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whatever, i found a stockist who sent me a personal 30% code to get a jump on black friday and I got what I wanted: sk slub, ISC trouser and ISC work shirt. its actually good that RgT has their sale as it is cause it made me find an alternative that worked out better for me. and so what if i have a complaint. its minor and its not a serious complaint. we all can have our opinion.
no lie, i knew the lined jackets would be exluded but i wasnt expecting a lot of the bottoms. i hope they are willing to revisit this plan or maybe even offer 15% off on those. if not im sure one of their stockists will discount them and i will buy from them instead.
thanks for all the input. i appreciate it. i might end up needing the 32s if i measured right.black friday details are up and im not too thrilled. i was planning on getting slubs, darks and ISC trousers this friday with the black friday sale but i wont be able to anymore since they are excluded.http://www.rogueterritory.com/2014/11/23/black-friday-2014/
yeah, when comparing the 33 13 oz stantons v 33 SK slubb, the stantons came in at 17.75" waist and theyre a tad loose on me now. the 33 SK come with 18" waist, if I go to the 32 theyre a 17.5". im torn with sizing because I wont know exactly how they fit until they get here and I also want to get the free hemming up front. if i buy the wrong size im stuck with them because of the hemming. i could hold off on hemming but then I have to pay for shipping both ways to have...
thank you, i was thinking there was a change in material but I couldnt remember. I wear a 33 stanton in the 13 oz Stantons, and I wanted to try out the SKs. should I go with 33 SK slubby? i have lost some weight so the 33 stantons Im wearing now are getting a little loose around the waist but I do need the thigh room from the lifting I do. thanks for the reply.
[quote name="willrh1" [/quote] is this still true for sizing the Slubby's? I know this information isnt on the site so I am assuming its not true anymore
just snagged last years varsity jacket on ebay this morning, received my lined shawl jacket saturday and waxed canvas lined jacket less than 2 weeks ago. if anyone is looking for me i'll buried out back, im sure thats where my wife will dispose of me. lol
Have these been sold
too bad need supply didnt have the XL in stock. i wouldve bought from them.
I waited too long and SOP sold out of my size and Im not paying $15 in shipping to General HQ. I will be waiting for RgT to list the shawl jacket.
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