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What's the consensus on a black McAllister? Is the broguing too much on a black shoe? Would probably prefer a black strand or 5th Ave, but they never go on sale on Amazon in my size. I will probably only buy one pair of black shoes for a while (hence why I lean toward the 5th Ave, given that it is probably the most versatile in terms of formality). Before anyone recommends it, I find the PA too plain/stubby for my tastes.
The Anniversary sale really is pretty poor this time round.
No idea where it's from - just browsing on google image search.Heaps of NATO straps on eBay etc. though.
Yeah they are nice, and virtually the same price with the current Amazon 20% watch promotion...http://www.amazon.com/Timex-T20041-Reader-Brown-Leather/dp/B000B55AEA/ref=sr_1_1?s=watches&ie=UTF8&qid=1405588249&sr=1-1&keywords=timex+easy+readerDangerous thinking that way though!
Any 20mm NATO strap I think. E.g
http://www.amazon.com/gp/browse.html/ref=pe_1079960_121255530_pe_r_ecg/?node=8619950011&tag=ozba0e-20&ie=UTF8Amazon deal of the day - Timex Weekender for $32AUD deliveredNot a bad price for a decent beater/beach (30m water resistant too) watch:Bought the Olive.Doesn't look half bad with a leather strap either. [[SPOILER]] more...
I got lucky with the Etsy one. On eBay I had an alert set up in case someone put it up for sale. Love eBay alerts...
The Red Envelope was from eBay, brand new but re-sold.The tie case was from Etsy, mislabelled as a dopp kit, BNWOT.
Unfortunately I haven't been this season, but being from Vic it's Buller/Falls/Hotham for me.It's just so damn expensive.Impossible to do a weekend for less than $600 these days (assuming you have to hire - which is about the cheapest part of the whole thing anyway), even going for bunk/lodge type accommodation.
I have bought quite a few things lately, come to think of it: - Oscar Hunt Navy DB suit in Lindley/Huddersfield cloth ($1200ish) - Col Littleton tie case (http://www.colonellittleton.com/shop/leather-travel-tie-case-no12/) $70 - Red Envelope dopp kit (http://www.weddingclan.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/leather_excursion_travel_case_image_title_qtwmk.jpg) $60 - Luxire rain mac in Beige Epic with removeable liner (http://luxire.com/products/dark-cream-twill) $550 - Luxire...
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