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Agree HC, my cashmere knit from you is slowly moving into Favourite Tie status. It's perfect for winter. I have all sorts of stretching issues with your Burgundy untipped garza grossa grenadine though. Untipped might look good on instagram, but in the real world it's not great. Lesson learned.
Fair enough, I was referring more to the previous selfie, really, which featured skinny jeans
Ask the tailor about the 38, but otherwise forget about it.
Foxhound - I mean this very politely - I think you should take these kind of posts to SW&D. I have always thought there was a need for an Australian Member's SWD thread, and perhaps you are the right person to start it.
Yes, similar. It's on all my Luxire shirts.
Someone should start an Australian Members SWD thread. To save my eyes.
Tobias I completely agree and have posted a similar thing before.I think a hidden-button down is the perfect compromise. With a moderate spread (see Luxire's English spread).I haven't acutally ordered one of these from them, though, it's going to be part of my next order.
There's not really a reason to use KW here in Aus anymore now that Romp's business is off the ground, is there?
Yes, I was thinking the same thing, they have been kicking around for a while...
One could always order from The Mens Shop and take advantage of their free returns picked up by Toll policy before then purchasing the same goods at MJ Bale for half the price... For the record, I won't be doing this!
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