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I have been thinking the same thing for ordering one of the blue linens.I think I'm going to go for a semi-spread hidden button down with long-ish points. I haven't seen Luxire post an example of a hidden button down, yet, but I have no doubt it can be done.I don't like the "disco collar" look than can result from wearing a non-button down collar without a tie. And I think wide spread collars, while looking great when done up with a tie, become a bit too spread-eagled when...
Brogues, too. I've always enjoyed the story of their roots.
Hmm OK thanks makes sense. That's what I had figured, but I couldn't understand why there'd be only one button. It must be some serious, serious (English?) weather that would require the sleeves to be cinched!
Calling SF fashion buffs: Does anyone (fxh?) know what you call these sleeve things (a "sleeve epaulet", if you will) on a coat/rain mac? What is their history and do they have a function? I can't seem to find anything on google. If there was two buttons on the sleeve instead of one, I could see it serving some purpose ie you could cinch the sleeves in, but with one is it simply a fashionable appendage to the coat?
Do you mean this one? It's nice but a bit expensive. http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=17903186 This is exactly what I am after but, ahem, price... http://www.drakes-london.com/iconic-four-ply-cashmere-shawl-collar-cardigan NB I am looking for wool, not cotton, and not cashmere (too expensive...) *edit CT has a reasonably priced one...
I'm looking for a chunky cardigan with a nice hefty shawl collar in navy for this winter. Basically the one below, but in navy. Any ideas? http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/shirts-knits/products/hardie-shawl-collar-cardigan-grey
Will check it out, thanks
Do you have any images of the one that sold out at the Trunk Show? Curious to see what I missed out on!
Maybe 2 months ago.
On the winter tip, MJ Bale seem to have reduced their V necks to $99 from $199. Made in Italy. I don't have any experience with them myself. http://www.mjbale.com/clothing/knitwear
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