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Tobias, what about a university stripe oxford? Or check out the striped blue by albini or alumo. Luxire has all of those three.
1. If it's close but not exact, no one will notice. In fact no one will really notice anyway until you head to an SF meet up... Some shoe makers, like AE, sell belts to match their shoes exactly - might be worth checking you are paranoid.2. SF really needs a "can of worms" emoticon.The only correct answer to this question is "personal preference". I recommend looking at some photos of breaks/cuffs then taking one you like to your tailor.Speaking of AEs, new boots on today...
Yup I know about them, I've looked for them everywhere with no success. They seem to be sold out. Baldwin is releasing their new summer collection soon - it may or may not include another wash similar to that.Here are two other locally made options, the $350 price tag is a bit steep though: (although I have a $220 voucher to this store that I can't see myself using on much...
I ask this every so often in the hopes that someone will have stumbled upon something... Any recommendations for a pair of quality stonewashed selfedge denim with a reasonably high rise and loose thigh, and a slightly tapered leg? I don't have the time or inclination to wear a pair of jeans 7 days a week for a year waiting for them to fade. Something like the bottom pair: Here are my most recent casual pants measurements: Waist Size: 17.25 - Hip Measurement: 21.25 -...
I like those, but can't quite affor them. I'm waiting for Kent Wang to release his near-identical shoe in my size, at which point my current white tennis shoes probably will have died.
Running shoes are something it is definitely best to try on ,and perhaps even get properly fitted for if you are at all worried that you have slightly abnormal feet. I wouldn't even think of buying online without some educated in-person advice. You can do some pretty bad damage by wearing the wrong shoes, damage that will stop you from running for an extended period of time. Pretty much all the brands offer a "minimalist" running shoe in trendy neon colourways now (e.g....
Jason thanks once more for the beautiful product, great packaging, and incredibly prompt shipping (ordered 11am Wed delivered 11am Thurs, canberra to melb).
The trunk show should be a good excuse for a Melbourne meetup. I think its at ludlows.
Already own the top one as I said, but, given that it is currently in the possession of Tiecrafters NYC and I may not have it back for some time (ever?), I bought the bottom one too.Navy is my favourite colour.
To be fair, that could be any dark colour
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