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Chester Jefferies.
Ahh I see. I have an almost identical one arriving from you this week... How odd.
That's my shirt.... Someone is wearing it! Hmm.
Not enough indignation in this thread lately TBH.
No comments yet? I think it looks great. Waiting for mine to arrive this week.
I'm discovering that Minnis Fresco isn't idea in the rain.... It's so porous that you get wet!
Yeah I personally haven't had great experiences with lightweight flannel. Tends to wear between the crotch and on the seat rather quickly.
Sorry to hear about your father. It certainly has a very retro feel to it. Looks like they have released some more contemporary looking models recently, though, at inflated prices. It works fanatically well I must say. Trousers look like a million bucks. I can't believe these aren't more popular hear. It'll save me a tonne of money on pressing. I also can't believe that they are apparently still made in England in this day and age. I would've thought China for...
Impossible to tell the colour of it in that picture, need to see it in natural light.
If anyone else wants one, there is one going for $40 in Sydney at the moment. Also this caught my eye: http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/surry-hills/antiques/replica-antique-trouser-press-vallet-stand/1043392623
New Posts  All Forums: