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I think you're much better off getting a military/field/barbour/harrington/duffle etc. style jacket/coat (unless you want one that doubles as a going out jacket if that's the kind of holiday you're doing). You said you're 'backpacking' - I think a more utilitarian coat will be far more suitable due to waterproofing/pockets/warmth etc.
If you have narrow feet, I know if no better brand than Allen Edmonds - the commonly recommended Euro makes just don't seem to go that narrow (that I know of anyway). AE, on the other hand, goes to at least a B width in most styles, if not AAA.... NB Unfortunately, you can't try them on in Melbourne though! sorry for the useless recommendation...
25% off storewide at themenshop.com.au.... includes MJ Bale. Free shipping & can add the $10 off first order
Yeah, it's not that I want that look, just interested to know if it was an "option" on MTM suits as I hadn't heard of people talking about that before when they discuss pocket configurations.
I've only started wearing a PS regularly reasonably recently, and I notice that the breast pocket on my PJ suit is covered by the lapel to some degree, as opposed to Don Draper as shown here where the entire pocket and therefore PS is exposed: Now, I'm sure that the Don has a much broader chest than me, but the pocket still looks pushed over towards the sleeve a lot more than my own (and maybe a little lower). Is this something you can request from the maker? What do...
Hah no just wanted to know what time to time my run to the delivery point. Arrived around 2 in the legal district FYI.
Anyone know what time approx. FedEx do their afternoon delivery run in the Melb CBD?
Yes, need to get your PD/pupillary distance measurement, which they often "forget" to give you.
If you know your full prescription, you can still save a bit of money and get decent lenses by buying them online when you get your frames My Oliver Peoples came with free single vision lenses, and the upgrade to 1.6 essilor lenses with top of the line crizal forte coating for $75. Locally this would've been $220+.
What size/width do people wear in the 3 last v the 5 last? Thanks
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