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FYI, another classic moth prevention trick in a pinch is bay leaves.
Here are some pictures I took of Luxire Selvedge swatches. Thought I'd upload because those shown on the website are inaccurate. 14oz is bluer than the 13oz which is almost black.
Thanks. I agree, but cedar products look nice, and the ones Woodlore make are very practical too ie that tie and belt hangerMinutiae: how many inches longer than your normal trouser inseam (assuming you have slight break) would you order jeans if you want to do the standard double narrow roll? 3" seems about right to me? @thebrownman I expect you to be on top of something like this...
That's what the cedar spray is for - same effect, apparently, without the hassle.
Also received my Timex Weekender in the same box. I quite like these button straps as a strap option for those who also purchased one: http://formfunctionform.com/product/button-stud-weekender/
It smells strongly of cedar.
http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00DEF8KCI/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 CedarFresh by Household Essentials products are manufactured by Allen Edmonds/Woodlore for Amazon, I believe. Same thing, cheaper price. And cheap Amazon shipping. I also picked this up: http://www.amazon.com/CedarFresh-Cedar-Belt-Tie-Hanger/dp/B008LO2N0M/ref=sr_1_30?ie=UTF8&qid=1406598505&sr=8-30&keywords=cedarfresh They won't ship you cedar refreshing spray, but you can buy it...
Amazing what $14 will buy you on Amazon... my closet will never see a moth again...
Anyone know of a source of this style of cedar pant hanger in Aus? Luxire has almost completely taken up the "lifetime supply" I purchased a few years ago
Got another Luxire order in today and, once again, it's all fantastic. Thanks to the team there.I've come to the conclusion that getting your pant and shirt fit down is incredibly dangerous.... and not something people should really aspire to.... [[SPOILER]] Every Brembana fabric I have ordered has been great. Same goes for all the cheaper 'branded' fabrics too, really (Monti, Alumo). If in doubt, they are worth the extra $$.
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