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The Wayfarer rip-off is fine. And I'd rather my money go to them than Luxottica.http://www.glarce.com/the-collection/winkipop/
Is there anywhere that sells American Optical or Randolph Engineering sunglasses in Melbourne?
Have the people who ordered from Panama Bob received their hats? Would be interested in seeing some detail pics
Burgundy Patriot is on sale at Amazon for $161.12, all sizes, best price ever by a large margin according to camelcamelcamel. http://camelcamelcamel.com/Allen-Edmonds-Patriot-Slip-On-Burgundy/product/B008YV0CU0?active=summary&utm_campaign=products&utm_source=camel-view-product&utm_medium=email&context=alerts&ctx_pid=21929632&ctx_cid=11657360&ctx_aid=101621434&oelid=11C467E89231V467W&ctx_act=product&ctx_src=price-history-link
The new Suitsupply campaign is like a step back in time to early 2000s Windsor Smith ads: (NSFW) http://eu.suitsupply.com/en/behind-the-scenes-spring-summer-2015.html
Does anyone have real life shots of the Navy sneakers? Wondering if the colour on site is accurate (and hoping that they are in fact a bit darker in reality).
A niche classified but someone might be interested: I have for sale some replacement Persol 649 Lenses for the size 52 model. Brown colour. They are the genuine factory lenses which came with the glasses - as soon as I received the glasses, I had the brown lenses taken out at an optometrist and replaced with polarized lenses which I prefer. Not used at all since I took them out as soon as I got them so no marks or scratches. Looks like they cost about $50 shipped from...
Henry Bucks will carry Eidos Napoli soon: https://instagram.com/p/zQPxIQTKPh/
I listened to an interesting podcast on perfume this morning that might interest the fragrance-heads on here: http://pca.st/zxlN
A day that's hot enough to wear a hat and shades, but cold enough to wear a shearling coat.....? Only in Melbourne surely...
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