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Anyone know if Charles Tyrwhitt have free-of-charge returns from Aus? Can't seem to find out.
I wear my beige and navy macs all the time - pretty much every day is a chance of rain in Melbourne this time of year. And they both have a removable quilted lining for warmth. Not as warm as a thick woolen coat of course, but conversely much more waterproof and less bulky. I'd like to buy a covert coat, but I can't really justify another piece of outerwear for quite some time.
thetiebar.com sell perfectly acceptable self-ties, some diamond end, with white dots etc. Won't be as good as the brands mentioned, but quite a bit cheaper for something that is rarely worn. http://www.thetiebar.com/categoryPages/BowTies.asp
For custom, I'd check out Oscar Hunt http://oscarhunt.tumblr.com/post/53322263776/custom-overcoats-for-winter. Think they will start at at least $850 For RTW, CT Outerwear is really pretty darn good for the price (look around for sales/coupon codes/cashbacks) http://www.ctshirts.com.au/mens-outerwear/mens-coats?q=auddefault||||||||||||||| They have some slim fit options. Or TM Lewin http://www.tmlewin.com.au/Coats/Mens-Coats-Coats,en_AU,sc.html Or Brooks brothers Just...
Mm I am not considering steaming the canvas/lapel areas of the suit, just arm, crotch and behind the knee wrinkles. Given the ridiculously generous Aldi returns policy, I might just give it a go.
Anyone know anything about garment steamers? Considering this one from Aldi for my suits http://www.stirlingappliances.com.au/product-categories/clean/garment-steamer.html Seems like a decent deal given that the cheapest Jiffy steamers are $400...?
I'm restricted to 5-65 last shoes that are on Amazon because I know my size in those, live overseas, and don't want to take chances I should probably just wait for the black 5th ave to go on sale. I don't wear black shoes very often, and that shoe will probably be enough to carry me from the few black tie events/funerals I attend through the working week, since it is pretty conservative but has just a bit more interest than Park Aves.
What's the consensus on a black McAllister? Is the broguing too much on a black shoe? Would probably prefer a black strand or 5th Ave, but they never go on sale on Amazon in my size. I will probably only buy one pair of black shoes for a while (hence why I lean toward the 5th Ave, given that it is probably the most versatile in terms of formality). Before anyone recommends it, I find the PA too plain/stubby for my tastes.
The Anniversary sale really is pretty poor this time round.
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