collar looks great . Any special details / measurements / instructions here? Thanks!
First order from Jantzen sent on 11/5. F Confirmation requested 1/8 -- no response. Another confirmation requested 1/16 and Ricky wrote back apologizing for the delay and said "will send asap." Shirt arrived 1/31. Woohoo! For a first attempt, seems to fit really nicely. I'll post pictures once I've washed it to allow for shrinkage, etc.
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt Brooks and J. Press classic buttondowns. How doe these compare to the Lands End offerings, besides price?
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel If you truly were interested in not having half assed work done, you wouldn't be getting Hickey Freeman/Burberry anything. Those are decent enough, honest products (HF, not Burberry), but they are middle of the road, if that, on the high end quality scale. Does Hartmarx do both of their MTM programs?
PM sent on the trousers.
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