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Had swatches of both and I could not tell the difference between them. So I ordered the Plus because it's a bit cheaper.
Yeah I think the inconsistencies arrive because everyone measures slightly differently. There's no standard. It's no-one's fault. Luxire have their own way of doing it. Trial and error is the only way to go with online MTM. It's not going to be perfect (in the sense that it matches the way you measured your clothes) the first time and expecting it to be so is ridiculous.
Luxire, the descriptions of all of those say "Canvas" - assume that is a mistake in the adding process.
My friend has some.Like their competitors e.g. Bailey Nelson, the acetate is a bit cheap looking compared to something more expensive but other than that they're perfectly functional.
The jacket looks a little short to me. May be the angle. I also think the shoulders look a little strong - I'd like something almost completely unpadded on a casual tweed jacket, myself. I like the combination though.
Collar points3 7/16"Collar spread3 7/16" (button to button)Tie Space3/8"Collar liningUnlined, unfused button down "Mercer Style" collar (same as 3953)Check my pictures or user tehbunny
By wide you mean the classic chisel toe ie craftsmen toe? Or the actual 'wide' toed boots in that link ie Turnout.
I thought the Macquarie had the round ie narrow medium toe...?http://www.bootsonline.com.au/toes.htm
Surely an outfit can't be 'signature' or your 'uniform if you're wearing two of the items for the first time!
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