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I did a quick check for an order of 5 waxes, 5 creams, 1 renomat and 1 renovateur and of the sites JM listed AFPOS or Exquisite Trimmings both work out at around $250-260 inc shipping. ET would be cheapest if they had some of their coupons going, but I can't find any at the moment. Will give Double Monk a call and get a quote, I'd prefer to support a local business if I can of course.
If one was building up a Saphir collection from scratch (ie Renomat, Renovateur, maybe 4-5 creams and 4-5 waxes) where would the best place to make such a bulk order be? Anyone investigated this before?
I think we should leave personal opinions of other's tastes out of this thread, and instead use it to discuss how well Luxire can execute MTM instructions. Which, it seems, they have done to a tee.Luxire isn't just a Classic Menswear company. They do SW&D too.
One thing to be aware of re Chinos is that Luxire told me they sometimes have to swap fabrics around if they go out of stock. Ie I received a swatch of the Ecru twill chino, ordered a pair of pants, and then the pants came in a fabric that was not made out of the same fabric as the swatch that I had received. They do this because they get fabrics in limited quantities to keep prices down I think. So they would keep the same "Ecru Twill Chino" name on site, but then use a...
When caring for RMWs (yearling), is it worth buying some of their branded products (Stockman's, Hi Shine etc) or will the regular stuff (AE polishes, Saphir etc) suffice?
Has anyone else experience shrinkage with Luxire's linen/cottons? I think mine have shrunk a bit, not sure if it's a common problem, or if I washed them poorly. None of my other Luxire fabrics have shrunk at all.
Emails have been a bit slow for me lately too. I'm sure it will get back to normal soon. Probably something to do with all those Indian public holidays On order I have: 1 x Peacoat 1 x Rain Mac 1 x Shirt 1 x Jeans + Suit amendments As Luxire said above, getting in early on the winter stuff for Australia.
I wear a 10.5C (ideally) or B in the Fifth Avenue / 5-65 last. What's my likely size in the 3-333 last? Ie a Rutledge? Thanks
Why not just buy from AT directly? They have free shipping IIRC.
Funnily enough, I had something similar on my Brooks Walnuth 5th Ave Seconds that I bought almost a year ago. Much less noticeable, though. With time, polish has covered it up a bit too. Yours are worse though, as I said.
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