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Went into RMW today and I think I got my size down which is nice - might not have to order MTO after all. Any opinions on the Comfort Craftsmen insole and sole v regular Craftsmen? I topy all my shoes anyway, but I have heard that the Comfort sole isn't particularly sturdy. I could always stick a regular or ribbed Vibram topy on a pair of leather soled Craftsmen's. I do like the idea of the softer insole on the Comfort Craftsmen, though. I generally stick an insole into...
Mm I am torn between Yearling Chestnut & Roo Chestnut. I like the Camel Chesnut too but I think I'll save those for a second pair. Veal is too delicate. I'm not going to be pairing them with a suit, not my thing. Jeans, chinos, and informal trousers. I prefer the colour of the yearling chestnut (http://cdn.styleforum.net/a/a0/a0d6d2c9_900x900px-LL-3ea50b96_DSC_9477.jpeg - I wouldn't shine them up this much though), but it seems like the Roo would have more waterproofing...
I'm going to order some MTO RMWs for winter here in Melb. Is there a consensus best/cheapest place to put in an order in Melbourne/Australia? Most of the info in the RMW thread seems to be US centric. I was looking at http://www.bootsonline.com.au/ since they have a storefront in Burnley.
Bump & drop
How does the 1 (511) last compare to the 5 (65) last? What do people wear in each? I'm a 10.5B/C in the 5 last.
Picked up some $99 Brown 1-Ups in the sale. Much nicer than your average modern gold shoe. Hopefully they work out.
Yes SHOPTHECLOSET doesn't work anymore either. Black Friday isn't over!
Any Black Friday specials this year, Luxire?
How does the fit on the 511-G last (golf shoes, ie 1-Up) compare to the 5 last? Considering a pair of close out 1-Ups. I wear 10.5B in 5 lasted AEs.
Hi Luxire, Have asked this before, but what is expected to happen to your denims over time in terms of: -Stretching -Shrinkage in wash -Colour bleed I imagine it varies per fabric. Cheers.
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