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I don't think any of us is in a position to judge what is in appropriate in someone else's workplace. Having said that, it's great to be self-employed!
Like a polo shirt.
Hope AE does something a bit better for Black Friday this year than last - from memory it was all ugly non-classic models on sale.
Default is on waistband seam, I request on waistband as I prefer it.
Latest Luxire order:White Cellulare popoverSeersucker popoverHuddersfield cotton (no diaper issues for me, perfect fit)Amazing work as always, couldn't be happier. Thanks to Ashish & Theresa and the team.Luxire is very very dangerous once you have a stock series of fits and designs down. Suddenly the more expensive fabrics are within reach...Incidentally, my favourite casual shirt style, ie with untucked with jeans and chinos is now a popover with a shorter polo style...
Can't seem to go to the Brooks Brothers US site no matter what I do... always redirected to Australia. Unless I use a proxy which is annoying.
Pretty much identical to a BD pop over shirt I've I ordered from Luxire in cellulare.... But $140 more expensive!
Normally I'd agree, but it is described as "Suit Linen"http://www.huddersfieldcloth.com/gallery.asp?Category=33Looks like this pre-wrinkle [[SPOILER]]
Pure Irish Linen (280g) suit, yes or no ? I can embrace the wrinkles in a jacket, pants I'm not so sure about. I don't fancy pressing after every wear....
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