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Has anyone ever tried either of the two white G & R fabrics that are on sale? The pinpoint or the everyday shirt?
Yeah just saw that ;(. Sucks to live in Aus sometimes.
FYI the Henry Bucks outlet in Collingwood has 50% off everything at the moment. A lot of nice stuff there - heaps of wool and cashmere sweaters in particular. Also of note was this jacket in a size 52 for $220 or so: http://www.henrybucks.com.au/store/Baracuta-G4-Brisbane-Moss-Cord-Jacket.html I bought a Barbour Liddesdale for $97 but was tempted by many more things.
What are the jump the gun harringtons made out of?
Cheap loafer socks again, I own some and they're quite good: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/171377
They're like, $30 delivered!
Which specific Braun model? I've had my Out-Time since 2010, and I think they were pretty well established by then.
Kent Wang does a nice one too http://www.kentwang.com/bauhaus-watch.html
I have an Alessi Out-Time as my daily watch. No other item that I own has ever gotten more compliments, people love it. And a Timex Weekender as my.... weekender.An expensive watch is pretty far down my list of priorities.http://www.watchismo.com/alessi-al13001-x-watch-out-time-watch-brown.aspx [[SPOILER]] I'm a big fan of the rest of Alessi's range too for something modern, relatively uncommon and well priced.*edit made by Seiko...
I don't think they can be your sole watch though, myself - without a leather or metal band I think they're too informal for work?
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