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this last release of moleskin pants i believed ran about 1.5-2 inches shorter. all the other dimensions were spot on. i tried to size up one for the waist to fit and then the legs were too baggy. either way i reordered my previous size to get these in khaki. i'll just have to drop a couple of lbs
PM sent for the rogue shorts
How different is the denim on the 13 oz v 14.5 oz? I have a pair of the stantons in 13 oz size 33, Ive lost some weight recently and want to size down to a 32 and can get a preloved 14.5 oz for a good price. Is it worth buying my old pair and buying the newer 14.5? Is the 14.5 oz higher quality denim?
Im a long time customer of them and I will continue to buy from them. They do have great customer service and I do give them feedback when sizing seems off for me. Im not trying to bash them in anyway and if I came across that way I didnt mean to
i didnt compare it to the site. i just compared them to each other
im with you on this. their pants and other items are not consistent in sizing
my crater shirts came in yesterday and they are perfect. wore the grey/navy one today with a basic tee as an undershirt and then my navy project jacket from last season. prefect layering combo for me region at the moment. i do have to comment about the this years project jacket...i bought the navy one last year and at the time could only afford the 1 jacket. i was thrilled that the harvest tan released again this year so i jumped online and bought one right away. but...
already received my moleskin khaki, i think it runs smaller than last year in the waist. not too big of a deal for me. only weird thing is i ordered my project jacket 2 days before the moleskin pants and it hasnt even shipped yet. i know the flannel shirts wont ship till the 11th, are the project jackets delayed too? i bought the navy project jacket last year and its a great piece. i had to order the harvest tan one this year. cant wait, its a nice weight and looks...
fit perfect in the chest, shoulder and waist. my only concern is the length in the front. it might be 1-2 inches longer than id like. i'll do my best to post photos. ive never done it before, i'll need to figure it outmy question is, should i try to soak the ISC work shirt to get some length shrinkage? i know sizing down to a Large wont work because it will be too small
my bad, the shirts are flannel and the pants are moleskin. i knew that but my morning coffee hadnt kicked in when i first posted.if people are curious about the pants dont hesitate and go buy them. the most comfiest pants i own for the colder months.
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