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http://www.bom.gov.au/nsw/forecasts/sydney.shtml Max 20 every day.... Winter?
Anyone buy anything of note in the 15% off eBay sale yesterday?
Try specifying unfused hardest interlining and see if you like it. Has been perfect for me for cutaways.
I go with unfused hardest interlining on my dress shirts. And completely unlined on BDs (Gitman Vintage style). I find that oxfords don't need any help staying up. And for linens I don't mind if they crumple a bit.
As said earlier, I'd like to see an Oscar Hunt/SS comparison by someone who knows a bit more about suits than me. OH certainly have more cloth options, and a nicer showroom (the in-house tailors to do adjustments is pretty cool too).
OK thanks - so the Monti Pale Blue Pinstripes ICE for example - is base colour pale blue or white? Sorry just hard to tell.
My outlet told me this: For the most part our belts are regularly priced (before the Tangerstyle 20% off coupon) – you may want to consider the Bombay (walnut & brown) reg: $98 – sale: $59. I’ll be back in the store Friday, 9a-3p. I guess it varies outlet to outlet. Will call around. A shame they aren't on www.shoebank.
Is there a general 'best time of the year' to buy belts? I'm after a few to match with my AEs. I don't wear belts with suits - only with 'formal' chinos. So slightly wider is what I am after. In terms of shoes, I have walnut, burnished brown, brown grain, black (all calf), and burgundy cordovan. It's a bit hard to tell on the site what goes with what. I think the Wide Basic is what I am after. Did someone mention that the Madison belt is on sale at some stores?
Luxire, when you say "Ice" on a fabric name, I assume that is an indication that it's a very very pale sort of blue? Sometimes it's hard to tell if it's that, or an off-white.
Ahh sorry - I get very confused with that sort of distinction. I think it involves counting the number of perforations? As I've said many times, the biggest advantage of AE is the huge number of widths they offer compared to other makers. So it's a windfall for those of us with non-standard feet. (Incidentally, I can't remember where I read it, but I think, on average American feet tend to be narrower than Anglo feet. And that Australians, in particular, have wide feet...
New Posts  All Forums: