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What are these like? Anyone ordered shirts in the linen-cotton piques?
Cheers, thanks for that
Received an absolutely smashing tuxedo shirt from Luxire today in Marcella/White voile, with 2 x detachable collars and all the trimmings. Will post up some pictures once I get some tux accessories that are actually worthy of the shirt!
Something to do with loosening built up soap/detergent etc. I think.As an aside, it's also good to soak darks in/put in the wash with darks to help set colours and prevent fading.
Yup, I think I'll put my lights and whites through the treatment every 6 months or so
Nothing worse than when new shoes start to crease in odd places. I'm not one to fuss about creasing too much, especially since pretty much every AE I've bought has creased nicely between toe cap and vamp. But the left shoe of my new shell strands has decided to roll partly on the cap itself
High rise is most definitely the fashion in women's denim at the moment.
Used the long weekend to try this on some yellowed white t shirts and a lilac shirt with a colour run - really does work wonders:
Thanks for this tip, will report back.
Georg Jensen
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