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I would wear the lined canvas jacket with a work shirt and undershirt or Oxford and undershirt. It does get cold out here in the high desert of the southwest but not enough to layer a sweater with an Oxford and a jacket. I pulled the trigger and ordered a Large and XL. I have some old clothes to put on eBay to fund this jacket.
sweet, i got them for a steal and they are very much like new. after lurking around this topic for a good while i pulled the trigger on RgT this past month: stealth SK, Stanton indigo 13 oz, double indigo work trouser and a the indigo flecked work shirt. got a pair of momotaro 18 oz on the way as well. i need the lined waxed canvas jacket so bad but my wife will bury me out back if i make another purchase. i hope it doesnt sell out before i get the chance to raise some...
my bad, i forgot IDC is mainly used in description of color and material. I meant IDC (International Design Collective), these are the collab stealth between RgT x International Design Collective.http://www.rogueterritory.com/2012/11/16/rgt-x-idc-black-stealth/
i scored a pre loved pair of RGT x IDC SK, other than the 7th pocket are there more differences compared to the stealth SK currently on the RgT site?
im a j crew large slim fit and 42 TS. Fit very similar. TS is worth every penny
yeah, all my TS denim is 32/33 but i had to send back my duck pants and request a 34. Lets see how those fit.
thanks man. that works for me since i have a little extra around the waist this season. lol
what size is a gitman vintage shirt equivalent to TS 42?
how about 42 white oxford?
totally missed this. too bad this wasnt emailed, ive been wanting the heavy crewneck
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