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Good. I have three linen shirts with the Mercer replica. It suits the fabric perfectly, being light, and rolls nicely.
Anywhere I can get some half-decent no-show socks in Melbourne CBD? Cheers
Well, the cheaper one is 50s (will feel coarser) and the more expensive one if 70s...
That's me!
Lovely. Where's the article source link btw?>
Read the last 50 posts.
http://putthison.com/post/60195586318/field-guide-to-field-jackets-in-the-last-couple Field Guide to Field Jackets
For most people's work environments, I think Fresco or similar is a much better option, if you can afford it. Linen would be OK for a Friday suit.
Borderlinx, or shipito. Borderlinx is dead simple & are reputable. Shipito has more options.
Then let me correct that for you...
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