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A niche classified but someone might be interested: I have for sale some replacement Persol 649 Lenses for the size 52 model. Brown colour. They are the genuine factory lenses which came with the glasses - as soon as I received the glasses, I had the brown lenses taken out at an optometrist and replaced with polarized lenses which I prefer. Not used at all since I took them out as soon as I got them so no marks or scratches. Looks like they cost about $50 shipped from...
Henry Bucks will carry Eidos Napoli soon: https://instagram.com/p/zQPxIQTKPh/
I listened to an interesting podcast on perfume this morning that might interest the fragrance-heads on here: http://pca.st/zxlN
A day that's hot enough to wear a hat and shades, but cold enough to wear a shearling coat.....? Only in Melbourne surely...
A shame re Meermin, I was going to try them. I've just bought 2 shell pairs of AEs but I think they will be my last AEs due to their increase in price and the falling AUD.
IMO, that would look ridiculous worn in our climate.
Good price on a natural G9 Harrington here if anyone is a 42-44: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Baracuta-G9-Harrington-Jacket-/181663142967?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item2a4bf79437
Whats the pricing on the business collection?
http://www.theage.com.au/business/markets/currencies/bell-potters-charlie-aitken-tips-australian-dollar-to-fall-below-us68162-20150211-13blxg.html AUD freefalling, Carminas going up in price - Meermin will soon be by far the most reasonably priced shoe option available to Australians. I wish Meermin did widths... I guess that's part of the reason for their low prices
The younger you are, the 'flashier' people will think a double breasted suit looks on you. Like a hat.
New Posts  All Forums: