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On the other hand, when ordering, if you order it buggy lined it's very easy to take the lining out at a later date if you want to. And the construction will be such that it will still look fine on the inside. Harder and more expensive to add it in.
Yeah I don't think of a cotton suit as a summer suit per se. I think of it simply as a casual suit. I wouldn't choose it for its coolness properties.
The fact that you think that it is relevant that Theresa is from a "3rd world country" and that this somehow devalues or lessens her opinion, or has any effect on it at all, speaks volumes about you.Piss off to another thread. And don't order any more from Luxire if you don't want to. They gave you a full refund. Sounds like you were lucky to get that.
Asked for my OH jacket to be buggy lined. I think it makes it easier to get in and out of and gives you more ease of movement in the shoulders. That quilted is nice. They're always made so short, though.
Ordered some non-cordovan espadrilles today. http://ropeysoles.com/mens_product_page.php?item_code=MESimple01
Personally I can't stand that horrible mutation of a shoe. I think people see the word "shell" and start frothing at the mouth.. Each to their own, though, of course. Looks like they are very popular.
I've had great experiences at OH so far. A very minor thing but probably the one thing I think you could improve on are your buttons. Not sure what they are made out of but to me they lack a bit of depth. If you could somehow offer a premium option that would be great.
Yeah the spalla seems a bit overdone on that, or maybe it just needs a press?This is more what I expect:http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_jSrnxOv6ZmU/TFaVR1WGaRI/AAAAAAAABj8/WBR6yMpCLbs/s1600/IMG_7647-500x750.jpg
Real men get their deer bones from hunting trips.
Yep, it's $20 IIRC.
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