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The measurements are fairly accurate, You'd need an XL, definitely, and maybe even an XXL. L was too short and tight on me.
Did you see this http://www.kentwang.com/about/polos ?
Thanks, had a chat with Gerry already though and he answered my questions
My slippers: http://www.llbean.com/llb/shop/35379?feat=503402-GN3&page=men-s-handsewn-slippers-flannel-lined&attrValue_0=Brown&productId=522825 Evidently, I am some way from owning a #menswear store. I've gone for practicality over style, there, clearly - but on the plus side, they don't need shoe trees... Seriously, though, if anyone wants some ultra comfy slippers than can also handle the outdoors just fine (most people think they are boat shoes, and they have a...
... Do u even own a #menswear store, bro?
Good - but where are your monogrammed slippers??
You acquire the slippers and suit look when you acquire a #menswear store, if I recall correctly.
Do any of you own a Kent Wang polo?
Yes, if anything you need to increase the rise in my view.
Yes you are, if you read the interview threads on SF. But that's because they are all giving advice to Americans. And Americans are expected to dress a lot more conservatively in the corporate world, and even more so at interviews, as a rule.
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