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Do you like the chambray linen? It looks quite thick. Summer-appropriate? I haven't got a swatch of that one so I was just going to take a risk and order. I'm off to SE Asia soon so I need some linen and polos!
Coming soon from Luxire I have; Blue end on end linen BD White linen BD White Polo Vest for my suit Quilted jacket (too late for winter ) Also just put in an order for a suit in 0511 fresco. Will probably order another linen shirt in the next few days too, maybe the blue chambray
A leather suit bag? I have always thought them a bit impractical since they'd be quite heavy. Nevertheless:http://gifts.redenvelope.com/gifts/leather-excursion-garment-bag-30080218?sk=&ref=REDorganicgglunkwn&prid=rbseogu&viewpos=2&trackingpgroup=rlhrghttp://www.ruggedluxury.com/shop/products/Suit-Bag.html
Another http://gifts.redenvelope.com/gifts/leather-excursion-duffle-bag-30080196?sk=&ref=REDorganicgglunkwn&prid=rbseogu&viewpos=4&trackingpgroup=rlhrg
I think there's a reason that all that stuff ended up on MyHabit...!
Bingo. Same price as sports craft and 10x the quality. Can't wait to get one myself,
For any new starters: http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/115170 5-for-4 Shirts + $20 off 1st Shirt + 10% off 1st Order = 5 Shirts $126+ Delivered @ T.M.Lewin
Ah yes, Tiƫsto's wedding. I remember it well.
How odd.And an odd choice of model, too. Crepe soles are not popular here.Surely an Iron Ranger would've been a much better choice.Speaking of which, they are available for a very decent price at the moment direct from the Aus site:http://www.redwingshoes.com.au/heritage-lifestyle,5/You can go try them on down in Richmond.
New Posts  All Forums: