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I need to buy some good quality thin flat boot laces, similar to these. Any ideas? Doesn't matter if it's local or on the web, not urgent. Thanks
I haven't looked at this thread in about... 2000 pages so apologies if this same question has been asked recently: Is there a current "most economical" option for wooden shoe trees? I've recently come into quite a few new paits. Thanks.
^^The pants taper is too agressive to the ankle/knee for my tastes, but it is just "taste" of course.
Have gone a bit nuts in the sale this year - three so far, and I'm strongly considering two more...
I have a whole suit in the Sand: http://luxire.com/products/minnis-fresco-sand-plainfresco_0549Very great Gatsby-ish in colour. And very cool to wear. Good for suit separates too, particularly if you get blazer side pockets on the jacket
The sale has started: the 20% doesn't seem to have come off most clearance shoes, only "regular" shoebank prices.
FYI there will be a sale at outlet stores and shoebank from 1-15 Feb.
^^ Thanks for the assistance.
Could someone please give me a hand with the above two unanswered queries - cheers.
What size do people usually go for in last 97 (Macneil 2.0) vs the 65? I'm a 10.5B or C in the 65. Also - on the shoebank site - chili burnished calf v dark chili burnished - is there a difference?
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