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772 posts to catch up on.... On that note, in case anyone isn't doing it already, do yourself a favour and hit "Preferences" at the bottom of the page and change the max posts per page to 100, or anything more than the default 15 which is an absolute pain...
Do you actually own a pair of these friend? The original laces are nice flat waxed ones, not replaceable at your average shoe store.
Apologies as I'm sure this has been asked several times before: where can I get replacement laces for these? Mine have snapped. Does wolverine send them out for free?
Anyone got any particular Las Vegas tips beyond the norm? Good value food and places to go out in particular. All the casinos seem to blur into one.
LA airport - what a dingy place. Anyway, Ludlows has Kent Wang pocket squares? Missed those when I was in there. That's very nice. I didn't know he had any retail stockists. What's the markup like?
Never handled a Baracuta in person - anyone own one? Whats the "Teflon" coating like? How warm are they? The MJb one is 100% cotton, unlined. Kinda like the tartan check on the G9 photos. Hmm.
Yeah I went in yesterday to see those guys. Really friendly. I bought not only the light blue version of the wool/silk/linen navy blazer I bought the other day, but also their version of a Harrington jacket Wondering if I should return it and just pick up a Baracuta G9 in the next few weeks when I'm in the USA though...
Tresanas in Cabernet Brown (from the Made in Italy "Seven" collection) Moderator's note: Do not post FS advertisements. We will delete the whole post or edit out the inappropriate parts.
To AE Fifth Street boot owners - have you found that it fits exactly the same as other 5 lasted shoes e.g. Park Ave, 5th Ave etc.? Do you take the same size? Cheers
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