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If you win something at auction on ebay, pay via PayPal, and the seller gets cold feet and tries to back out of the sale, you are pretty much shit of out of luck I suppose? Other than leaving negative feedback.. I know ill get the money back, more so annoyed about not getting what I bid on.
Anyone know of any economical/reputable options to install high quality rx lenses into an existing frame in Australia? Nothing special, just a -2.00 prescription. I do want thin lenses & quality coatings though. Lat time I went 1.6 Crizal Forte, which was the fashion at the time.
I guess it all depends on what level you're comfortable going to on the peacock scale. I certainly dress more conservatively than some here, and don't feel comfortable going above a 7. And if don't feel comfortable in something you won't wear it well. Others, like Foxy, go all the way to 11...
That's exactly what I'd normally get on any suit.On a blazer suit, though, I thought maybe belt loops & pleats.It'd make the pants more versatile as an odd trouser than side adjusters, which still don't look quite right to me on odd trousers.Though I do already have plenty of cotton trousers with belt loops I suppose.
If you were getting a beige cotton jacket, patch side pockets and barchetta breast pocket - and getting pants to make it a casual suit too, what combo of pleats/side adjusters/belts etc. would you go with on the pants? Bearing in mind that you might wear them as an odd trouser as well...
For me an odd DB jacket will be peacock-y in Australia. Especially if you're young. I wouldn't call it a "staple". Even a DB suit is pretty uncommon on someone under 35. If that's OK with you, then go for it. Nothing wrong with the look - it just stands out. I wear a light grey odd jacket with Navy and Khaki trousers all the time.
Yeah. Odd jacket, chinos, OCBD sort of look needs a belt to my eye.Pleats and side adjusters on suit pants.That's the arrangement I've been going with, anyway
Can I get some recommendations for summer pants fabrics from Luxire? Linen, cotton, lightweight wool - whatever. Cheers
New Posts  All Forums: