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When I polish, I use a horsehair brush as the first buffing step after applying conditioner/cream/wax. Doesn't do a great job of getting a shine, but is most useful, IMO, to get out anything that has gotten into the perforations before you start buffing with whatever type of cloth you use.If you've forgotten to do this and it has hardened, then I'd say a toothrush is probably the best bet?I also use a toothbrush to clean the welt area.
Thanks - I can get a good shine using the method you described... and time... and effort.... That's not really the problem. Having become pretty good at getting a nice shine, I am now looking to take shortcuts! Hence asking about the tight, polishing mitt etc. Gerry - which tights do you use? Can't say I have expertise in that area...
Two questions: 1. Out of interest, do we have any members in Perth? It occurred to me that it never, ever seems to get mentioned in this thread. 2. Any time saving tips for shoe polishing? I know for some it's cathartic/relaxing/meditative etc etc .... but I actually find it quite boring. I have read that people use women's tights for buffing which apparently work well. Also looking at polishing mittens and, *gulp*, the old fashioned electric buffers you see around.
Having said that, the Fifth Street seems to naturally have more toe curl than other AE shoes.
In that sort of a boot, I agree with Journeyman in that I'd personally prefer something with a bit of texture: http://www.howardyount.com/products/cognac-pebble-grain-brogue-boots To me, the height and colour of the boot says casual. But the plain cap toe and lack of broguing says formal. So it's a bit in that weird in between space (maybe that's what you're looking for!).
^^ My Fifth Streets do this, black and brown calf. Don't know why.
I don't see why the uniform has to change every year. It'd be nice if there was a bit of consistency. Which means the uniform needs to be classic. I think it'd be great if getting your Australian uniform meant that you had something in common with every other athelete who had represented our country. Kind of like the jackets they give out to winners of the Masters every year. It should be something you treasure. My ideal men's uniform would be something like...
The jumpers looks like some cheap polyester knitted thing you'd buy at Target.
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