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What do you mean by a "balanced seat and rise"? To clarify to all, by reverse pleats we mean ones that open up towards the back....
PS thanks for replies re buttons. Can't wait for winter.
I've been going for a high rise on all my MTM (Luxire) suits. It's very comfortable. Some people have reacted favourably, some don't like it. Mostly positive comments, though. There are some photos around the place. I'm pretty confident that high rise is going to roar back into fashion in the next 2-3 years. I have also gone for single reverse pleats on my high rise pants, I think it helps the look immensely.
Anyone have a source for leather blazer-type buttons in singles? I need some for a cardigan, not a suit. So I need 5 large-ish buttons (brown). I know about hst (don't seem to have any) and buttons and trim on ebay (only sell suit sets). Also FXH told me once that there is a button shop on Nicholas St in the Melb CBD but I haven't ventured there yet.
A lot of love in this thread for hand stitched (ie seams on the outside) gloves. Personally, I find the internal stitching much sleeker. I went for that on my unlined CJ pair I ordered recently. I find that the external stitching, while undoubtedly making the gloves look more bespoke, makes them more cumbersome and bulky, and the seams interfere with using your fingers. Perhaps on lined gloves designed for warmth that are going to be quite bulky and unsuitable for doing...
Bought three things in the sale (2 x tie, 1 x glove). I wish I could afford to buy more of your gear full price! :S. By far my favourite ties of any that I own. And I have already bought 2 x pairs of gloves at Ludlows for others as presents.
*edit some people on OZB saying that this deal is nation wide, and that they are scanning at $191.... great price for RMs if you can find some that fit!Further edit: rang DJs Bourke St and they only have the Henley in G widths.
I have a fantastic MJB rain mac which I have just sent to Luxire to copy. Got another Jack Spade one that's a little small that I will put on B&S soon. Anyone have any experience with Charles Tyrwhitt casual knits? Going to buy this but not sure whether I will need M or L. http://www.ctshirts.com.au/Navy-marl-shawl-collar-cable-cardigan?q=auddefault|Cable-knit-cardigan|kh074nav||||||||||||| Do they have an Aus returns address like TM lewin?
Might be useful for Canberra member, $255 RMWs:https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/131771
http://www.kogan.com/au/buy/kogan-2000w-steam-iron/ Not a top quality brand, though. You can tell because they have the large water tank built in.
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