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You don't need it, but you would be able to perceive the difference between that and your current one at least.
Hope you didn't buy one yet. Note that they are cotton, too.Add KNIT20 code for further 20% off - brings them to $63.I haven't seen these in person - what are they like?I've always avoided cotton sweaters in favour of wool.With only 15% cashmere, that's essentially what it is.
Cool, looks like a nice TV.4K might become "standard", but it will also be useless to those without enormous TVs and huge living rooms, or you sit very, very, very close to your TV.What the chart shows is that, for a 84-inch screen, 4k resolution isn’t fully apparent until you are at least 5.5 feet or closer to the screen. For a “tiny” 55-inch screen, you’ll need to be 3.5 feet or closer. Needless to say, most consumers aren’t going to sit close enough to see any of extra...
I used regular old Aus Post. It's expensive. And slow (expect 2 weeks).I highly recommend getting tracking and insurance.I also recommend asking Luxire exactly what they recommend declaring on the package (I ran into some duty issues once which was very annoying, because I hadn't correctly labelled it - and this was for a Luxire return for a remake).
I reckon just keep an eye on OzBargain for a TV deal that matches what you're after - the people there are pretty quick on posting anything good: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/search/node/tv I guess the decision really comes down to whether you won't watch on anything other than a Samsung or Panasonic, or are happy to go for one of the Chinese brands that will give you 95% of the image quality at 50% of the price As I said, Hisense, TCL, Kogan brand - all pretty good....
I think it depends what size TV you're after. They're incredibly cheap ($300-$400ish) these days up to 42" for a full HD LED TV from a good chinese brand like TCL or Hisense, or Medion from ALDI. Much less than what you'd spend on a new suit.On a semi-related topic:No point in paying for a Smart TV either - you're much better to get seperate a Intel NUC running XBMC/WD Live/Android TV Box/Chromecast type device.If you're at all interested in Channel BT/Hulu/Netflix etc....
+ Letter head.Boggles the mind.
Showing your age fxh. Ice is where it's at.
I think I've finally found my perfect dress collar, after many many iterations.It owes a lot to whoever posted the Barba collar in the spreadsheet, just with slightly longer points.Excuse the terrible photos, hopefully you get the idea.I went for hardest interlining since the Soft White Herringbone is very, very soft and needs some support. [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]]
That's the one ^^ Don't think the photo quite does it justice though (the buttons seem a bit off-kilter above and they are not in reality), i'll try and upload another when I have time.
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