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Hi Luxire, Have asked this before, but what is expected to happen to your denims over time in terms of: -Stretching -Shrinkage in wash -Colour bleed I imagine it varies per fabric. Cheers.
I went on a hunt for exactly what you're looking for last year, Nabil. Turned up very little.
Yes for my odd trousers, ie chinos with a crease and pleats or flannels, I take a bit off the front and back rise. I think I went with 11.5"/18.5" on my last pair.As I said, since I have big thighs/butt I am going to have a greater rise measurement than most.I'll try and take a photo next time I wear them.FWIW, my high waisted trousers/suit have garnered me more compliments than anything I have bought before. My gf thinks it looks much,much better on my body type than the...
If you have big thighs/butt, they work wonders too, because they de-emphasise that area. Here's a few shots of some high rise pants I have now as part of a suit: http://cdn.styleforum.net/b/bb/bb7935a0_IMG_0510.jpeg http://cdn.styleforum.net/d/d2/d2130f35_IMG_0516.jpeg http://www.styleforum.net/t/304965/luxire-custom-clothing-official-affiliate-thread/5500_100#post_6659959 As compared to http://cdn.styleforum.net/e/e6/e616e84b_image_6.jpeg Another nice...
I've never understood why men buy different brands and styles of underwear. Surely once you find something you like, you stick with it? So for my part I own about 15 of these http://www.jockeyaustralia.com.au/catalogue.asp?gender=m&categoryid=212&productid=821 They look and feel like skins. Ridiculously comfortable. And they're great for sport which I play a lot of.They're probably too long for most people's tastes, but I have big thighs that chafe with anything much...
To prospective customers - high rise pants will change your life. Sooooo ridiculously comfortable. Slimming too. Jump on these when they arrive.
No worries. Just wondering. I think there is an SF wide trend to high waisted, pleated trousers at the moment. The last pair I ordered were 11.5" front and 18.75" back or thereabouts from memory. It helps a huge amound when wearing braces for me if they are high at the back, they don't slip off my shoulders at much. Might be a bit extreme for most though
Out of interest, what are you going with on your back rise?
They are all Luxire.I like the look of those Kamakura ones too, though.More than the temperature, the problem is going to be the humidity I think. And the apparently frequenty brown outs and air conditioning failures.
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