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I like most of the new MJB Lookbook. They've gone for a lot more conservative styles and fits, even for spring/summer, which is right down my alley. Probably because, in part, they are fitting sportsmen's bodies and not rake thin models. Unfortunately, the lighting is so dark for a lot of the photos that's it's quite difficult to see some of the products.
On the other hand, a Drizabone matches one's RMWs.
Surely not. 0501 is a fair bit darker? That looks way too light. http://luxire.com/products/minnis-fresco-mid-grey-plainfresco_0501I've also got a swatch.
Never heard of a stitched topy. You don't like it?
Cant believe you're selling, love mine...
To be fair, collectively a lot of time is spent staring at them.
I have 3 J crew pairs - thought you had some too?
The measurements are fairly accurate, You'd need an XL, definitely, and maybe even an XXL. L was too short and tight on me.
Did you see this http://www.kentwang.com/about/polos ?
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