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I'm of the view that you should always do as much as you can to slim a shirt without using darts. No darts is a much nicer look. E,g if going MTM, have a smaller back waist measurement than front waist.
Looks to me like you need to reduce the back rise, but you need to produce some better photos.
http://www.theage.com.au/business/markets/currencies/australian-dollar-dips-below-80-us-cents-20150123-12wepr.html Might be about time to start buying Meermins instead of AEs. Anyone in Melb wear a 9.5 in their Olfe or New Rey lasts? They seem to be the thinnest. Wish they did widths...
No, picture on web site is accurate though. Very pale purple/mauve.It's much nicer than this one, which I also have a swatch of, which is coarse and paper-y in comparison:http://luxire.com/products/pale-purple-end-on-endNot sure how it compares to http://luxire.com/products/canclini-purple-end-on-end
Cocks out in odd-years has always been the tradition, as far as I'm aware at least.
In other news, might be almost time for me to ask Luxire to stop sending collar stays as well... [[SPOILER]]
That's a shame, what fabric?I like the G & R Herringbones at first sight, they are a little heavier than I thought they'd be. Probably a bit heavy for our hottest days here in Australia.The Zegna Purple End on End is beautiful and so soft, too. Expensive but recommended.
BF order arrived with some others.... set for business shirts for a while. Other than some more whites... [[SPOILER]]
I bought some recently and am very happy with them. Not a long term owner though fwiw . The leather is buttery soft.
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