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What's your objection to Luxire? Eat the one time $30-60 cost to send some existing pants there (or just give measurements), and you can get future pants from $60 and up including Fed Ex delivery. Their workmanship, in my experience, is fantastic. They also have access to Dugdale and Minnis fabrics now for a pretty reasonable price.
I am not sure if you're drawing a distinction between "wet" and "sweat"?Wool wicks moisture a lot better than cotton. If cotton gets wet or sweaty, it stays that way for a long time. This leads to smells.I wear Smartwool merino socks in summer - they never really smell, even after a solid day of walking. I can't stand thin socks, though.Most good quality ski socks and baselayers are wool these days too, or poly, but not cotton.If poly gets sweaty a few times it retains a...
^^Wool, IIRC, has some natural way of preventing bacteria and the accompanying smells, though, which is one of the reasons that wool socks are preferable to cotton. I'd also note that, in my experience, linen and linen blends are great when there is some breeze or some air movement around you - they simply let more of this air through to the skin. If you're just sitting there, though, then there seems to be next to no difference.
Cotton doesn't hold a crease well down the trouser leg, and yet creases substantially in other areas. It would be annoying to maintain if it was a "staple" suit.
http://www.theage.com.au/environment/weather/melbourne-faces-10day-heatwave-20130306-2fl8a.htmlGod doesn't want us to wear suits.
Spandexter, you look good, wear it with pride.
Not being an expert on quilted jacked fillings: can you describe the practical differences between them, and perhaps compare them in terms of warmth?
Great, can you provide some construction/fabric details or pictures at all? Any word on the technical natures of the fillings and fabrics? Cant wait to order.
Epaulet made one some time ago, but I can't find their fit pictures any more. Here are some of the actual collars, though:http://www.styleforum.net/t/111211/epaulet-shop-official-affiliate-thread/12400_100#post_5458727It's not the sort of collar I would wear done up with a tie, but that spread, shape and collar point length end up looking quite good when unbuttoned and/or with a hidden button down collar.A wide spread collar shirt, when unbuttoned without a jacket to hold...
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