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Time to get a credit card with price protection
FYI, no returns/refunds on sale items. Otherwise i'd be tempted by a $150 cotton suit.
I'm running with good old Costo brand laundry powder. It's also, according to the packaging, fine to use for janitorial spills.
Try the Ae thread itself.
Left his Penguin classic on the tram.
I much prefer simple Macs... much less fuss. Or, if not, then a minimalist model like Kent Wang's navy trench.
FYI, Nordstrom anniversary sale is on. They jack the prices up for Australians, and shipping is min $50 too (but only $60 for two pairs of shoes), but not too bad all the same. Some good buys like Red Wings, AEs etc.
The rash of photos lately has been great. Keep it up!
I'm looking at buying a leather dopp kit. Something similar to this (2 compartments), but for
(In my opinion) that shirt is too tight in the waist and bottom, hence why the bottom of the placket flares when untucked. I think you've been a bit too generous on your shoulder measurements too. I'd go 17.5" - if you're always going to wear it with the top button undone, you can afford to have a smaller yoke to make the shirt sit nicely on the shoulders, rather than slipping off the edges. Instead of darts, I prefer reducing the back measurements as compared to the...
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