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Do you have any images of the one that sold out at the Trunk Show? Curious to see what I missed out on!
Maybe 2 months ago.
On the winter tip, MJ Bale seem to have reduced their V necks to $99 from $199. Made in Italy. I don't have any experience with them myself. http://www.mjbale.com/clothing/knitwear
What are the collar measurements (point length, height) and lining on the top shirt there?
I have absolutely no idea of the quality of these, but anyway, $30 shipped seems reasonable for few cheap dress belts: http://donsassi.com/
I asked Wolverine, and they sent me a replacement pair for free.
No sign of new dress boots
Is any of the polo fabric mercerized ?
Kent, please restock the blue gingham PS soon
I think it'd be odd to wear mourning/morning dress to a funeral in Australia, unless it was a former Prime Minister/GG.
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