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My own peacoat arrived today. Very very nice stuff.
Speaking of, someone ordered these last time I posted a similar deal and said they were OK, I might order some this time. I always seem to lose no show socks since they are so damn tiny: http://heavytaste.com.au/invisible-socks/invisible-socks-5
Dress socks - I think there is a need to be discerning with these, people have different tastes. Thick v thin, OTC v regular, cotton v wool.... And they are reasonably expensive, so you want something that will last. Underwear - I've never understood why you'd have multiple pairs of different styles of underwear (other than some for sport, some for normal wear). If you find something you like - why not just stick with it....? I have about 15 pairs of exactly the same...
There be an honest man.CD, if you can successfully avoid spoilers from GoT until Q1 2015, I'll be amazed.
I'm not one for "vintage" dress gloves... They just look kinda dirty to me.
Chester Jefferies.
Ahh I see. I have an almost identical one arriving from you this week... How odd.
That's my shirt.... Someone is wearing it! Hmm.
Not enough indignation in this thread lately TBH.
No comments yet? I think it looks great. Waiting for mine to arrive this week.
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