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MJB are now doing 3 pieces for some of their suits, it seems. I think this will take over from tie bars as the latest widespread male fashion trend (seen a few of the disgustingly dressed Footy Show panellists sporting 3 pieces lately) http://www.mjbale.com/suits/waistcoats
Can't wait for Crikey's expose on HC, O&J and SS.
Last time I ordered, Brooks Brother's slimmest fit was still very tent-esque.
Anyone listen to 774? Henry Blofeld is what all SF high rollers should aim to sound like.
What are those fancy ones for? They look useful but can't tell...Didn't have them up here today (Byron, NSW).
That looks like its probably quite tight when sitting down...?
Aldi had some fantastic snow gear in their the other day. 20k/20k jacket for 89 that looked very similar to my 350$ 686 jacket...could've been made in the same factory. Highly recommended. Unfortunately it's impossible to tell if a store will have any stock without going in.
No.There are usually similar colours in each weight range, but they aren't exactly the same.
I bought 2 x AE Fifth Street on sale as seconds a few months ago, 1 brown, 1 black, both 10.5D.The brown ones have creased nicely and in the same fashion as my other AEs, nice small creases. They still look almost new.The blacks, on the other hand, have creased in a fairly horrid manner. Best to just look at the comparison pictures below rather than me trying to describe it. There is a particularly unsightly and completely illogical diagonal crease above the left little...
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