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I have the Khaki and I definitely say Khaki. The bottom one is a bit too tommy hilfiger. I think you will like the cream face in person it looks very good with the khaki.
Kent wang, hanger project and howard yount all sell nice looking combs at decent prices.
AWell you have clearly been sent the one I linked to instead!
Any word on when the sneaker restock is expected? Was to be Nov 15th
To me the blue tape stripes looks pretty bang on? http://luxire.com/products/blue-tape-stripes-linen
A different kind of ice:http://www.urbanspoon.com/r/71/1772920/restaurant/Melbourne/Gelato-Messina-Fitzroy-Fitzroy
Fair point, there is something just a little odd about seeing these go by on Smith St though, topped by a pair of skinny jeans
^^ All I'd ask is that you never, ever wear your Danners around the city.... one of the most ridiculous hipster trends I've ever seen that one.
Sure, will PM you before I open them up to the general public.
So what is on everyone's summer purchase list? Me - So far: 2 x Luxire popovers (seersucker, cellulare) Espadrilles Kent wang swim shorts Kent wang white sneakers Oscar Hunt cream cotton blazer Oscar Hunt light grey suit AE burgundy cordovan loafers Planned/waiting on: Some shorts from luxire (pleats/side adjusters) Sperry Top siders in Amaretto 3 x business shirts in white cellulare, 1 in seersucker Another popover in navy cellulare Pair of summer chinos Stonewashed...
New Posts  All Forums: