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I am interested in austerity brogue (or monk) in museum calf.
I am interested in, but would like to know the cost first.
I have a hard time to work with the table format in my PC, can you help to put down my comment on the Janus Butt Suede column as "Yes - but concern with color"?Thanks.
Got it. So Pepe will yet to feedback on the feasibility and any price change (if any)?For the color, red dirt looks good. But not sure if it will be too much red and how far off is the red dirt to the copper suede?
What would be the quality-wise to compare Janus with the LM reverse?
Interested in Option 4 - would be even better if going for plum museum.
Good call!
Hi Mimo, I just PM-ed moment ago regarding the detail for the GMTO, please check.Thanks.
Is your Westminster in TG73 last?
I liked the combination of yours. And I look forward to my Galway..
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