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I think the conversation is stupid as well. I like AEs. Some people think they look blobby. Particularly the Park Avenue which is the most widespread shoe. You like Vass. I think they look like girly clown shoes in some lasts. It's a circular argument. However, the undeniable advantages of AEs over any other maker that I know of are: 1. An enormous range of sizes (6-16) and widths (AAA-EEE), over 10 or so lasts. There is, therefore, a much better chance that you will...
Whats your basis for this?
Yes, and only Horween.
Strand, Rutledge, Fifth Street, Dalton and I can't remember the name of the last one. *edit think its Leeds Only the Rutledge is a premium over the RRP of AEs. Sure a couple of the pics above are in shell, but that's another one of the best things about AE, and so it's something you have to factor in as well - their shell comes much cheaper than other shoe makers. If I could be bothered I'd put together a collection of all non-shell pictures, but that is just a post...
I think the thing is that some of you on here like long pointy/chisel toes, which I refer to above as Euro Rumplestiltskin shoes. I don't. I hate them. I think they look feminine, because they remind me of women's shoes. I think AEs and Aldens have a much more masculine silhouette. Generally AEs are most like the Hiro and Olfe. I don't know of any AE lasts that are as round and blobby as the rightmost two. I dislike the shape of the leftmost two lasts intensely. The...
The best thing about Allen Edmonds (which can be had for much less than $300 delivered from Amazon), is that they have far more lasts, sizes and widths than any other maker that I know of. Anyone who goes over to the US should get themselves fitted.
Would indeed be interested thanks
Thanks. When you say down one width, I presume you mean going wider?
Can anyone give me some guidance on converting my 5-65 last size (10.5C) to a 79 last (Randolph) or 606 last (Patriot) size? Both in cordovan if that makes a difference. I'll wear them with loafer socks. Would also appreciate any general comments on those two lasts/shoes in terms of fit quirks. I've read that the Randolph has a narrow heel, for example.
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