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Try ironing in the fold? I do that to my flat folded ones anyway.
Yes, that's all I did
Got to see Gatsby tonight. I wasn't too impressed with the cut of the suits, well the suit jackets, really. And in particular, Gatsby's. A collar gap on display in every jacket he wears. And many have bowing lapels as they are far too tight. The pants are generally cut beautifully, with a nice high rise. Probably over Leo's belly button. I wouldn't be surprised if this film precipitates a return to a high rise pant among the general suit wearing population. It really is...
I have some of these:http://www.selectism.com/2012/01/04/allen-edmonds-for-fsc-bayfield-boots/Good for foul weather. They also came in brown chromexcel.If you ever go somewhere snowy/icy, you need lug/commando soles, topy doesn't cut it.
A large proportion of the affiliates on here are US based. USD is also the currency of choice for a lot of MTM operations.
Or quickly buy everything you might ever want before it slips any further?
That is virtually identical to the PJ suit I had made which I have on today. Except I have a little more break...
That's because you're Brown...
Vic. In my view, yes.
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