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In that sort of a boot, I agree with Journeyman in that I'd personally prefer something with a bit of texture: http://www.howardyount.com/products/cognac-pebble-grain-brogue-boots To me, the height and colour of the boot says casual. But the plain cap toe and lack of broguing says formal. So it's a bit in that weird in between space (maybe that's what you're looking for!).
^^ My Fifth Streets do this, black and brown calf. Don't know why.
I don't see why the uniform has to change every year. It'd be nice if there was a bit of consistency. Which means the uniform needs to be classic. I think it'd be great if getting your Australian uniform meant that you had something in common with every other athelete who had represented our country. Kind of like the jackets they give out to winners of the Masters every year. It should be something you treasure. My ideal men's uniform would be something like...
The jumpers looks like some cheap polyester knitted thing you'd buy at Target.
Good god. http://www.theage.com.au/sport/dreadful-australian-commonwealth-games-uniforms-will-challenge-athletes-20140604-39jer.html
I don't really care whether a suit is made in Italy, Thailand or China, and I don't want to restart that argument again. I do want to know the essential differences between two MTM options offering a rather similar service.
Well here's Oscar Hunt's. I added this to the SF wiki.It would be nice if this kind of thing was on the OH and SS websites.... I know things change are vary based on individual requirements and requests, but transparency is always good.Comments by me. [[SPOILER]] Speaking of the wiki - does anyone actually use Kent Wang's MTM service here? I understood that the postage costs back and forth made it uneconomical compared to the other optons.
I love the 'ultimatum' posts.
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