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Funnily enough, I had something similar on my Brooks Walnuth 5th Ave Seconds that I bought almost a year ago. Much less noticeable, though. With time, polish has covered it up a bit too. Yours are worse though, as I said.
I'm looking at ordering a White OCBD for casual use. I'd like the fabric to be not too heavy, although it's Oxford cloth so of course it's going to be reasonably bulky. Any opinions on http://custom.luxire.com/products/warzone-plus-white-oxford v http://custom.luxire.com/products/warzone-white-oxford v http://custom.luxire.com/products/white-pinpoint-oxford v http://custom.luxire.com/products/white-dobby-pinhead (says oxford in the title, but pinhead in the...
What's on everyone's winter purchase list? I'm sick of the hot days. For me, so far: Navy shawl collar cardigan from CT (very nice for $100). Jeans Rain Mac Peacoat RMWs + Maybe 1-2 new pairs of AEs + Mabe 2-3 new Luxire shirts with French cuffs (which I think of as winter-y).
When is the next (predicted) seconds sale likely to come up? ie a $99 on close outs, or 2 for $250 or the like... Cheers
Try Bonaparte on Lygon St. They have a tonne of SCs just like that from memory.https://plus.google.com/105237337308062406919/about?gl=au&hl=enYou could also go with Suitshop or PJs if SuitShop doesn't have the cloth.
Hah - just looking for advice re. going to the Bar etc.
Any Melbourne barristers amongst us? If so, shoot me a PM.
FXH,SBS has changed frequencies in Melbourne. You (and everyone else in Mel) , will need to re-scan for channels on your TV to pick it up again.
price drop
Thanks for that, Xtra. Has your experience with both in terms of shrinkage been the same as quoted on the order page? ie "Expect 1.0" shrinkage in length, 0.25" in waist, hips. Adjust measurements accordingly" How has the colour bleed been on the raws? Anything else to note? In terms of Selvedge Luxire Denim (http://luxire.com/products/luxire-selvedge-custom-jeans), from what I have gathered from various soruces: 14/13 oz dark indigo have an indigo wash, and are...
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