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I guess it depends who does it. Check then out on a Mackintosh Dunkeld and I I think they're done quite well. Button in, not zip in. Put one on a coat I ordered recently. I saw Herringbone one today when I bought the cardigan, not too bad, the zip does make it a bit cheap looking though. I didn't much like the coat, I thought it was a bit short for my taste.
Detachable warmers are classic and functional.... Why wouldn't you want one?
"TAKE A FURTHER 25% OFF EVERYTHING STOREWIDE"If I wanted CJs, I'd be arguing the toss...
Are you talking about the crease on top of your shoulder?Amongst other things, this can be caused by a yoke measurement that's too small. Same effect with jackets. Not sure if that's your case though can't tell.
I don't like that shade of grey (very business-y) in such a casual jacket myself. Seems a bit incongruous.I think I'll pick up a grey cardigan. For about $60 after the coupon (and in store so no postage), that's a good price.Was considering a grey v neck as well, but I am not sure I'd wear it enough. Can anyone convince me otherwise ?
Anyone been into Herringbone to see what's been reduced? If something is on sale + 25% that's not a bad deal...
ForEx-perts - AUD: up or down tomorrow v USD? About to make a rather large purchase. I'd think down...
If you just mean "solid" in terms of colour, try the soft white herringbone. Very soft, very white, not see through at all.
Don't have the shirt with me at the moment and may not for a few days, but I will say that the picture is very accurate.
No way - I have beautiful shirts from Luxire that were $60.In my experience with Luxire, something that is 120/140 is a good guide. And if it's branded, even better. More often than not these will be over $100, but not always.E.g.http://luxire.com/products/lilac-small-gingham-by-montiI have the above, it's lovely and smooth, and only $80.I think you just have to hunt around a bit.
New Posts  All Forums: