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Cant wait for my rancourt ranger mocs to come in. Who else here funded them?
"a new signature color bottom thread that we dyed to match the color of beloved and well weathered Golden Gate Bridge that has aged so gracefully. " thats a slick detail. i will be ordering the swift shirt. just hope it fits, 42 in all my TS shirts. last few releases ive had to return them do to not fitting right PS cant wait for my rancourt mocs to come in
unfortunately you might not get to enjoy the shirts this brand has to offer. before buying RgT clothing I wore lots of J Crew and I was a size Large in their slim shirts. Coming over here to RgT I have to buy XL shirts and jackets, and even then certain styles are still too small for me with the XL. And I dont see too many offerings in XXL. But I am going to guess that you need XXL in RgT and 3sixteen if that brand interests you as well. If you do come across any XXL...
my jaquard shirt came in as well. and finally, a new release sized 42 that is very similar to my other TS 42s
i have a pair of their natural selvedge from a few seasons ago. worn once, sz 33. going to list it on grail. but giving first dibs to this group. if not interest i'll most likely post it on grail. mine is 12.5 oz instead of this years 11 oz. i would sell for $70 shipped to anywhere in the states. PM me if interested.
at this point i would stop buying from them. they havent asked me to pay for my returns. i do have over 50% of my orders returned to them. and as long as they continue to pay for returns I will keep buying.
far from the truth. if you had read my previous post, 42 shirts fit perfect (I counted my TS shirts and I have 24 all size 42). the canvas workshirts were too big when they were made and I even have email correspondence from TS admitted they had issues with these shirts. my 42 navy project jacket works perfect but when they rereleased the jacket something changed on their end from year to year where a 42 harvest jacket didnt fit me even though my 42 navy still fits. for...
just looking at my order history, out of my last 17 orders I had to make 9 returns. the fit guides arent the best reference. i had the molskin pants when they first released the size 33 fit me perfect. when they rereleased the moleskin pant last season and added the khaki color i wanted it since the navy pair was a nice pant to have. the fitting was horribly different. the 33 was 1-2 sizes smaller in the waist, then i went to a 34. the 34 fit the waist but then the...
i hear you man. ive had my fair share of returns to TS. It it disappointing when something shows up not fitting but as long as they pay for the return I can live with that.
this is the only jacket i own in XXL. im in the same boat, been a lifter for years so i need something that has proper chest space but not a huge waist. i bet you'll like the XXL. i wear XL in other 3sixteen and RGT stuff without space issues.
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