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In HK (and Sydney, for that matter...) I get the sense that people are just dying for any excuse to break out winter clothing.... Less than 20? Better grab the old three piece, scarf and overcoat!
Personally I have found that oxfords don't need any lining at all for a nice roll, in the neckband or leaves. The cloth stands up just fine by itself. This is what Mercer does with theres too. In a linen or other lightweight fabrics, some lining might be good if you want the collar to stand up a bit more. I don't have lining in my linen BDs either, though.
Very interesting, Romp.
Sorry Romp, did not see that bit there.
On another note, I need 1 or 2 largish horsehair polishing brushes - any ideas for Melbourne or online sources? The ones at Double Monk seemed a bit expensive. Don't need polish etc, which I do buy from DM, just the brushes alone.
Moving away from asking Nakky personally what it costs, I wish MTM businesses would just be a bit more up front about their pricing online. I understand that there are probably advantages for the business by being secretive, but it sure is annoying.
That, and usually it means the shirt is simply too slim.If I have learnt anything, it's that achieving a GQ-esque slim fit while still remaining comfortable/mobile when sitting and standing is impossible. You have to compromise.I prefer to have a smaller back waist than front to minimise extra fabric at the back while still being comfortable in the front.If you're really slim or have a back that curves in a lot, or a big drop, then darts might be the only way to go.
That guy seems to be an actual construction worker, though.... (can't work out where he is wearing all his three piece suits to).
Perhaps rude to ask a personal acquaintance, but an anonymous person on a forum? Just saves various people having to contact the manufacturer themselves, surely. This isn't the kind of thread where people will pay someone out for what they spent on a piece of clothing...
It's up to Nakky, of course. I don't really get it though. All the same, really nice coat. *edit P Johnson, Suitshop and, until recently, Oscar Hunt all followed this strategy of secrecy as well. While of course there is some variation in pricing based on exact detailing, in reality most of their price points are fairly stable based on the cloth bracket you are in. It's almost as if they want to get people in without scaring them off with a dollar figure, then reveal the...
New Posts  All Forums: