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They are super nice ^^. Does anyone know of somewhere to get one of the Barbour snap on hoods shipped here as a reasonable price?
Opinions on the storm hood v the normal waxed cotton hood for a Bedale? The waxed cotton hood obviously has the matching lining, but the storm hood wouldn't look out of place and does seem more practical Do either or both fit comfortable in one of the front jacket pockets if not being used?
Thanks. I think a lot of people would be interested in your recommendation for something white that is similar.
PSA: All Uniqlo Merino knitwear styles for $19.90 with free shipping: Sizes and colour combos are limited though.
@luxire There was a discussion a few pages back about this: from your collection, which White Oxford(s) is/are most similar in weight and feel to the famed Sky Blue Oxford (and also the Light Blue Stripes oxford which I think is the same cloth)?
Psa uniqlo merino knits for 29.90 apparently
FYI the PayPal reimbursed returns program I posted about earlier works great. Just received 45$ into my account within 3 days of making my claim. Just don't forget to take a picture of the package with the address written on it before sending (check the t&cs)
@Gerry Nelson have you sprayed any sort of suede protector onto your own A1? My Valsar is completely unlined meaning that it won't be all that warm. I might just keep it for a sunny day jacket.
Received my Valstarino A1 today, and thankfully it fits perfectly.Don't think I have ever held such a lovely jacket, it really is an amazing piece. Highly recommended if you can ever find one on sale.While mine is dark brown, though I do love this colour for something more rustic and if I had to choose between the too it'd be very tough. The suede really pops in this colour: [[SPOILER]] Anyway - tips on protecting suede? I think I have some Red Wing suede protector around...
Does anyone have experience with the way Brooks Brothers AU does their sales? Is this the lowest things will go for a while? Can't actually remember if they were open this time last year.
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