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Your tailor needs to shape the torso/waist. You've already admitted it's a bit large. Frankly, it looks like the waist is folding over upon itself because of the excess fabric there. It may also be slightly too wide in the back between shoulder blades. The fabric is creasing there. Some extra fabric is OK for movement, but this looks like it might be slightly too much. How do the shoulders fit? Gut instinct says they might be slightly wide, but it's impossible to tell...
Chester Mox
Are you allowed to bring a change of shoes? Can you stuff a pair of dress loafers in your bag/briefcase to change into when you goto an office on this trip? Because I'd definitely would wear workbooks on a job site. Frankly, it's a matter of safety. Just pull a Donald Rumsfeld:
Both look identical in those photos, tbh. Either way, they look great. Go with your gut instinct.
They're also not above deciding to "put a bird on it":(I still really want that shirt, tho. Birds have a special place in my heart.)
Not sure what you're trying to achieve here. Do you want a sport coat? Do you want a vest to keep your chest warm? Do you want both? Frankly, I don't like "hybrid" products like this. Looks tacky and instead of buying two garments that do their respective jobs well, you get one garment that half-asses both.
Ever tried Eton? They have a Classic, Contemporary and Slim fit in a variety of formal shirt options. I think their fabrics are a bit nicer than BB, but they're pricier, too. Worth taking a look.
Most American-sized jackets will have a drop 6. Some European jackets will be a drop 7. The drop is the difference between the chest measurement and the waist measurement. IE: If you're a 44" chest, your average guy will have a 38" waist. Clearly, if you're trying on 42-44" jackets, with a waist of 31-32", your drop is around 10". That's pretty far outside the typical range of any OTR. And it might be beyond what will work even if you get a jacket altered. Plus, buying a...
It never hurts to dress up more formally when asking for someone's business/money. Even if you're meeting in a business casual environment, you don't know who in the company you may run into while visiting. Stick with suits. Simplify your life!
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