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By wide you mean the classic chisel toe ie craftsmen toe? Or the actual 'wide' toed boots in that link ie Turnout.
I thought the Macquarie had the round ie narrow medium toe...?http://www.bootsonline.com.au/toes.htm
Surely an outfit can't be 'signature' or your 'uniform if you're wearing two of the items for the first time!
Looks like it, lucky I snuck in last week.
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I guess it depends who does it. Check then out on a Mackintosh Dunkeld and I I think they're done quite well. Button in, not zip in. Put one on a coat I ordered recently. I saw Herringbone one today when I bought the cardigan, not too bad, the zip does make it a bit cheap looking though. I didn't much like the coat, I thought it was a bit short for my taste.
Detachable warmers are classic and functional.... Why wouldn't you want one?
"TAKE A FURTHER 25% OFF EVERYTHING STOREWIDE"If I wanted CJs, I'd be arguing the toss...
Are you talking about the crease on top of your shoulder?Amongst other things, this can be caused by a yoke measurement that's too small. Same effect with jackets. Not sure if that's your case though can't tell.
I don't like that shade of grey (very business-y) in such a casual jacket myself. Seems a bit incongruous.I think I'll pick up a grey cardigan. For about $60 after the coupon (and in store so no postage), that's a good price.Was considering a grey v neck as well, but I am not sure I'd wear it enough. Can anyone convince me otherwise ?
New Posts  All Forums: