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that black watch sold out quick yesterday, i randomly browse the site daily and came across the restock. i sized up on it cause my usual size 42 was sold out. i think the talk has been that they run small, right? if so my 44 should fit perfect.
thanks man, i was looking for the dark supply jacket and not the black waxed. but i did find maybe the last one anywhere in an XL from general quarters. and i did snag the black waxed from SOP. ive got so many RgT jackets, such a great label
i have the Olive piece myself, I had the black, navy and tan, which I eventually let go and I only kept the olive. that is better color of them all and thats why I know how much used ones go for.
buy the same size as your 3Sixteen shirts, if you arent familiar with sizing they run small. This would probably fit you. I wouldnt pay over $200 though for a used one on grailed though.
I missed out on the first round of orders but couldnt pass up when I saw them taking orders again. I took the plunge and ordered the Huckberry Knox Boot in Natural Chromexcel and wedge Lactae Hevea sole. This is gonna be killer.
i agree, its a premium brand and not trying to take anything away from them. only a few things I'll buy full price from them but a lot of my closet is RgT stuff bought off of ebay and grailed. i want the strange and standard flannel but I cant do $255 either
thanks for the post. i read Karl saying they wont be restocking this, or at least not planning to. i found one at general quarters store
any stockists with the dark supply jacket in XL in stock? any on sale anywhere?
does anybody have a varsity jacket they would like to part with? size XL, I'll make a good offer
Im buying the black waxed lined jacket when it drops. the black stealth trousers are a possibility too.
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