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This is hardly constructive at all and it sounds personal.Free will, free choice, people can choose what they want.Bring your war somewhere.
I am in if for punched captoe.
Thank you guys.
Thanks for the advise. Would that be also eu40 if goes k last?
Hi everyone, I would like to have your advise on the sizing on U and K last. I have never tried on Vass before. I am on UK6.5 for G&G (MH71, Deco last), also UK6.5 for EG (Last 82), UK6 for Crockett and Jones (337 last), and UK6 for Carmina (Rain last). Any help given would be greatly appreciated.
@arahat Do you have any update on the GMTO? Do we have enough to order and when will be the deadline? Thanks.
Adjust my consumption from 6.75m to 2.5m --> Confirmed
Appreciate your presence here Classic Car, don't let this be a block on your information sharing.
@jrd617 I would like to place 3 seperate lengths (2.5m, 2.5m and 1.75m), ship to one location.
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