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No, in my view. You're likely to get creases like that in that area after a little wear anyway, IMO. I have some on the left shoe of the Fifth Aves im wearing right now.
We should have a "what is the gap around the ankles of my Park Aves" FAQ section.
I imagine they will be at Ludlow's prices rather than direct from the wholesaler prices? I, for one, hope you don't go to 9cm .
Definite no. Looks like a cheap mall boot.
It is better with the stays. If you were going to go stay-less then I'd lengthen by .25". I think Luxire's unfused cutaway collars look great without stays, myself, but everyone has their own preference of couse. I posted a picture of my collar some time ago in this thread. Not sure about the button, is the collar too big? Probably best to ask the experts at Luxire itself.
Yes I also went down, I don't have much to add other than I was hoping for a slightly better discount than the $450 for most suits, which isn't much of a saving over the 2 for 1K deal, or the recent 30% off sale they had.I think the $250 jackets are the best thing there.
I think your collar points need to be longer for that angle of cutaway. They're floating off the shirt.
I never wear tan shoes with suits so I don't know if people match the belt? It would be pretty loud with a navy suit, that's for sure.
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