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1. Agree on jacket length, maybe more than 2cm - more like 4 for me?2. This is because your suits are too tight in the waist IMO, especially the DB. I would let them out a fair bit there. The top one especially looks uncomfortable.3. Don't know. Where are these suits from? I suggest you'd need a good bespoke or at least MTM in person tailor to resolve that.4. yup
Any further discounts at Brooks Brothers (friends and family or similar)? Like the look of a jacket there but it's still a touch expensive.
Thanks - how does it wrinkle by the end of the day? I'll consider it for summer but yeah I'm looking more for a white oxford similar to the Sky Blue.
It's for work, casual-ish days. So I think linen cotton would be a little too casual. I also already have a Linen white BD and a cellular white popover.
I don't want something too dressy - i.e. the oxford weave needs to be prominent, not a royal oxford or pinpoint. But at the same time breathable and 3-4 season wear. Do you think it fits the bill? On another note, hat do people think of end-on-end for a BD collar casual white shirt for the warmer months?
Thanks for the replies. I think one gap in the Luxire collection is a soft, thinnish white Oxford, ie similar to the famous sky blue Oxford, and the light blue stripes. I just can't get comfortable in the white war zone.
Has anyone's war zone white Oxford softened up much over time?
Time to grab anything you've been coveting on eBay: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/198554
I'm going to put a couple of things up for sale soon, haven't decided on prices yet etc. but contact me if interested:Barbour Moleskin Liddesdale, M. 100% cotton moleskin, genuine leather trimmings and under-collar [[SPOILER]] Gant Rugger The Toggler Coat, L. 100% cotton, waterproof [[SPOILER]] Gant Rugger The Hiker/Biker, L. 100% cotton canvas [[SPOILER]]
It's for purchases by 31 July 2015 - I suspect that after that it'll be a premium service, i.e. $10 a month or something?You’re eligible for up to 4 refunds per PayPal account until 31 July 2015 under the Service. Only one refund is allowed per transaction.
New Posts  All Forums: