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Does anyone know somewhere in Melbourne that might have nice leather folios/compendiums for
Yes, I like that one. What are the spread/height/point length?
I probably have too many winter jackets as is... and in particular navy jackets. Always buying the navy version of something is a bit of a sartorial rut for me.Jack Spade Tan MacMJ Bale Navy MacGant Rugger Navy DuffleGant Riker Hiker/BikerMJ Bale Navy Harrington+ hoodies etc... but whatever. I'm having Luxire make me the navy Version of this old Norse Projects x Lavenham quilted jacket, with full corduroy detailing and all the trimmings. Also a detachable hood.Clearly it's...
Very off topic... anyone got any suggestions for an restaurant/bar with a function room in Melbourne for an after work function, with the following requirements: - finger food/standard bev package for 2 hours or so - ~$50 a head. - 30-40 people
The neck tattoo and seersucker combo; a classic "old money" look:
The classic oxford is... a classic oxford (thick). The royal oxford is lighter, a finer weave. Doesn't wear as hot.
^^Gerry and I are quite happy with our navy and beige rain macs, bought from various local and international sources. They can be dressed up or down, and look pretty damn good if I do say so myself.I'd look at something like the Mackintosh Dunkeld with a removeable liner - warmth and waterproofing in one go.I just don't see the need for a really thick wool topcoat, in Melbourne at least. A cotton mac or trench is the way to go, in my opinion.
I've recently started wearing braces, and have come to like them quite a lot. Problem is, they seem to slip down my shoulders. These are standard X backed braces by Thurston. I can't really tighten them any more, since they would then cause the back of my trousers to pull in an unseemly manner, and also would pull up my pants too high in relation to my shoes. My pants were not cut specifcally with braces in mind (they have the proper buttons, though), but nevertheless are...
Allen Edmonds make a lot (if not all) of their shoes down to a size 6, from AAA - EEE, and in several different lasts that are noticeably different. I'd say they must have something for everyone.
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