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How odd.And an odd choice of model, too. Crepe soles are not popular here.Surely an Iron Ranger would've been a much better choice.Speaking of which, they are available for a very decent price at the moment direct from the Aus site:http://www.redwingshoes.com.au/heritage-lifestyle,5/You can go try them on down in Richmond.
I have too. Not see through.
Someone was organising an MTO earlier with a blue and narrow white stripes linen (NOBD?), what happened to that?
+ Slayer
Someone was looking for a seersucker suit, IIRC http://www.sierratradingpost.com/haspel-seersucker-suit-for-men~p~4412w/
Oh come on, that is incredibly trite, it is absolutely a trend over the last 5 years since Nike went with the Free run, copying the 5 fingers fad (which are only 10 years old themselves).Whether it stays around, or the wheel turns back to "you need the most support you can get" which defined 1980s and 1990s running is what remains to be seen.
Every shoe maker makes the current trendy minimalist/barefoot imitation running shoes these days. Puma, adidas etc. all have their models which are cheaper than Nikes. You don't need to pay extra for Nikes if you don't want to. They're a big investment for something you may not like. Nikes are good for narrow feet. If you really want to get serious about running, go to a running store/podiatrist that will map your feet and recommend something appropriate.
Funnily enough, the only thing I don't like about Rugged Luxury is their name and their leather brand tag... I think it's cliched and cheap-sounding.Maybe we could get them to do a special run "SF" branded leather tag to stick on some bags...
Also - free shipping Interestingly, according to this, looks like they have manufactured for Hunt Leather in the past too http://www.ruggedluxury.com/shop/pages/Corporate-Gifts-and-Branding-Information.html
New Posts  All Forums: