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Highly recommend that all online shoppers in this thread activate PayPal Refunded Returns if they haven't already. I have claimed several times now with no issues. It really is excellent and takes a lot of the risk out of online shopping for smaller items:
Nice - is there a good description or comparison of the yanko lasts around anywhere? *scratch that, they only make one width. Why don't more manufacturers make narrow sizes
Was also thinking of ordering some of these. Is the wrinkling that bad?
I don't mind classifieds in this thread, I've posted them myself, much easier than looking at B&S to find things in Aus. I just think they should have all pictures spoilered, or maybe one picture only. Guido's post takes up a full page.
Ring and ask, can't remember. Not many in Navy but a lot in Natural. Make sure to specify that you want the 100% cotton ones - they have both.You want the 100% cotton, made in Turkey ones.
Had a look in the sale this morning. I think the best deals are the 100% cotton Baracuta jackets for $275. These are essentially deadstock now and impossible to find. The new poly/cotton blend ones are 500AUD.
Personally I find the narrow pointy toe of the Macquarie much more dressy than the chisel toed boots e.g. Craftsman.... Is it just me?
I saw RMWs in dark brown suede in the wild for the first time the other day. They look excellent. I'm strongly considering a Macquarie in the suede.
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