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GN - did you take the Navy Mac out for a spin today? Mine got it's first (solid) taste of Melbourne rain.
My first pair of Albert Thurstons arrived today. Ordered on 14 Feb. This was a "custom" order too (navy w/ brown leather), so I'm pretty impressed with the turnaround (and free shipping).
I have swatches of the Pale Pink Royal Oxford ( and a shirt made with it on order). It is certainly much finer, thinner and lighter than a classic Oxford and should work well for summer when regular Oxford is too much. I also have a swatch of the above blue stripe fabric by Alumo and agree that it is fantastic - that will be my next order.
If youre in Melbourne, this place has some nice satchels/briefcases last time I was in. Vintage leather for
Always regretted not buying this one
Agree, should be very easy to make up a gallery of collars with collar stand and collar point measurements.
I wear tie clips on windy days. They are also great when you are eating. They also help with fine weave ties to stop them stretching throughout the day. Kent Wang has an onyx one which is even more subtle than plain silver/gold.
Bought a pair of clippers 3 years ago and haven't looked back/paid for a haircut (well, apart to upgrade to a better set!).
Allen Edmonds owns Woodlore. They are the same thing. And, no offense Wesos, but I'm not going to do your research for you
I haven't checked, but I suspect that a largish order from Amazon.com Allen Edmonds trees may still be the way to go. Their shipping is reasonable, as I recall.
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