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What are the jump the gun harringtons made out of?
Cheap loafer socks again, I own some and they're quite good: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/171377
They're like, $30 delivered!
Which specific Braun model? I've had my Out-Time since 2010, and I think they were pretty well established by then.
Kent Wang does a nice one too http://www.kentwang.com/bauhaus-watch.html
I have an Alessi Out-Time as my daily watch. No other item that I own has ever gotten more compliments, people love it. And a Timex Weekender as my.... weekender.An expensive watch is pretty far down my list of priorities.http://www.watchismo.com/alessi-al13001-x-watch-out-time-watch-brown.aspx [[SPOILER]] I'm a big fan of the rest of Alessi's range too for something modern, relatively uncommon and well priced.*edit made by Seiko...
I don't think they can be your sole watch though, myself - without a leather or metal band I think they're too informal for work?
I have the Khaki and I definitely say Khaki. The bottom one is a bit too tommy hilfiger. I think you will like the cream face in person it looks very good with the khaki.
Kent wang, hanger project and howard yount all sell nice looking combs at decent prices.
AWell you have clearly been sent the one I linked to instead!
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