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On the other hand, a Drizabone matches one's RMWs.
Surely not. 0501 is a fair bit darker? That looks way too light. http://luxire.com/products/minnis-fresco-mid-grey-plainfresco_0501I've also got a swatch.
Never heard of a stitched topy. You don't like it?
Cant believe you're selling, love mine...
To be fair, collectively a lot of time is spent staring at them.
I have 3 J crew pairs - thought you had some too?
The measurements are fairly accurate, You'd need an XL, definitely, and maybe even an XXL. L was too short and tight on me.
Did you see this http://www.kentwang.com/about/polos ?
Thanks, had a chat with Gerry already though and he answered my questions
My slippers: http://www.llbean.com/llb/shop/35379?feat=503402-GN3&page=men-s-handsewn-slippers-flannel-lined&attrValue_0=Brown&productId=522825 Evidently, I am some way from owning a #menswear store. I've gone for practicality over style, there, clearly - but on the plus side, they don't need shoe trees... Seriously, though, if anyone wants some ultra comfy slippers than can also handle the outdoors just fine (most people think they are boat shoes, and they have a...
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