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Received my second pair of jeans from Luxire today. 14 Oz Dark Indigo. Very nice once again. Quick turnaround too. Next up are a 5 pocket cord and a stonewashed pair I think.
A quality harrington? Quilted jacket/blazer? I don't think a Barbour is all that "basic" myself - stands out a lot. Harringtons are very versatile.
^^ Agree that's a reservation I have as well. It's hard to tell what the collar is really like. Pictures aren't great.
For some reason I have my heart set on this quilted jacket by Charles Tyrwhitt. I think it is the breast pocket I like, making it slightly less country-fied, and the fact that it is cotton rather than poly. Waiting for it to go on a decent sale: http://www.ctshirts.co.uk/men's-outerwear/men's-coats/Navy-canvas-Made-in-England-quilted-coat?q=gbpdefault||jc021nav|||||||||||||
Would these buttons (2.8cm, so quite large) be too obtrusive on a peacoat that is very similar to the below? Should I try and find something darker? (the problem being that 45 ligne horn buttons are damn hard to come by...)
Not exactly the same thing, but has a similar effect of reducing excess fabric at the back.Personally I don't like the look of darts - on some shirts, particularly plain colours, they become very noticeable. YMMV.
One is selvedge, and one is not.
^^ As a student, that is an incredibly baller way to "start your wardrobe". Good to see AusStudy or whatever it is called now being put to a good use. Props.
If you're a Robin Williams fan, be sure to check out his Parkinson interviews. Had me in stitches: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPz6JKGlzSI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5L8rSip2PAU
I had swatches of White Warzone and White Warzone Plus and honestly could not tell the difference at all. Ordered the Plus in the end. Starts off a bit cardboardy and then softens us progressively. I'd say it's similar to Brooks Brothers OCBDs in terms of thickness. Not as summer-y as the Sky Blue Oxford Brembana and the Blue Stripes Brembana Oxfords.
New Posts  All Forums: