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True, my 7cm Kent Wang tie is not that noticeably different to my 8cm HC tie - except that it narrows substantially earlier. So it is much narrower at the point where the blade of the tie goes into the knot. Thus it doesn't dimple very well.To achieve a good dimple, I think that having a tie that stays fairly wide right until the knotting point is crucial. Otherwise there simply isn't enough material to make the dimple "W" shape.
If any of you use CottonWork here is a 5% discount code: PJ2W-DJ5Z
The MJ Bale tie I bought off eBay recently is 8cm... don't know why they went to 7cm. I like 8 myself.
^^ I think ties, like everything else, should be somewhat proportional to your body shape. A 7cm tie might work well on a skinny guy, but look silly on a heavier set man.
I went with a DE Razor set up for 2 years and recently went back to Gillette Mach 3s. Tried a million things with the DE Razor set up but it just didn't work for me. I have thick wiry stubble that grows every which way. As long as their sharp, for me the cartridges provide a shave that's much quicker, and just as good if not better. For anyone who uses cartridge razors, this thing works a treat and will save you a bunch of money http://www.razorpit.com/ It's still not DE...
I bought some from MJ Bale's 3 for 100 a while ago, they're pretty good. Got two whites and a grey. If you have one of the $20 off codes, I think it works with that deal too.http://www.mjbale.com/clothing/tshirts-and-polos/3-t-shirts-for-100
Places to eat, drink etc. (cheaply...) Anything else particularly worth seeing?
Have any of you been to Aspen/Snowmass - if so, any tips?
Significant portions of both the first and second films are devoted to things not in the original novel, but which appear Tolkien's other works and appendices. The idea is to provide a more complete story and to bridge the gap between the Hobbit and the LOTR films for those who haven't read the books.The third film is, apparently, almost entirely in this category.Having said that, I don't doubt for a moment that, from the studio's point of view, squeezing as much money as...
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