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I think it depends what size TV you're after. They're incredibly cheap ($300-$400ish) these days up to 42" for a full HD LED TV from a good chinese brand like TCL or Hisense, or Medion from ALDI. Much less than what you'd spend on a new suit.On a semi-related topic:No point in paying for a Smart TV either - you're much better to get seperate a Intel NUC running XBMC/WD Live/Android TV Box/Chromecast type device.If you're at all interested in Channel BT/Hulu/Netflix etc....
+ Letter head.Boggles the mind.
Showing your age fxh. Ice is where it's at.
I think I've finally found my perfect dress collar, after many many iterations.It owes a lot to whoever posted the Barba collar in the spreadsheet, just with slightly longer points.Excuse the terrible photos, hopefully you get the idea.I went for hardest interlining since the Soft White Herringbone is very, very soft and needs some support. [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]]
That's the one ^^ Don't think the photo quite does it justice though (the buttons seem a bit off-kilter above and they are not in reality), i'll try and upload another when I have time.
My own peacoat arrived today. Very very nice stuff.
Speaking of, someone ordered these last time I posted a similar deal and said they were OK, I might order some this time. I always seem to lose no show socks since they are so damn tiny: http://heavytaste.com.au/invisible-socks/invisible-socks-5
Dress socks - I think there is a need to be discerning with these, people have different tastes. Thick v thin, OTC v regular, cotton v wool.... And they are reasonably expensive, so you want something that will last. Underwear - I've never understood why you'd have multiple pairs of different styles of underwear (other than some for sport, some for normal wear). If you find something you like - why not just stick with it....? I have about 15 pairs of exactly the same...
There be an honest man.CD, if you can successfully avoid spoilers from GoT until Q1 2015, I'll be amazed.
I'm not one for "vintage" dress gloves... They just look kinda dirty to me.
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