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just snagged last years varsity jacket on ebay this morning, received my lined shawl jacket saturday and waxed canvas lined jacket less than 2 weeks ago. if anyone is looking for me i'll buried out back, im sure thats where my wife will dispose of me. lol
Have these been sold
too bad need supply didnt have the XL in stock. i wouldve bought from them.
I waited too long and SOP sold out of my size and Im not paying $15 in shipping to General HQ. I will be waiting for RgT to list the shawl jacket.
Should I expect the shawl to stretch more than the canvas cause it's denim? Will it be so negligible that I should probably not even be concerned about the stretching? Glad to hear someone else on here has both. I thought I was going over board getting both myself. Well, at least my wife thinks that. Haha
is the shawl lined jacket fit to be the same size as the lined waxed canvas jacket? i bought the XL in the lined canvas and want to know if i should order the same size for the shawl
thanks so much.
i know these were taken years ago but does anyone know what shoes those are?
Not sure if this helps in any way, I wear 42 in TS and XL in RgT
I would wear the lined canvas jacket with a work shirt and undershirt or Oxford and undershirt. It does get cold out here in the high desert of the southwest but not enough to layer a sweater with an Oxford and a jacket. I pulled the trigger and ordered a Large and XL. I have some old clothes to put on eBay to fund this jacket.
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