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A nice blue suede Valstar has popped on eBay for any smaller gents out there: http://www.ebay.com/itm/301757377747?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&fromMakeTrack=true My brown one has received rave reviews whenever I've worn it.
It wouldn't matter if you had ordered a shirt and instead received a dress. The policies are clearly stated on the website.
Looks great - now set the mills to work on a white oxford
Restating my monthly request for a nice white Oxford as similar as possible to the sky blue Oxford. It's about the only gap in the collection @luxire
Bought this jacket from suitsupply - I must say the whole experience with them is quite incredible for the price. I don't know how MJB et al will compete if they open up physical stores here. It's a beautiful jacket, I just can't decide whether it's too situational/niche, being that it's really a one season item: http://eu.suitsupply.com/en/jackets/hudson-light-brown-plain/C906.html?cgid=Jackets
Anyone know if it is illegal for an EU (Ireland) seller to charge VAT on purchases to non-EU countries? I bought something from there without realising that I was being charged VAT. I then asked the seller to refund this and they have refused. I am considering getting PayPal involved, but want to be sure where I stand first.
@luxire any luck finding a nice white Oxford similar to the sky blue yet? I think half the thread is waiting on this! Cheers
Could the BM chambrays work as dress shirts or are they too rough?
Yes. See the whirlpool wiki links I posted earlier. Those cards are all you need. If you can find Citibank ATMs where you will be overseas then you can avoid fees and charges altogether.
If you're up for online, try end clothing.
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