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Typically, I get my ties at 9cm/3.5" Read/heard a "rule" once that tie width should be roughly the same as your lapel width. Made a lot of sense to me, keeping things proportional.
Yeah, that lead time can be a bit rough. But PF's business is a mixture of individual customers that "walk in" and business-to-business accounts comprised of several MTM suit companies in Chicago and department stores. So, they do a high volume of alterations at any given day. If you go there, you'll see what I mean with all the racks sitting around.
I usually recommend my clients to Peter Field for alterations. They're located on the northern side of the Loop. You can see their price list for Chicago here: http://peterfieldcustom.com/chicago-alterations-and-tailoring/ I've used them for some difficult and "easy" alterations in the past -- including shoulder work. The crew there is very approachable and I find them easy to work with in both personal and business capacity. Worth taking a look at. As in many things,...
For those that wanted Chelsea boot shots in the wild: Extremely comfortable out of the box. I was a bit concerned about having slightly narrow feet (I wear a 10.5 C in most Alden lasts -- Copley, Aberdeen, even Barrie), but going TTS 10.5 worked just fine. This makes my third footwear purchase from Epaulet's in-house line (other two are sneakers) and I'm really impressed with the product quality so far. I would love to see desert boots!
Two Vanda ties, knotted and worn: Brown-Orange Flowers -- Reminds me a lot of an ancient madder. Finish is really dry and has some "grip" to the fabric when knotted. Still, the weight is perfect and knots well. Dark Navy Houndstooth (sold out) -- You'd have to look really close to know it's dark navy rather than black and under the right light. Material is a bit more structured and stiff. The resulting knot feels slightly thicker when tied. Also, bonus Ultimate White...
It was a good day to be a size 10.5. Picked up the white sport trainers.
It's probably Boglioli. Call the store. That'll always be the quickest way to know current stock on new items.
Yeah, no kidding. The friend I'm selling them for can't believe it either.
Iron Heart size 38 black heavy cotton twill "Rider's Jacket". Made in Japan. Bought at Self Edge San Francisco. Original retail $450. Another badass piece that made its way to my wardrobe but never got worn (maybe half a dozen times). This jacket takes the concept of a motorcycle jacket and crosses it with a jean jacket, but then toughens it up with the heaviest black cotton denim-like twill I've come across. Jacket features heavy-duty YKK zippers on the front and...
Gustin Zimbabwe cotton raw selvedge denim blue jeans size 32 slim (30.5" inseam), model #107. Made in the USA. Worn about a dozen times, but never made it into my regular rotation as I've got way too many pairs of jeans. Probably deserves to be in a denim enthusiast's home, someone who can appreciate the Zimbabwe cotton more than I do. Originally sold for $135 plus shipping (came to $151). Get yours way cheaper than that and make them yours with zero wait! See the...
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