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Sounds like some party.
I highly doubt it. Almost certainly they'll send you a new one free of charge and not even ask you to return the other.
With respect to Mr Bananas' ties, yes, the price is extravagant (although when has that mattered to certain people on SF?), but in terms of design, is there really that much difference between them and some of, say, P.Johnson's or Drake's more *ahem* loud designs? http://www.joebananas.com.au/collections/one-of-a-kind-silk-ties http://www.pjohnsonshop.com/collections/ties?page=2 http://www.drakes-london.com/ties/print?limit=all Stick a Drakes label on them, and my...
Jason: out of interest why are you thinking of widening HC ties? I remember you saying sometime ago that you consider 8cm to be the "perfect" width. Have your views changed?
As I understand it the HY American fit is still not as accommodating in the thigh/seat area as the Epaulet Rudy Fit (going by measurement charts), so that's another option to consider if you're ordering OTR from the US.
I couldn't tell you exactly what causes it, but common wisdom seems to say it's a quirk peculiar to the fit of the Park Ave and that there's not much you can do about it.
No, in my view. You're likely to get creases like that in that area after a little wear anyway, IMO. I have some on the left shoe of the Fifth Aves im wearing right now.
We should have a "what is the gap around the ankles of my Park Aves" FAQ section.
I imagine they will be at Ludlow's prices rather than direct from the wholesaler prices? I, for one, hope you don't go to 9cm .
Definite no. Looks like a cheap mall boot.
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