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First MTM Tuxedo (won't be buying no. 2 for some time...), deciding between: 1. Black peak lapel 2. Midnight shawl collar 3. Black shawl collar What do you think?
Caught up on 2 weeks/700+ pages this morning. Turns out that I didn't miss much
Bit late to the party but congratulations, and perfect timing with Fathers' Day etc.
It was very wet this morning, i'll give you that. Hopefully the rain holds off while I head over to Manly for the Oils exhibition now, because otherwise my Luxire denim jeans and I might be bleeding a trail of indigo blue all over the Rocks...
Are you in the same Sydney as me?*edit max of 19 today
Nope, I'm in Law.(always wondered why our profession can't say that, e.g. I'm in finance, I'm in real estate etc...)
Surface Pro 3 x Double Bay x SF
I reckon this is a pretty good look, myself. http://www.theage.com.au/world/yes-we-tan-barack-obamas-suit-puts-serious-talk-in-the-shade-20140829-109t8p.html
Had my new Luxire jeans bleed all over a white polo today. Anything I can do to prevent this in future? Any recommended way to get the indigo dye out of the polo?
Sartorially speaking, is there anything wort checking out in Sydney for a Melbourne visitor? Heading up there today for a short trip. Other than seeing friends my only concrete plan is to go to the Midnight Oil exhibition.
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