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For suits, I like the minimalism of the American Optical pilot, worn by such luminaries as Travis in Taxi Driver, Kilgore in Apocalypse Now, Don Draper, and The Mandarin in Iron Man 3 *NB my last Persols cost $160 shipping on eBay. They aren't that expensive are they? Also try otticanet.
40% off Lands End. Going to buy some towels http://www.landsend.com/?RRID=15756100194&applyPromo=0&cm_mmc=usnews-_-usnews_042613_intl_2-_-feature-_-feat_homepage&emid=usnews_042613_intl_2&promoState=BRIGHT40-_-VALID
It won't reach you in time for Mother's day, but FYI Luxire make dressing gowns and pajamas in some comfy looking flannels:http://www.styleforum.net/t/304965/luxire-custom-clothing-official-affiliate-thread/500_100#post_5960470
Luxire, Are the polo shirt fabrics on your site somewhere? I can only see white pique shirt.
Simon, while I take your point, I suggest that, in this thread, you move from wordy posts that read somewhat like advertisements to product pictures, and save the lengthy prose for your own thread. It will win you a lot of goodwill, I think you'll find. People love pictures. In addition, and by way of compromise, I suggest that, if any forum members take issue with Simon's products, you "discuss" it in his own thread.
The problem is that we would then have to apply that "policy" to other Aus affiliates who post on their product in here, Henry Carter comes to mind, as does O&J (when they were still an affiliate).Whatever your thoughts on these retailers, we need to be consistent (not that is really the domain of forum members to enforce these rules).I don't mind the occasional post from affiliates in this thread, myself. Perhaps it should be restricted to photos + short descriptions only.
I have been thinking the same thing for ordering one of the blue linens.I think I'm going to go for a semi-spread hidden button down with long-ish points. I haven't seen Luxire post an example of a hidden button down, yet, but I have no doubt it can be done.I don't like the "disco collar" look than can result from wearing a non-button down collar without a tie. And I think wide spread collars, while looking great when done up with a tie, become a bit too spread-eagled when...
Brogues, too. I've always enjoyed the story of their roots.
Hmm OK thanks makes sense. That's what I had figured, but I couldn't understand why there'd be only one button. It must be some serious, serious (English?) weather that would require the sleeves to be cinched!
Calling SF fashion buffs: Does anyone (fxh?) know what you call these sleeve things (a "sleeve epaulet", if you will) on a coat/rain mac? What is their history and do they have a function? I can't seem to find anything on google. If there was two buttons on the sleeve instead of one, I could see it serving some purpose ie you could cinch the sleeves in, but with one is it simply a fashionable appendage to the coat?
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