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Any recommendations for travel shoe trees? Just something cheap and light as possible that does a half decent job. These ones are all over ebay and seem like they'd be fine, not sure if anyone has tried them?: . They only weigh 120g too. Look a bit flimsy though.
They are about $2 each on ebay...
Important to note first off that my popovers all have a square, polo shirt style, hem with splits. Dress shirts obviously have a normal dress shirt hem.I am 6 foot. I like my dress shirts pretty long since I never ever untuck them. Since they are longer, the bottom measurement is greater since they around pretty much the widest part of my body ie my butt.29.25 is the perfect length for me to be able to wear something tucked and untucked.I could go shorter for something I'd...
RE Popover measurements: If you wear your shirts quite slim, you would need to add a bit to the chest/waist/bottom. Otherwise not - I don't anyway:
So Nick at the Emporium Glue Store is definitely the man in Melbourne when it comes to denim, he hemmed my Noir 14.5oz pair, kept the original hem so as to keep the roping effect and kept the original chain stitch and took in the waist without any darts and took in the seat and it was all for $45 and he did all this in 6 hours... [[SPOILER]]
Look on the Kent ebay store for "seconds"
True I didn't notice they'd updated their site, definitely about time.Whoever ordered the patch pocket, linen (?), double breasted tuxedo in the gallery clearly has far more panache than I do...
I feel like P Johnson's promotional emails are becoming ever more esoteric.
Reserve bank wants it down further.Psa : uniqlo has their merino knits for. 40$ at the moment.
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