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No catch to the customer, so long as you don't use PayPal's poor exchange rates for intl. purchases.
Highly recommend that all online shoppers in this thread activate PayPal Refunded Returns if they haven't already. I have claimed several times now with no issues. It really is excellent and takes a lot of the risk out of online shopping for smaller items: https://www.paypal.com/au/webapps/mpp/returns
Nice - is there a good description or comparison of the yanko lasts around anywhere? *scratch that, they only make one width. Why don't more manufacturers make narrow sizes
Was also thinking of ordering some of these. Is the wrinkling that bad?
I don't mind classifieds in this thread, I've posted them myself, much easier than looking at B&S to find things in Aus. I just think they should have all pictures spoilered, or maybe one picture only. Guido's post takes up a full page.
Ring and ask, can't remember. Not many in Navy but a lot in Natural. Make sure to specify that you want the 100% cotton ones - they have both.You want the 100% cotton, made in Turkey ones.
Had a look in the sale this morning. I think the best deals are the 100% cotton Baracuta jackets for $275. These are essentially deadstock now and impossible to find. The new poly/cotton blend ones are 500AUD.
Personally I find the narrow pointy toe of the Macquarie much more dressy than the chisel toed boots e.g. Craftsman.... Is it just me?
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