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I'm looking at buying a leather dopp kit. Something similar to this (2 compartments), but for
(In my opinion) that shirt is too tight in the waist and bottom, hence why the bottom of the placket flares when untucked. I think you've been a bit too generous on your shoulder measurements too. I'd go 17.5" - if you're always going to wear it with the top button undone, you can afford to have a smaller yoke to make the shirt sit nicely on the shoulders, rather than slipping off the edges. Instead of darts, I prefer reducing the back measurements as compared to the...
Yeah... I think the entire top part of the outfit needs to be as casual as possible. So that's a patch pocket blazer and casual PS - not fancier folded linen. And conversely, the bottom part, ie the denim, needs to be as formal as possible... If there's too much contrast between top and bottom in terms of formality then to me it just looks weird... Anyway, it's just my opinion. I know a lot of people love this look, as I said,
On another note: what do you all usually do re lining in trousers - none, thigh, knee? Or does it depend on material of the suit. I'm considering what kind of lining to get on the aforementioned mid grey fresco. It's a summer suit, so I would think less would be better, but the materialis relatively see through. If I do get a lining, I'm not sure what colour to get.
A look I don't really like, but I know many do: jacket & denim. A look I especially don't like: jacket, denim and a pocket square...it just seems mismatched above and below. The above is made worse if the jacket doesn't have patch pockets ie is not a blazer. Thoughts? It just came to mind since I saw a gent walking down Lonsdale St wearing the latter, with a v neck brown double monks (apologies if this was one of you guys). It struck me as an odd mix of the formal and...
I got one for my most recent suit because it was only an extra $150. It's being made self-backed in a 380gm fabric.... going to be very warm! I doubt I will get much wear out of it but it's a bit of a test. I think I will also get a vest done for an upcoming suit in light fresco. It might seem odd for a summer suit, but the idea is that it will enable to suit to be used into the colder months somewhat.
MJB are now doing 3 pieces for some of their suits, it seems. I think this will take over from tie bars as the latest widespread male fashion trend (seen a few of the disgustingly dressed Footy Show panellists sporting 3 pieces lately) http://www.mjbale.com/suits/waistcoats
Can't wait for Crikey's expose on HC, O&J and SS.
Last time I ordered, Brooks Brother's slimmest fit was still very tent-esque.
Anyone listen to 774? Henry Blofeld is what all SF high rollers should aim to sound like.
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