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price drop
Thanks for that, Xtra. Has your experience with both in terms of shrinkage been the same as quoted on the order page? ie "Expect 1.0" shrinkage in length, 0.25" in waist, hips. Adjust measurements accordingly" How has the colour bleed been on the raws? Anything else to note? In terms of Selvedge Luxire Denim (http://luxire.com/products/luxire-selvedge-custom-jeans), from what I have gathered from various soruces: 14/13 oz dark indigo have an indigo wash, and are...
Anyone got some pictures of the various Luxire Selvedge denim colours in the wild?
Beautiful new fabrics.... I myself am in the process of ordering a peacoat. Dugdale Navy herringbone 25oz, viscose lined I think. Anything else will be too hot to get any use in Melbourne. It's going to be pretty much exactly the same as this, but a little longer, around mid thigh I think, I don't like the waist length peacoat look that much. http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0109/6372/products/Pea_Coat_9ddfaedc-d899-4634-99f2-4ce759c55ae9_1024x1024.jpg?v=1387339089 Not...
Yeah I thought so.http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/717/pleats.jpg/I think reverse look a bit more modern than forward.
What do you mean by a "balanced seat and rise"? To clarify to all, by reverse pleats we mean ones that open up towards the back....
PS thanks for replies re buttons. Can't wait for winter.
I've been going for a high rise on all my MTM (Luxire) suits. It's very comfortable. Some people have reacted favourably, some don't like it. Mostly positive comments, though. There are some photos around the place. I'm pretty confident that high rise is going to roar back into fashion in the next 2-3 years. I have also gone for single reverse pleats on my high rise pants, I think it helps the look immensely.
Anyone have a source for leather blazer-type buttons in singles? I need some for a cardigan, not a suit. So I need 5 large-ish buttons (brown). I know about hst (don't seem to have any) and buttons and trim on ebay (only sell suit sets). Also FXH told me once that there is a button shop on Nicholas St in the Melb CBD but I haven't ventured there yet.
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