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Probably not - depends on whether you will be out and about in the mornings and evenings though (that's usually when you'd need the coat here).I think you should just take a look at BOM the week before you head down.... (assuming you already own the coat you might take with you). If the max is going to be 16 or below most of the time, then bring one down, since that will mean it will be pretty cold in the morning and evening.It's been an incredibly warm winter in Melbourne...
I'd choose between COL62, COL63, COL68... and definitely a white one, if they had it. Linen stands out enough without needing garish colours in my view.
What is Azzaro thinking...
I think, in Foxhound's defense, he is going for a slightly different, younger look than most of us. And he doesn't work in an office job either.
[[SPOILER]] Can you post few better pictures of the mac? In daylight. Looks pretty good.Why don't you get OCBDs from Luxire? Their shirts are excellent....
The epics are very wide. I only use them in my 1k boots. Nothing else will fit them, but then again I have narrow feet.As I've said before, I recommend buying a few pairs in different styles because not every shoe or boot you buy will suit the same style of tree.
Hey all, Has anyone found McTavish's to be a different fit from their classic 5-65 last shoes? I have read variously that, due to the leather, they might fit slightly differently. Ideally, I wear a 10.5C in a 5th Ave, but could also manage a 10.5B.
Amazon have started offering free shipping on orders over $150 to Australia (must be sold by Amazon.com and global shipping eligible - 'limited time only' at this point). http://www.amazon.com/b?ie=UTF8&node=9230143011 For me, the most interest comes from Allen Edmonds given that Amazon have frequent sales, but some of you might also be interested in their shoe trees, which also give you free shipping if over...
Dark grey pinstripe - the quintessential forest suit.
... Really now? This kind of things is pretty immature. I don't understand the personal snipes in this thread sometimes. It's just the internet. This is not just directed at PoP, but also the other members who seem to have a bone to pick with one another and choose to play it out in this thread. Ie earlier today. What's the point. If you have to, do it elsewhere.
New Posts  All Forums: