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I'd ditch one suit for a blazer/SC, or take it as extra, with an odd pair of trousers.
Yeah I am not taking to my $120 AE belt with a hammer and chisel...
Can you also let us know how well it holds a crease after a bit of wear. My experience with cotton is that 230ish gram weight holds a crease OK, but nowhere near as 270-290g range
This bag is super nice, very tempted. Wish it was a little bigger though, like the med Filson duffle. Decisions, decisions. https://www.weargustin.com/store/849
Has anyone has a belt shortened in Melbourne? It is apparently a reasonably cheap and easy job for a competent cobbler.
I'd try 18.5 back waist 19.5 front waist. And bring the bottom measurement in as well as you said. Too much of a ) ( shape in the body of the shirt will look really odd when untucked as you've noticed. Much better to achieve the slimness you are looking for with that front/back waist method rather than darts if you can, in my opinion.
Yeah that is way, waaaay too much of a difference between the chest and waist, and waist and bottom.. I imagine it looks very feminine when untucked. I'd also wager that it isn't very comfortable when tucked in and sitting down and the placket buckles (unless you have a body-builder-esque chest to waist ratio). It must be super slim.Here is mine (I don't have an overly prominent chest, mind you). I use this for all shirts other than popovers.Chest 21"Back Waist 19.50"Front...
Kent Wang have navy sneakers as well, the sole is Navy too though, not white like the CPs.
Dry cleaning before storage is also a good idea, since it kills moths.
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