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Fresco for a tux - that's interesting.The more lining you have, the hotter it's going to be, hence I feel that's a bit counter productive to go for a full lining based on the purpose of the suit/fabric...?
Have any of you had anything made up in Minnis Fresco? I'm deciding between the lightest (250/280gm) and next lightest (280/310gm) weight ranges.I have a few swatches with me.I have read that the lightest, while much cooler, tends not to drape that well, and is see through (which I can vouch for having now seen the swatches).Then there is the question of whether to go completely unlined or half lined for the jacket, and whether to put a lining in the pants. I'm leaning...
Leather = Chester Jefferies Cashmere = Henry Carter.
Seems like there's a correlation between liking Asian girls and liking men's clothes. Hmm.
Well, after a week long battle, your Navy Cashmere Knit won. That's now the fourth navy tie I've bought from you. At some point, I may have to consider branching out.
I checked out your gloves at Ludlows today. I don't know how those things work on a phonescreen, but they are a marvel. Magic?
Great glove weather this morning (Melb).
Late afternoon "sun" WIWT [[SPOILER]]
Thanks. I'm deciding between the two but am a bit worried about self fabric for thickness /heat reasons since its a 370g weight wool. If not for that, I'd have no hesitation choosing same fabric.
For those of you with 3 piece suits: Suit vests - self-back or same as lining of suit?
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