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High rise is most definitely the fashion in women's denim at the moment.
Used the long weekend to try this on some yellowed white t shirts and a lilac shirt with a colour run - really does work wonders: http://putthison.com/post/441812762/cleaningshirts
Thanks for this tip, will report back.
Georg Jensen
^^ Just called them, no luck, thanks anyway.
Thanks that'd be great - basically just looking to find out if he's still in the alterations business. I'm in Melb but visit Adelaide every now and then.
So If RHD is out of action... is Mikhail Zenon the only specialist denim alterationist (ie has a chain stitch machine) left in Aus?
Is Right Hand Distribution in Adelaide still open? I've tried calling them a bunch of times over the past week, and emailed, but no response. It's very annoying (and a bit odd) that there isn't a specialist denim alterations place in Melbourne. You'd think there'd be a market for it.
Nothing wrong with Katrina's not sure what he is on about.I'm sure every tailor has a few unhappy customers now and then.
Are toe plates and a topy mutually exclusive? I like the idea of toe plates but I don't think I could go without the grip of a topy on wet Melbourne blue stones.
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