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Have this, its excellent. Someone should snap it up.
I was always under the impression that Anglos (English/Aussie) have wide feet, Americans have narrow feet, and the Euros are somewhere in the middle (and prefer a sleeker looking last).Hence why it is nigh on impossible to find a narrow width shoe in any of the English brands that are popular round these parts.
Own a few, of course. And we are quite aggressive in protecting our intellectual property.
^^Good to see you're thinking about the site design, it is a bit difficult to navigate, but I think the color scheme and fonts are a huge issue as well, and probably a pretty quick fix. I really think you could improve your site by 20% instantly by getting rid of the black and silver theme and background. Change it to white, ecru, mauve... ANYTHING. Then change the font settings to something a little more modern. Surely this would only take an hour or so. As said, black...
Yeah you need to size up several sizes to get the seat and thigh fit right, in both pairs of pants. Also the waist looks very... restrictive. It's just not flattering and makes you look heavier than you are. This criticism is directed at both pairs btw. Or go for something more generous in those areas like the EP Rudys mentioned. You said you ordered a 30 - but you look like you're more of a size 33-34 waist size at least. Trying to squeeze into something isn't flattering...
Best of luck.I agree with what was said above, though. Your site just looks a bit... dodgy. I think the black theme is a big problem. Its like something from the early 00s. I know that launching a new site might not be money you want to spend but if you compare it with the light, breezy, minimalist look that O&J, HC, HY and other affiliate vendors have... well its just not something that makes you want to place an order.The details on the product itself look great, though.
I think its impossible to tell how trousers fit unless they are hemmed or turned up. Just impossible. I also wear EP Rudy pants (size 33). These have a 13.25" thigh: I then have to get the leg tapered from below the knee because I like a slight break & cuff which just looks strange with anything above 8" at the leg opening IMO. I have always wanted to try HY pants but, even in the USA fit, it looks like I'd have to get a size 36 to get the correct thigh measurement. I...
How Endless ever made money off international sellers is beyond me. 10.15lbs package of 3 trees and a cedar shoe valet delivered in under 4 days for ~$120. No matter how good your deal is with DHL, that has to be a loss making delivery.
Good point re buttons did not think of that.Does anyone have any general advice on fused v un-fused in specific collar types? Ie does fused work better for, say, a wide cutaway? or is it all personal preference?Never been in a position to choose! My first MTM shirt had unfused collar and cuffs which I loved, but I'm not sure that it would have enough hold and shape for some collar types ie a curved cutaway.
aka utilitarian :PNow that I am going down the MTM shirt route, I am going to try to order shirts with features taken from two rough groups based roughly around seasons (which sort of dictate how often I wear a jacket and tie) and what I think fits well together.I'm sure I won't stick to this totally, but something like:"Formal"/winter - to be worn most often with both tie and jacket-no placket-french cuffs-spread/point collars-conservative & traditional solid colours and...
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