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Ordered some non-cordovan espadrilles today. http://ropeysoles.com/mens_product_page.php?item_code=MESimple01
Personally I can't stand that horrible mutation of a shoe. I think people see the word "shell" and start frothing at the mouth.. Each to their own, though, of course. Looks like they are very popular.
I've had great experiences at OH so far. A very minor thing but probably the one thing I think you could improve on are your buttons. Not sure what they are made out of but to me they lack a bit of depth. If you could somehow offer a premium option that would be great.
Yeah the spalla seems a bit overdone on that, or maybe it just needs a press?This is more what I expect:http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_jSrnxOv6ZmU/TFaVR1WGaRI/AAAAAAAABj8/WBR6yMpCLbs/s1600/IMG_7647-500x750.jpg
Real men get their deer bones from hunting trips.
Yep, it's $20 IIRC.
I did wonder about the vents. I am aware that ventless is more traditional. Wouldn't a ventless jacket need to be cut looser than one with vents to still be comfortable? Especially on someone that isn't particularly slim like me. I am just imagining it being bulbous around my seat, or else baggy all round. That's my main concern. Re pleats: that was more of an oversight. I should probably change the order to flat fronts and add a bit more thigh room. *edit reading...
Not sure if OH is half or fully canvassed actually.They are double checking the fish tail back option for me.
I hope not - it's probably a bit darker than in appears in the picture.It is definitely more a beige than a cream.I think I'll get more wear out of it than I would a khaki.
Went in and ordered a Tux today at OH. 280gm Huddersfield Midnight MohairAlso put in my complimentary Huddersfield jacket/blazer order, 310gms Huddersfield Cream cottonI took a list of requirements in with me so that I didn't forget anything for either of them. Mostly standard stuff but someone may be interested. Good deal all in all. [[SPOILER]]
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