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nabilmust Do you forgo belt loops even on odd trousers?
Agree with the above, but you need to put up some clearer, non-phone photos from more angles for proper opinions.
Hah, I used to love that show. Good post.
You are all very brave ordering shoes online without trying the brand and last on (I assume)....
An exercise in fertility.
What's a "CD"?
For me it's one year. Then it goes to brother/sell/salvos. The only time I've broken this rule is with my Gant Rugger Varsity - I'd be able to sell it for $300 easily, but it's just too nice to give away even though it doesn't really fit my style anymore.
What is the best denim shop in Melbourne, then? Uptherestore? Incu? With all all the Japanese we have here, I'd think there must be some stores stocking Japanese denim and catering to that market.
There's more than one way/method/system/diet to lose weight, and, since none of us are qualified dieticians, it's probably not appropriate to recommend one as "the best".
Sale haul: BB Walnut 5th Aves 129 Fifth Street Boot Brown 199 Fifth Street Boot Black 199 Hopefully they are all in good nick when they arrive
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