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Speaking of Huddersfield, I'm thinking of ordering something from them in H7214. Unfortunately they won't send me any swatches. Anyone happen to have this swatch IRL, or have seen it IRL? Just want to know if the colour on the site is accurate:
Speaking of Loakes, I have a pair of Burgundy 771s that I need to offload. I bought them a good 3 years ago, wore them a couple of times til il I realised that AE fitted me a hell of a lot better, and then put them on top of the cupboard never to be used again. I would sell them to an interested party for a very good price, I just need some advance notice to clean them up a bit first! (dusty). Size 9F - if this is you and you're interested, let me...
Don't order from AE directly. Order from Amazon when on sale, or a department store when on sale e.g. Nordstrom.Their shipping rates are much more reasonable, and discounts are much higher.Hansens clothing also often has big sales, and shipping is $50 no matter how many pairs you order, I believe.In the days of endless.com I bought multiple new AEs for $225 shipped, *sigh*. I'd say I usually pay about $270 these days.
I prefer AE over Loakes too. They are available as cheaply, or cheaper, and have a much wider array of lasts, sizes and widths. I have a very narrow foot, and their 5 last is perfect for me.If ever any of you go to the US (someone was asking about this before), one thing I would definitely do is get fitted in AE and/or Alden.Or, as boff said, go for the trial and error approach on eBay with some cheapos. The general advice on the 5 last (on which most of their most popular...
I think you just need to sign up to their emails.
Katrinas is good.
Fair enough.I'm looking at this as a summer suit, but I'll add in a vest to give it a few more months of wearability (use from Sept / May, instead of just Nov / March).So I'll probably go for a jacket that's very light (quarter or half lined), and maybe knee lined trousers... Ideally I'd get the trousers unlined, but I do worry about them being too see through.
That was me actually. Ended up going for some NOIR jeans. Thanks, though.
Fresco for a tux - that's interesting.The more lining you have, the hotter it's going to be, hence I feel that's a bit counter productive to go for a full lining based on the purpose of the suit/fabric...?
Have any of you had anything made up in Minnis Fresco? I'm deciding between the lightest (250/280gm) and next lightest (280/310gm) weight ranges.I have a few swatches with me.I have read that the lightest, while much cooler, tends not to drape that well, and is see through (which I can vouch for having now seen the swatches).Then there is the question of whether to go completely unlined or half lined for the jacket, and whether to put a lining in the pants. I'm leaning...
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