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IMO knitwear and occasional pieces of outerwear are the best MJ bale items.
Spotted another very nice Valstar for the small: (And this for $400 in XXL
These look identical to the Kent Wang handgrade ones: I would just get his $50 cheaper benchgrade line - I own these and they're great.
Bought these the other day in light blue at the Emporium store. They are really nice in person, and a great weight for summer:
@luxire - any progress on sourcing a nice white oxford cloth ?
In my experience, this can also result from a shoulder measurement that is not long enough.
If you can get to one to try them on, I think that Brooks Brothers Milano chinos are quite good for the price, particularly on any sort of sale.
A nice blue suede Valstar has popped on eBay for any smaller gents out there: My brown one has received rave reviews whenever I've worn it.
It wouldn't matter if you had ordered a shirt and instead received a dress. The policies are clearly stated on the website.
Looks great - now set the mills to work on a white oxford
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