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Have the people who ordered from Panama Bob received their hats? Would be interested in seeing some detail pics
Burgundy Patriot is on sale at Amazon for $161.12, all sizes, best price ever by a large margin according to camelcamelcamel. http://camelcamelcamel.com/Allen-Edmonds-Patriot-Slip-On-Burgundy/product/B008YV0CU0?active=summary&utm_campaign=products&utm_source=camel-view-product&utm_medium=email&context=alerts&ctx_pid=21929632&ctx_cid=11657360&ctx_aid=101621434&oelid=11C467E89231V467W&ctx_act=product&ctx_src=price-history-link
The new Suitsupply campaign is like a step back in time to early 2000s Windsor Smith ads: (NSFW) http://eu.suitsupply.com/en/behind-the-scenes-spring-summer-2015.html
Does anyone have real life shots of the Navy sneakers? Wondering if the colour on site is accurate (and hoping that they are in fact a bit darker in reality).
A niche classified but someone might be interested: I have for sale some replacement Persol 649 Lenses for the size 52 model. Brown colour. They are the genuine factory lenses which came with the glasses - as soon as I received the glasses, I had the brown lenses taken out at an optometrist and replaced with polarized lenses which I prefer. Not used at all since I took them out as soon as I got them so no marks or scratches. Looks like they cost about $50 shipped from...
Henry Bucks will carry Eidos Napoli soon: https://instagram.com/p/zQPxIQTKPh/
I listened to an interesting podcast on perfume this morning that might interest the fragrance-heads on here: http://pca.st/zxlN
A day that's hot enough to wear a hat and shades, but cold enough to wear a shearling coat.....? Only in Melbourne surely...
A shame re Meermin, I was going to try them. I've just bought 2 shell pairs of AEs but I think they will be my last AEs due to their increase in price and the falling AUD.
IMO, that would look ridiculous worn in our climate.
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