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im a j crew large slim fit and 42 TS. Fit very similar. TS is worth every penny
yeah, all my TS denim is 32/33 but i had to send back my duck pants and request a 34. Lets see how those fit.
thanks man. that works for me since i have a little extra around the waist this season. lol
what size is a gitman vintage shirt equivalent to TS 42?
how about 42 white oxford?
totally missed this. too bad this wasnt emailed, ive been wanting the heavy crewneck
i see a full restock on the charcoal ox
i'll just handle all my shirt cleaning then. id better not trust a cleaner that could ruin something so nice. thanks again for the input
a little shrink is fine. im considering dry cleaning. ive never bothered with it before but i dread ironing and that alone is worth the price of dry cleaning. thanks for the experience input
come on man. couldnt resist the pointless comment could you?for those that might be curious like myself, i called TS customer service earlier today with this question. Oxford material fully shrinks after about 3 washes. their shirts are washed once and it is possible that they can shrink more. it is recommended to cold water wash and hang dry to minimize shrinking. i was concerned only cause the 42 size fit perfect and i could tolerate a little shrinkage. i just...
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