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And it has hit Singapore! 5 stops between Bangalore and Melb. Must be a record.
Sorry as this has probably been posted before, but a search doesn't lead me to anything? -What are people's experience with AE Golf collection? Good value? -How is the 1-511G last compared to the regular 1? And the 5? -I gather there are some golf seconds on sale at the moment - are there any other predictable sales on golf models throughout the year? Cheers
My latest FedEx delivery has, so far, gone from Bangalore > Mumbai > New Delhi > Bangkok > Guangzhou > Melbourne (tomorrow, I hope, although I wouldn't rule out a SIN being thrown in there). Seems slightly unnecessary, but what do I know.
I've found them great to store my phone in. You avoid the bowing that can come with storing things in the breast pockets.
FYI for anyone ordering CJ gloves - if you go for a button closure, you can opt for horn buttons for 3 quid extra - you need to add a lining that costs 3 pounds to your order, then email them afterwards and let them know you don't actually want the lining, but horn buttons instead. The default buttons are a cheap looking plastic. My replacement order from them has shipped - no more cold hands. A week too late, though!
So...what's everyone planning on buying before the AUD crashes? I just bought an $800 watch (present, not for me)... pissed I didn't buy it a month ago!
I somehow doubt that he is buying Tom Ford at Harrolds on an audio engineer's salary...
So you start at about 3am and... just sneak into work on time?
Mackintosh & resellersMJ BaleHerringboneLondon FogCTTM LewinBrooksJ PressGieves & HawkesTraditional RainwearGrenfellBurberryAPCeBayhttp://www.jackrussellclothing.com/luxury/london_raincoat/jr372.aspxhttp://www.sehkelly.com/shop/jackets/http://www.rainmac.com/Off the top of my head... Look around and fine one that suits. Go for 100% cotton, or mostly cotton, if you can.Personally I prefer mine with non-raglan sleeves. Although traditional and better for freedom of movement,...
New Posts  All Forums: