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Oh no worries I wasn't calling you out - we don't do that here. Royal Oxford has more of a sheen, definitely.
That's pinpoint oxford, I believe. The only Royal Oxfords that it seems Kamakura sells are spread collars, which fits my general impression that Royal = business, pinpoint = business/casual, standard Oxford = casual.Nice looking shirts, though.People seem to stand in awe of the mystical "roll" of some manufacturer's OCBDs, like it's a giant living in the hillside. It's simply a matter of long enough collar points (3 inches plus), and an unfused and maybe even unlined...
Windowpane, I'd head to Bangalore and get Luxire to fit you up! On that note, damn you AUD.
I agree with FXH. They will look odd with jeans. And may stray into Hipster territory, depending on how skinny your jeans are. Would look good with a navy suit though, or a smart pair of cotton trousers.
And it has hit Singapore! 5 stops between Bangalore and Melb. Must be a record.
Sorry as this has probably been posted before, but a search doesn't lead me to anything? -What are people's experience with AE Golf collection? Good value? -How is the 1-511G last compared to the regular 1? And the 5? -I gather there are some golf seconds on sale at the moment - are there any other predictable sales on golf models throughout the year? Cheers
My latest FedEx delivery has, so far, gone from Bangalore > Mumbai > New Delhi > Bangkok > Guangzhou > Melbourne (tomorrow, I hope, although I wouldn't rule out a SIN being thrown in there). Seems slightly unnecessary, but what do I know.
I've found them great to store my phone in. You avoid the bowing that can come with storing things in the breast pockets.
FYI for anyone ordering CJ gloves - if you go for a button closure, you can opt for horn buttons for 3 quid extra - you need to add a lining that costs 3 pounds to your order, then email them afterwards and let them know you don't actually want the lining, but horn buttons instead. The default buttons are a cheap looking plastic. My replacement order from them has shipped - no more cold hands. A week too late, though!
New Posts  All Forums: