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http://www.theage.com.au/business/markets/currencies/bell-potters-charlie-aitken-tips-australian-dollar-to-fall-below-us68162-20150211-13blxg.html AUD freefalling, Carminas going up in price - Meermin will soon be by far the most reasonably priced shoe option available to Australians. I wish Meermin did widths... I guess that's part of the reason for their low prices
The younger you are, the 'flashier' people will think a double breasted suit looks on you. Like a hat.
To be fair, I have seen a great increase in the number of mid 20s guys wearing Timberlands around - maybe the Iconic started selling them?
Executive style cottons on: http://m.theage.com.au/executive-style/culture/the-rise-of-the-lumbersexual-20150208-12x2vu.html
I could not have been more exact, because I knew exactly what I wanted, right down to the fabric composition and what the inside tags looked like. When I called a few days earlier to put it on hold, the person I spoke to seemed to talk to a few other people to confirm that it was on sale.It wasn't like I was trying to get it at some outrageous price either - I had actually bought a different colour in this jacket from HBs at Christmas time for less than what I had been ...
Cool you should x-post this stuff in the Luxire thread.In other news, I wasted an hour and a half of my life today battling traffic to pick up a jacket that I had put on hold at the Henry Bucks Toorak store after being told on the phone that it was on sale - only to arrive and be informed bluntly that it was not on sale, that I could not buy it at the price I had been quoted over the phone, and it that it was in fact $300 more expensive.Makes me wonder why I even bother to...
Henry bucks sale started today too. A lot of $95 barbours. And good basic merino knits of various styles for $45.
Can anyone help me with an Allen Edmonds to Meermin size/last conversion? I run a 10.5B or C in the AE 5-65 last (PA, strand etc.). Imagine I will need something in Meermin's New Rey or Olfe lasts, but I'm worried that even then they won't be narrow enough... Cheers
Ugh. >>>>> #auspol thread
I would point out the issue in a picture and ask them to alter the template to cut the collar further into the shirt. Worked for me. For the shirt, to reduce the billowing I'd reduce the back waist and maybe chest more than you do the front. Maybe a 1" difference. The front chest looks OK to me.
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