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That's just completely wrong.
Not a suit actually. Of all things I'm looking for some fabric to use to make an internal pocket on my Barbour to hold the hood I bought recently. Really anything would do but I thought I might as well try and find something interesting.
Now that Job Warehouse has closed down, are there any other good spots in Melb to look for small lots of vintage fabric? NB https://youtu.be/GSJX-yeEaz0?t=3m1s
By happy coincidence Henry Bucks has the exact hood I need at their outlet store for only $35! They also have a navy one in the city but I think it is $65,still cheaper than buying from overseas though.
Despite what their website would have you believe, they do not actually ship Barbour to Australia. Or hoods at least.
Asked before and will try again - has anyone found somewhere that will ship you a Barbour waxed hood? All that stores that sell them don't seem to deliver to Aus.
Luxire, did you ever hunt down an answer on a fabric that is similar in its properties to the Sky Blue Oxford but in a white colour? Cheers
I don't think the general aus members' style preference is his target market really. Most of his shoes are a bit too flashy for the conservative thoughts that prevail on this thread. I think the D'Marge types will lap it up though.
I think so, but you never know.
They are super nice ^^. Does anyone know of somewhere to get one of the Barbour snap on hoods shipped here as a reasonable price?
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