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I'm looking at getting a pair of Sperrys from Amazon while they are having their 30% off promotion. I need to get over $150 to get the free shipping at well. Anyone from Melbourne want to buy a pair of those (or other Amazon shoes) and go in with me? Here are the promotion eligible ones The Sperrys work out to $60USD shipped.
Fair enough.
Here are some pictures of the Brisbane Moss cord made up (NB not sure if the wale is right, but certainly the right colour)I think it's a bit bright for me, but it does look very nice: [[SPOILER]] And the olive moleskin: [[SPOILER]] Lovat:http://shop.saxonhawk.co.uk/product/lovet-moleskin-trousershttp://www.countrysports.se/store/products/bladen-mautby-lovat-moleskin-trousersTaupe:https://www.facebook.com/TweedCountrySports/posts/323038194488616
Has anyone ever tried either of the two white G & R fabrics that are on sale? The pinpoint or the everyday shirt?
Yeah just saw that ;(. Sucks to live in Aus sometimes.
FYI the Henry Bucks outlet in Collingwood has 50% off everything at the moment. A lot of nice stuff there - heaps of wool and cashmere sweaters in particular. Also of note was this jacket in a size 52 for $220 or so: http://www.henrybucks.com.au/store/Baracuta-G4-Brisbane-Moss-Cord-Jacket.html I bought a Barbour Liddesdale for $97 but was tempted by many more things.
What are the jump the gun harringtons made out of?
Cheap loafer socks again, I own some and they're quite good: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/171377
They're like, $30 delivered!
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