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Sent in jacket & pants... then trial and error
I got it unlined in the pants. I agree that fully lined defeats the purpose. Unlined is super cool. Half lined might be OK too.For a jacket, it's also adviseable to ask for dark canvassing on Fresco - white can show through.
That fabric is the same fabric as the suit image linked a few posts back. I know because it's mine
Would it not be possible to just charge it depending on where it is being shipped.... ie don't charge Australia etc. ?
Ok thanks. By the way, anyone got any pictures of some walnut Daltons that they have antiqued some? The regular walnut is a bit flat for my tastes.
How does everyone normally size Daltons (511) v PAs/5th Aves (5-65) ?
I tried Viccel. I found them unbearably thin & sent them back. Sure looked nice though.
I like Smartwool. Also for boot socks/hiking/snow socks.
I am thinking I will get the most use out of it at the footy on freezing nights at the 'G.
New Posts  All Forums: