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Any chance someone else from Melb is ordering from the Allen Edmonds RDA sale? If so maybe we could share shipping.
A pox on those camera companies who use proprietary USB charging cables. On another note, I'm considering ordering a short sleeved shirt from Luxire for summer. Other than a singlet, I don't think there can be any debate that it's the coolest thing to wear on the hottest summer days. But how to make it up without looking like you're a hipster or someone from the IT crowd? Collar? BD/spread/hidden BD Sleeve cuffs? Normal /rolled/tailored cuffs Hem? Scalloped/polo hem I...
No it's not - and I don't want to know. I am certainly jealous though. You've acquired quite the wardrobe in the last ~12 months.
Foxhound not that it's any of my business, but I do wonder where all your funds come from sometimes. I think you have made more new purchase than anyone on here in the last 12 months!
The knitwear on that A & S site is stupid expensive. 200 pounds for a cotton sweater? http://shop.anderson-sheppard.co.uk/knitwear/show/all
Thanks, yeah I know. Personally I am happy that it's a little shorter. A lot more versatile/practical that way. Because, really, who tucks in their pants like that... Less of a scottish-highlands look.
Would there be any support for an MTO make up similar to this?Thinking Dalton with brown grain leather, speed hooks for top 3 holes.
On the other hand, when ordering, if you order it buggy lined it's very easy to take the lining out at a later date if you want to. And the construction will be such that it will still look fine on the inside. Harder and more expensive to add it in.
Yeah I don't think of a cotton suit as a summer suit per se. I think of it simply as a casual suit. I wouldn't choose it for its coolness properties.
The fact that you think that it is relevant that Theresa is from a "3rd world country" and that this somehow devalues or lessens her opinion, or has any effect on it at all, speaks volumes about you.Piss off to another thread. And don't order any more from Luxire if you don't want to. They gave you a full refund. Sounds like you were lucky to get that.
New Posts  All Forums: