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Pretty much agree 100% with emptym.It is too tight in the chest and waist. Bottom is probably OK. I'd try a larger measurement for both, and go for darts, or a larger front than back waist, measurement to slim it down.Seems like 90% of people who make a first time order on here end up with something too slim. I guess it's either difficulty in measuring or just wanting to achieve the GQ/Esquire body hugging look which, as I have said before, is illusory.IMO, for anyone else...
With a few exceptions, it does seem, at least anecdotally, that Luxire has been killing it on turnaround times lately. Especially for established customers/patterns. Certainly, this is my own experience. Well done.
Speaking of A1s, blousons, bombers etc. I quite like this new suitsupply offering: http://eu.suitsupply.com/en_AU/pre_order_coats/brown-bomber-jacket/J299.html?start=3&cgid=pre_order_coats Don't think I'd ever spend $400 on it though.
In HK (and Sydney, for that matter...) I get the sense that people are just dying for any excuse to break out winter clothing.... Less than 20? Better grab the old three piece, scarf and overcoat!
Personally I have found that oxfords don't need any lining at all for a nice roll, in the neckband or leaves. The cloth stands up just fine by itself. This is what Mercer does with theres too. In a linen or other lightweight fabrics, some lining might be good if you want the collar to stand up a bit more. I don't have lining in my linen BDs either, though.
Very interesting, Romp.
Sorry Romp, did not see that bit there.
On another note, I need 1 or 2 largish horsehair polishing brushes - any ideas for Melbourne or online sources? The ones at Double Monk seemed a bit expensive. Don't need polish etc, which I do buy from DM, just the brushes alone.
Moving away from asking Nakky personally what it costs, I wish MTM businesses would just be a bit more up front about their pricing online. I understand that there are probably advantages for the business by being secretive, but it sure is annoying.
That, and usually it means the shirt is simply too slim.If I have learnt anything, it's that achieving a GQ-esque slim fit while still remaining comfortable/mobile when sitting and standing is impossible. You have to compromise.I prefer to have a smaller back waist than front to minimise extra fabric at the back while still being comfortable in the front.If you're really slim or have a back that curves in a lot, or a big drop, then darts might be the only way to go.
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