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Thanks, never understood why people are so secretive about the cost of tailored things though.... Did they swear you to secrecy? Reminds me of the ridiculous secrecy around grad job salaries.
^^ How much was the peacoat? Details on the fabric?
Sure, you could.I'd feel like a bit of a fraud if I was this guy during the week:And trying to be one of these guys on the weekend:Maybe you are both those guys, if so, Some element of consistency is important, in my view, though. You may differ on this.I guess I started thinking that way even more once I became a full time professional, which goes hand in hand with getting holder. I would think to myself - would I be comfortable if my boss/colleagues saw me in this? I...
When you say "SW&D" it connotes a certain style, or one of a few notable styles. The Rick Owens style. Or the Urban Lumberjack style. I am sure that's not how every single one of the regular posters there dress, but that's the connotation. The thing for me is that I quickly realised that if you're wearing $1000 suits, $400 shoes, and $100 shirts and ties to work 5 days a week, then you can't then go and try and be an Urban Lumberjack or a Rick Owens prodigy on the...
I'd ditch one suit for a blazer/SC, or take it as extra, with an odd pair of trousers.
Yeah I am not taking to my $120 AE belt with a hammer and chisel...
Can you also let us know how well it holds a crease after a bit of wear. My experience with cotton is that 230ish gram weight holds a crease OK, but nowhere near as 270-290g range
This bag is super nice, very tempted. Wish it was a little bigger though, like the med Filson duffle. Decisions, decisions. https://www.weargustin.com/store/849
Has anyone has a belt shortened in Melbourne? It is apparently a reasonably cheap and easy job for a competent cobbler.
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