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Im pretty sure the green pockets mean slub.
well, my baja shirt and confetti chambray fit me good with a 42. So not sure why other shirts releases within months and even weeks of each other at the same size dont fit. But like you said, they offer great customer service and thats the reason I keep going back. If they ever get rid free shipping and returns I will be hesitant with more shopping but for now I love the product when the sizing is spot on like my older oxfords.
Indigo shirt was a complete fail for me, I usually wear 42 in TS shirts but a lot of my recent orders the shirts have been way too small. So this round I ordered a 42 and 44 just in case...well, the 42 was too big. Sleeves were too long and the shoulder measurement was too wide. And a weird thing, the cuffs were super tight. Both shirts are on the way back
i just ordered one but im sure it comes down to wearing the hell out of to soften it up. i have a rogue ISC 12.5 oz shirt. ive worn it several times and its still not broken in. either way its a journey so start wearing it often and beat it up
unfortunately it was a UK 10.5, so way too big then
I am very new to the brand and trying to make sure I size right for my first pair. Im looking at a monkey boot sz 10.5 US. Would this fit like a red wing mocasson sz 10.5? I wear 11 in Chuck Taylors and 11.5 in New Balance. My red wings are size 10.5. the monkey boot is on 4444 last
that black watch sold out quick yesterday, i randomly browse the site daily and came across the restock. i sized up on it cause my usual size 42 was sold out. i think the talk has been that they run small, right? if so my 44 should fit perfect.
thanks man, i was looking for the dark supply jacket and not the black waxed. but i did find maybe the last one anywhere in an XL from general quarters. and i did snag the black waxed from SOP. ive got so many RgT jackets, such a great label
i have the Olive piece myself, I had the black, navy and tan, which I eventually let go and I only kept the olive. that is better color of them all and thats why I know how much used ones go for.
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