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Anyone know if it is illegal for an EU (Ireland) seller to charge VAT on purchases to non-EU countries? I bought something from there without realising that I was being charged VAT. I then asked the seller to refund this and they have refused. I am considering getting PayPal involved, but want to be sure where I stand first.
@luxire any luck finding a nice white Oxford similar to the sky blue yet? I think half the thread is waiting on this! Cheers
Could the BM chambrays work as dress shirts or are they too rough?
Yes. See the whirlpool wiki links I posted earlier. Those cards are all you need. If you can find Citibank ATMs where you will be overseas then you can avoid fees and charges altogether.
If you're up for online, try end clothing.
Simple version: 28 degrees is a credit card that doesn't charge any international conversion or transaction fees. It gives you the MasterCard exchange rate which is as close to the official exchange rate as you'll ever get. So it's hands down the best card to purchase things online from overseas - just have the merchant/paypal charge the 28 degrees card in the merchant's currency. It's nothing like one of those bank travel cards (which aren't a great deal, IMO, much...
Not 100% sure I entirely understand the question (think you left a few words out), but:The Refunded Returns Service doesn't require you to use Paypal to calculate the exchange rate from, say USD (merchant currency) to AUD (bank account currency).You can use your 28 degrees card linked to your Paypal Account (or similar) to be charged in USD, and take advantage of the much better exchange rate, and still use the Refunded Returns service.
No catch to the customer, so long as you don't use PayPal's poor exchange rates for intl. purchases.
Highly recommend that all online shoppers in this thread activate PayPal Refunded Returns if they haven't already. I have claimed several times now with no issues. It really is excellent and takes a lot of the risk out of online shopping for smaller items: https://www.paypal.com/au/webapps/mpp/returns
Nice - is there a good description or comparison of the yanko lasts around anywhere? *scratch that, they only make one width. Why don't more manufacturers make narrow sizes
New Posts  All Forums: