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I've noticed that MJ Bale has started mixing poly into a few of their products. Is this a worrying sign? Gant Rugger did the same thing a few years back: built up the customer base, then suddenly their crew necks that were 100% wool of 100% cotton the year before were 50/50 blends. http://www.mjbale.com/whats-new/knight-navy-jacket...
I think it's poor product photography. Same with the rest of the stuff on the HB site. Nothing "pops". Also the buttons look plastic-y.
Thanks for all the replies and opinions.I agree with what you've said here for the most part, there, Jason. For an odd jacket, you want a slightly wider herringbone. If you get trousers too, though, such a wider herringbone would look strange.Thus I think a medium herringbone full suit would work, or a wider herringbone odd jacket.With a full suit, I'd be inclined to get regular pockets on the jacket. An odd jacket might tempt me to get patch pockets. A grey herringbone,...
With all the talk of grey herringbone odd jackets recently I find myself somewhat tempted to get one made up. Questions is, would you get a full suit made? Or just the jacket? In something like this:
^^Another thing I'll mention about American Opticals is that they can be had, shipped, for
For suits, I like the minimalism of the American Optical pilot, worn by such luminaries as Travis in Taxi Driver, Kilgore in Apocalypse Now, Don Draper, and The Mandarin in Iron Man 3 *NB my last Persols cost $160 shipping on eBay. They aren't that expensive are they? Also try otticanet.
40% off Lands End. Going to buy some towels http://www.landsend.com/?RRID=15756100194&applyPromo=0&cm_mmc=usnews-_-usnews_042613_intl_2-_-feature-_-feat_homepage&emid=usnews_042613_intl_2&promoState=BRIGHT40-_-VALID
It won't reach you in time for Mother's day, but FYI Luxire make dressing gowns and pajamas in some comfy looking flannels:http://www.styleforum.net/t/304965/luxire-custom-clothing-official-affiliate-thread/500_100#post_5960470
Luxire, Are the polo shirt fabrics on your site somewhere? I can only see white pique shirt.
Simon, while I take your point, I suggest that, in this thread, you move from wordy posts that read somewhat like advertisements to product pictures, and save the lengthy prose for your own thread. It will win you a lot of goodwill, I think you'll find. People love pictures. In addition, and by way of compromise, I suggest that, if any forum members take issue with Simon's products, you "discuss" it in his own thread.
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