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Probably a long shot, but has anyone had experience ordering legal regalia from UK suppliers (or experiences with suppliers in Aust)? Australia seems to be all the same price no matter who you order from - UK is cheaper, unsurprisingly.
Re moths - cleaning clothes before storage and storing with Cedar or Bay Leaves. You can buy a 70 piece cedar set on Amazon for 14$ + shipping. Add some cedar refreshing spray from Howard's Storage World and you're set.
Why not check out Bailey Nelson or one of those type of operations? There are a bunch around now.
The worst part about Tie crafters is that they only accept payment by cheque or cash !
If you can upload a better picture that doesn't involve you holding the camera, we will be able to advise you on the chest/shoulders/yoke. Too hard to tell like that.
A inch is a lot. Too much and it won't be wearable. Start small I always say. With respect to sitting down, I was referring more to the buttons across your stomach area. If a shirt is too tight there they will ripple and buckle, and it won't be comfortable.
I think slimming the arms a very small amount would be good. All round it's not bad! How is it when you sit? Looks like it could buckle across the buttons a little due to being slim but I can't tell.
If you did put it in the dryer, which I really, really wouldn't recommend, it would be wearable afterwards. It essentially needs no ironing, ever. It reminds me a lot of micro fibre.
Shirts don't go in the dryer....
I know I'm commenting on an unfinished product, but the shoulders look very hard, square and wide?
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