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Got to see Gatsby tonight. I wasn't too impressed with the cut of the suits, well the suit jackets, really. And in particular, Gatsby's. A collar gap on display in every jacket he wears. And many have bowing lapels as they are far too tight. The pants are generally cut beautifully, with a nice high rise. Probably over Leo's belly button. I wouldn't be surprised if this film precipitates a return to a high rise pant among the general suit wearing population. It really is...
I have some of these:http://www.selectism.com/2012/01/04/allen-edmonds-for-fsc-bayfield-boots/Good for foul weather. They also came in brown chromexcel.If you ever go somewhere snowy/icy, you need lug/commando soles, topy doesn't cut it.
A large proportion of the affiliates on here are US based. USD is also the currency of choice for a lot of MTM operations.
Or quickly buy everything you might ever want before it slips any further?
That is virtually identical to the PJ suit I had made which I have on today. Except I have a little more break...
That's because you're Brown...
Vic. In my view, yes.
Bespoke Oxford, with internal stitching, unlined, horn buttons.
Cheers. New CJ gloves arrived today. Great timing!
It's this watch, if that helps. http://www.johnlewis.com/michael-kors-mk3181-women%27s-brown-dial-bracelet-watch-brown-rose-gold/p231656216
New Posts  All Forums: