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Well, the cheaper one is 50s (will feel coarser) and the more expensive one if 70s...
That's me!
Lovely. Where's the article source link btw?>
Read the last 50 posts.
http://putthison.com/post/60195586318/field-guide-to-field-jackets-in-the-last-couple Field Guide to Field Jackets
For most people's work environments, I think Fresco or similar is a much better option, if you can afford it. Linen would be OK for a Friday suit.
Borderlinx, or shipito. Borderlinx is dead simple & are reputable. Shipito has more options.
Then let me correct that for you...
Do you like the chambray linen? It looks quite thick. Summer-appropriate? I haven't got a swatch of that one so I was just going to take a risk and order. I'm off to SE Asia soon so I need some linen and polos!
Coming soon from Luxire I have; Blue end on end linen BD White linen BD White Polo Vest for my suit Quilted jacket (too late for winter ) Also just put in an order for a suit in 0511 fresco. Will probably order another linen shirt in the next few days too, maybe the blue chambray
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