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IMO the holy grail of pebble grained boots is the C&J Islay: I'm going to get AE to do me an MTO in their pebble grain on a last that fits me, and try and get as close to the Islays as possible.
I've never heard of people visiting Melbourne to shop for furniture - is that a thing? Where are you coming from? How will you lug it back? If you want an apartment super close to the city I'd look in Southbank, West Melbourne, East Melbourne, CBD.... If you want a bit more culture, a little further out like Richmond, Fitzroy, South Melbourne, Carlton, Carlton North, North Melbourne etc. To be honest, you can't really go wrong in Inner Melb. Every suburb has a lot to...
Not a big fan of the look myself, but, once again, credit to Luxire for executing your requirements.
Does anyone own any mid-weight Canvas trousers (as opposed to casual chinos like Epaulets)? E.g. http://www.howardyount.com/products/washed-cotton-canvas-pants-tan What are the advantages/disadvantages over regular cotton twill? Do they hold a crease? Just wondering where they sit in the spectrum. Cheers
Pediwear free shipping: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/150203
Henry Bucks have an umbrella repair service. I haven't tried it. They send it to NSW somewhere. I have been meaning to see if they can repair a small rip in the canvas of my umbrella.To be honest, if they are fully appraised of the facts, I would be surprised if you get a favourable response from HY (puttting aside their generally terrible customer service response for a moment).Winds in Melbourne were up to 60km/h this morning. Much stronger in wind tunnels in the city.I...
Has anyone got shirts made in the Summer Ginghams? http://luxire.com/products/soft_light_summer_blue_white_small_gingham_chambray http://luxire.com/products/soft_light_summer_red_white_mini_gingham_chambray I have some swatches, which are great, but the durability concerns me. The double second layer of the fabric is only held on by a few threads every couple of square cm. I wonder why it needed to be double layered - surely one layer would make it more "summer".
http://www.bom.gov.au/nsw/forecasts/sydney.shtml Max 20 every day.... Winter?
Anyone buy anything of note in the 15% off eBay sale yesterday?
Try specifying unfused hardest interlining and see if you like it. Has been perfect for me for cutaways.
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