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I am by no means an expert, but two simple things I look for on pants are firstly whether the pockets flare, and secondly whether the side seam runs mostly straight at the pocket, ie in the 10cm below the waist of the pants, or if it is warped in that spot.If either is occurring to a great degree then in my experience it means you need more room across the hips and more in the rear seat.
10.5 in both and fit well. Usually 10.5C in calf 5-65.Shell is definitely looser. Could almost do a 10.5A.
Only speaking with reference to my personal taste, and yours may differ but...I think your pants are much too tight in all areas. It's not flattering at all. Especially since they are dress pants and not casuals.I think you need to add 0.5" to the half knee, 1" to the half thigh, 1" to rear seat and 0.5" to front seat.And probably something to both the hip measurements but I can't tell from that angle. Looks like the pockets are flaring a bit.
I got a military crease on some pants a while back. It looks great while standing up and from a few meters away, but it looks very strange on your thighs when sitting down. It also made me a but self concious about some funny looks I got by people who noticed. I don't wear them any more. Be warned. I would recommend trying it on something cheap first to decide if you like the look.
New shoe Thursday:
Shell cordovan scores from the latest sale..... Thanks to Ben @ Freeport for not only helping out with a customs issue, but also throwing in several laces, two shoe horns and a very nice handwritten note! Recommended. Shoes are 9.5-10 condition I'd say, better once I clean them up a bit.
I think they look silly with a suit,unless you're a blogger hoping to be photographed.Better in a casual context, but still not my taste.
How do people generally size on Macneils (97) v regular 5-65 size? (Shell) Am a 10.5B in 5-65 shell, 10.5C in calf. And comments on the fit between the two? cheers
On the topic of skincare: recently I've been quite good in giving my face a good scrub with a cleanser, and/or exfoliator when showering. It's definitely helped my skin look and feel cleaner, and reduced the occasional acne I'd get down to almost nothing. Only thing is that I think since I'm cleaning all the oil all in the morning or night, my skin overcompensates and I get a bit of a sheen build up during the day on my nose/forehead. Does anyone have any tips/products...
Or Katrina's CBD, Gina Basso Carlton North.
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