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That's my shirt.... Someone is wearing it! Hmm.
Not enough indignation in this thread lately TBH.
No comments yet? I think it looks great. Waiting for mine to arrive this week.
I'm discovering that Minnis Fresco isn't idea in the rain.... It's so porous that you get wet!
Yeah I personally haven't had great experiences with lightweight flannel. Tends to wear between the crotch and on the seat rather quickly.
Sorry to hear about your father. It certainly has a very retro feel to it. Looks like they have released some more contemporary looking models recently, though, at inflated prices. It works fanatically well I must say. Trousers look like a million bucks. I can't believe these aren't more popular hear. It'll save me a tonne of money on pressing. I also can't believe that they are apparently still made in England in this day and age. I would've thought China for...
Impossible to tell the colour of it in that picture, need to see it in natural light.
If anyone else wants one, there is one going for $40 in Sydney at the moment. Also this caught my eye: http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/surry-hills/antiques/replica-antique-trouser-press-vallet-stand/1043392623
So I bought a brand new Corby trouser press today off Gumtree today... Kinda cool that it doubles as a valet for the next day too. I'll wall mount it eventually. Will come in most handy for cotton trousers I think, it annoys me that they lose their creases so easily.
Damn AUD is making the N.P. club hard....
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