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Has anyone got a source for horn suit buttons other than HST http://www.hst.com.sg/acatalog/Horn_Buttons_for_jacket.html#a446 ? Need to replace the buttons on two of recently purchased my MJ Bale blazers. The default buttons are such a dark brown that they pretty much look black, which looks just OK on navy, but pretty terrible on light blue. Odd choice by the designer IMO. I'm going to try and put something lighter on.
Sorry I didn't express it very well, but what I mean to ask was not how are they cut exactly, but just whether they are the same or different (and, if different, then in what way).I.e. for me Suit pants are cut almost identically to my odd trousers, but completely casual chinos are cut a little slimmer in the leg.
Odd question but, out of interest, how do you all get your pants cut, ie fit and slimness in the leg, for Suit pants v Odd trousers and slacks (trousers that you'd press) v Non-pressed casual chinos For me 1 and 2 are about the same, with 3 being a bit slimmer down the leg. I imagine most go for that sort of look. Anyone go the same for all three?
I thought was obvious that a white linen square is the the exception . In your example, both a burgundy square or a plain navy square wouldn't look very good.
Don't match your suit, tie or shirt (matching a secondary colour on the tie is often a good option, but even then you don't want them to match too closely).Cotton, linen or wool squares are more casual. Silk is a bit more dressy. Linen goes with everything.I'm a big fan of all Kent Wang products, including cuff links. They're all nice. Plain shirt > more flashy cufflinks. Patterned shirt > plain cufflinks IMO.
Back to the minutiae: Pleated pants Who wears them? Do you go forward/reverse, double or single? Are there any "rules" for pleats i.e. only with belt loops, or only without belt loops & with bracers etc.? I have ordered some casual cotton/linen pants with single reverse pleats (I know forward is more trad, but it just doesn't look as good to my eye) and belt loops. I'm considering adding pleats to the second pair of trousers I'll order for my PJ suit with adjusters...
Even though this thread is in the "Classic Menswear" section, I think it should also be used to discuss SW & D that strays into the "Classic Menswear" realm - jeans, nice shorts, clean sneaks, quality t shirts etc. etc. The kind of things you can imagine on JFK, SMcQ and their ilk. Rick Owens, Junya Wantanabe and the like need not apply. It would be pointless to have another Australian members specific thread in SW & D - we would all just end up having to check two...
Anyone have a quilted jacket made up yet?
772 posts to catch up on.... On that note, in case anyone isn't doing it already, do yourself a favour and hit "Preferences" at the bottom of the page and change the max posts per page to 100, or anything more than the default 15 which is an absolute pain...
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