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Pretty much identical to a BD pop over shirt I've I ordered from Luxire in cellulare.... But $140 more expensive!
Normally I'd agree, but it is described as "Suit Linen"http://www.huddersfieldcloth.com/gallery.asp?Category=33Looks like this pre-wrinkle [[SPOILER]]
Pure Irish Linen (280g) suit, yes or no ? I can embrace the wrinkles in a jacket, pants I'm not so sure about. I don't fancy pressing after every wear....
Barbour® Men’s Moleskin Liddesdale Jacket Olive Size L http://www.orvis.com/p/barbour-moleskin-liddesdale-jacket/1g3h Moleskin is a proven rugged, wind-resistant, yet comfortable outdoor material used for generations by sportsmen. This classic jacket sports a 100-gram soft polyester wadding and a smart Barbour tartan cotton lining. Studded front, corduroy collar with leather stand, studded back vents. Two front patch pockets trimmed in leather. Inner zipped pocket. In...
GV shirts are great. Their BD collars are beautiful (unfused, unlined, long points).Do be aware, though, that unless they have changed their measurements, their shirts tend to be quite baggy and will need slimming at the sides or darts, unless baggy is your thing.I own, and love, this GV "dishcloth" shirt:They have a whole thread dedicated to them on SF http://www.styleforum.net/t/113367/gitman-brothers-vintage/0_50
I posted a swatch earlier of a jacket I was getting made up by OH in Huddersfield cotton. Funnily enough, I found a photo of it made up as a full suit at a random Australian site, "Luxius".http://www.luxius.com.au/#!Bespoke-suits/c1dxx/F34DB5EF-58B3-4C30-83E8-4F5A62DCDC4E [[SPOILER]] Can't wait to get it now. Might get some pants too.Did anyone else get in on that offer before it ended?
I'm in the market for a new wallet. Looking at Chester Mox. I love the look and idea of a one of their larger bifolds but it would be too big to put in pants when you're not wearing a jacket I imagine. And I'm not one for changing wallets. Might have to go for something smaller. Any other opinions/suggestions?
HC I have pants in this fabric, it's a cream/stone, quite a bit lighter than it looks on site, and very nice, I recommend it.http://custom.luxire.com/products/stone-twill-chino
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