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Pockets on casual shirts and BDs... No pockets on dress shirts - that's what your jacket is for. Especially on those shirts with a French Cuff or no placket. This isn't a "rule", but I think it's fairly common practice.
Luke Darcy needs some longer socks. Calves all over my TV.
Not always - MJ Bale recommends you size up one IIRC.I tried on that HB coat in store, but what stopped me from purchasing is that it was too short. A 40 was mid thigh on me (6"), which is just too short for that kind of coat in my eyes.
Lightish tan or dark navy. Frankly, I can't really see any other colour working, unless you want to go full peacock in a red, or green, etc.
I love my smartwool socks... in fact all their products have been great (snowboarding socks & base layers). They have various thick and thin models. I prefer the thickest. One amazing thing about pure wool is that it doesn't smell at all.
FYI Http: // Free Shipping Code Valid until 1/8 - Mens & Womens Knitwear
Also check out Frank Clegg. And for sometime Australian made, look at Rugged Luxury. I've been to their workshop in Byron - very nice stuff and not too heavy.
Agree HC, my cashmere knit from you is slowly moving into Favourite Tie status. It's perfect for winter. I have all sorts of stretching issues with your Burgundy untipped garza grossa grenadine though. Untipped might look good on instagram, but in the real world it's not great. Lesson learned.
Fair enough, I was referring more to the previous selfie, really, which featured skinny jeans
Ask the tailor about the 38, but otherwise forget about it.
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